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Sarah_K_O_M 12-23-2007 04:32 PM

[RP] The Order
This is set both high in the mountains of Turska and deep in the marshland city of Hintra, in the country of Cutor. Across the land exists a select order, the Order of the Blood.
The origin of the Order is a mystery, but its purpose is still set in stone; to stop the spreading of the Nachtzehrer, the night Wasters. Vampires.

The legends say that when the world was created by the Seraba, the Light Gods, and the Suteba, the Dark Gods it was as smooth and grassy as could be, with sparkling seas and rich pastures. When the Gods saw it, they immediately wanted to make people for it, but they quarrelled over what kind of people to make. The Light Gods wanted people who were innately good, even if only deep down, but had free will. The Dark Gods wanted people that were always evil, with no choice to be any other.
The result was a ferocious battle that churned the pastures to swamp, scraped the stone into towering mountains and turned the seas salty with tears.

The Light Gods won, at great cost. They gave the rest of their life blood to create the race they had strived for, but would not see come to life. They left gifts for the new people, shelters, seeds and food to keep them going, laws they could follow and to the more aware they left special talents and skills. Then they died, turning into great stone statues that still stand, though they are weather worn and barely recognisable by now.

The Dark God, still alive, took this chance to try create the race they had wanted. However, it failed and they too died, turning into huge forests that are still unexplored to this day. The one creature they had created died too, its incomplete body bleeding into a shallow pool of water.
In their new and unsure state, some of the Light Race drank the bloody water, and were cursed with the evil within it. The sun, created by the Light Ones became poison to them, they craved the blood of the Light Race, driven both by a belief it would heal them and a desire to kill. The holy symbols became sources of pain, rather then solace and any ground upon which the dead were interred would not have them but rather repelled them because that land was blessed by the Gods and kept blessed by the very existence of those with the talents of the Gods.

Despite their weaknesses, they single-mindedly slaughtered as many of the Light Race as they could find scattered over the world. They had superior strength and sense of smell, though were more like beasts than people. To add to that, they were wildly beautiful, with strange hypnotic voices that could charm the birds from the trees, and the families from sanctuary.
They spread their condition through transfusion of blood.

This continued until one day, deep in winter, those blessed with the talents decided to fight back. They were in two divisions, Healers to heal the wounded, and Assassins to kill the Vampires. They built stronger houses, and encouraged people to gather together instead of scattering. The first city was born from the Orders ideas, and the people grew safer. They gathered in hard to reach areas, the heart of the swamp, the mountains, the plateau of the God Statues, where the Oracle dwells.

Many years later, Vampires still exist, and they are still a great threat but no longer do the Light Race tremble on the edge of extinction.
Over the years the wild Vampiric traits have lessened in some families, and there are even Vampires in the Order that are indistinguishable from the Light Race apart form the wild look of their eyes and their voices, though that power has also faded.

However, something strange is rumoured to be happening. Wild Vampires are being sighted near the cities, near the graveyards, something which as never happened before. As the new year brings in more disciples of the Order, so does it bring discord.

People are talking of a new breed of Vampire, named Daywalkers. The Order has publicly dismissed the idea, but behind closed doors fears grow, and old prophecies are read.
Class Info
Healers: Healers are masters and mistresses of herblore and legends. They are typically female, though male Healers are not all that uncommon. They take either a vow of full chastity or of sub-Chastity; not to have sex until they marry, as the Healer ability is usually genetic and preventing any reproduction would make little sense. That said, the more chaste the Healer, the purer their skills.

They wear knee-length off-shoulder tunics, usually in pastel colours with droopy sleeves called a takara, secured with a chunky belt that has loops in it for hanging vials and herbs from called a tikira, with light cotton trousers and boots, though the newly ordained go barefoot or in sandals. They wear their hair up or held back with a ribbon or hair band. They wear silvery chokers set with a gem that is the representative colour of their class.
They are traditionally very nimble, graceful people, with unhealthy green-tinged skin from mixing potions and lotions together in their small houses, one roomed affairs of wattle and daub called bee-hives, for their domed shape.

Healers are by no means a submissive group of people. They carry blades hidden in their clothes or boots and are often headstrong and independent, but very dedicated to humanity.
Their duties involve Healing those harmed by Vampires or anything else, midwifery, and laying the dead to rest.

Assassins: Assassins are honourable men and women, trained in more disciples than just death. They strive to make the world better through their kills and protect all from Vampires. Assassins lead reclusive lives, due to the volatility of their work. They take few close friends, and fewer lovers, preferring not to trust many and focus on their skills.

They wear black trousers that are tied at the ankles, with padded cloth shoes for silence with a tunic belted at the chest that is usually black but can be navy blue or deep red. They all wear rings or black gold which are set with gems to show what class they are. Mostly, they cut their hair above shoulder length to stop it being a nuisance, but some of the most famous Assassins have had butt-length hair.

They live in secure houses of stone and steel with many traps for the unwary.
They are stealthy people, very pale from being rarely outside during sunlit hours. Theyíre very scholarly and can quote some books chapter and verse. The lower classes are usually the ones concerned with the research though.

There are seven classes within the Order:
First Bloods: The training class, these are not officially recognised as followers by outsiders but have the beginning of the skills and talents. They are brought in at 5 years of age and train until theyíre 10. Colour: Yellow.
Novices: Like First Bloods, not officially followers, however of there is no other followers in the area they can be temporarily enlisted for whatever needs doing. Once they reach 15 they partake in the Ordainment Ceremony and become New Bloods. They usually learn how to make the potions and poisons the high classes use. Colour: Green.
New Bloods: New Bloods are the first official class of followers. They go through an Ordainment Ceremony, cutting across their hands with a silver knife and letting the blood fall into the Stone Pool. Afterwards, they receive their familiar and are sent to work, travelling in a group with other New Bloods and a Bright or Dark One.. Colour: Blue.
Bright/Dark Ones: These are professionals, some of the best there is. They travel far and wide, administering their specific services. Colour: Wine
Alumni: The Alumni stay in one place, maybe two to a city. They are masters at what they do, and among the most respected in the land. Colour: Red
Vitaeri/Mortori: Guardians and Keepers of the Temple of Life. Only the truly great end up here. Very few have seen their bodies which are deep within the Temple itself, only their spirit shapes that are used to fight intruders. Colour: White or Black
Commonly Potions and Weapons

These are the weapons all Assassins are trained in. They learn the basics of each, but they only master one or two. One overachiever even did three. I love that mace to bits.

1: AquaVitae. Itís the standard healing Potion, works from grazed knees to fractured bones. It can be used to lessen the damage of a worse wound, but wonít fully heal it.
2. Poison. A highly toxic brew made from a plant that grows only in the graveyards. Itís fast acting, extremely painful and passes out of the bloodstream quickly after death. Difficult to spot.
3. AquaBlu. A strange mix that is both sleeping potion and stimulant. Its tangy odour can easily wake someone from anything from a daydream up to a mild coma, but when you drink it you have 15 minutes to find a comfy bed or itís lights out.
4. Love potion. This one is used to induce a mild crush, nothing more. Teenage girls love it. :lol:
5. AquaMorti. Itís used to lay to rest those to need to die in peace.

Post 1 of 2.

Sarah_K_O_M 12-23-2007 04:34 PM

And the second bit!

Advanced RPers only. I have the right to tell you to get the hell out as well. Iíll only do it if youíre an eejit though, so chill. XD
Romance allowed. Keep it clean though.
Mary Sues will be kicked in the teeth, then put through a mangle. Then hit with a really large flaming frying pan. Honest. >__>
No gratuitous violence, like killing loads of people for no reason. Thereís meant to be a motive, even if itís something like one stole your pencil and youíre insane.
Your starting character(s) must be a relatively recently ordained New Blood, or about to be one. That means they should be from 15-17.
You canít be a Vampire. Yet, anyways. Or part Vampire. You can have wild eyes though, honest.
And always follow the stickie rules.
I want you to describe your charrie in your opening post. You can include a doll if you want though. I. am, so why not?
Also, when describing personality, be as brief as possible. IĎd rather your character develop personality within the roleplay, if thatís alright. If it isnít, itís grand.
Character Form
Division(Healer or Assassin):
Quick Bio:
Name: Aline Burrons.
Age: 15.
Division(Healer or Assassin): Healer, soon to be ordained.
Personality: Cynical, painfully withdrawn, strong moral compass.
Quick Bio: Her mother and father were killed in a fire, and she was taken in by the Healers.

Name: Jacques Burrons. Heís not showing up for a while though.
Age: 16.
Divison(Healer or Assassin): Assassin, soon to be ordained.
Personality: Very outgoing, an annoying trickster, sticks to what he believes in.
Quick Bio: His mother and father were killed in a fire, and he was taken in by the Assassins.
First post
The sun was just breaking over the horizon as the Disciples of the Juner stronghold opened their eyes, lit their fires and began to cook the food for the days festivities. It was the day of the annual Ordainment Ceremony, which was always a day for song, dance, family and good food as one year ended and a new one began.

In her small hut that was part of the Novice dormitory(A collection of huts clustered together under a much larger hut), Aline packed her satchel carefully. She was one of those due to become a New Blood and as soon as the Ceremony was over, she would be given her own separate hut in the main part of the stronghold. Most liked to wait until after, but she had always hated the crowded dormitories and wanted out as soon as possible.

She finished packing a few old trinkets and her new clothes before changing into the plain white robes for the Ceremony. Like most Healers she was pale, though not the green of the older ones and was slightly stockier than the average. She had dark red hair, which had a tendency to eat her hairbrushes if she wasnít careful and blue eyes that would be covered by said hair if she forgot to hold it back with a ribbon. Her new clothes were the default uniform of the Healers in blue and white.

She stepped outside, avoiding the crowd of families that were hugging their children with tear filled joy. Families had come from all over the land, over treacherous swamp and steep mountain just for a few hours to celebrate.
Aline moodily kicked at the dirt with her barefoot and stubbed her toe.

Over by the wall, a guy snickered then elbowed the guy behind him and pointed. He then cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled "Way to go, genius!" He laughed to the other guy, "Is she a smart cookie, or what? :lol:"

Ooc: XD

Also, this is what she looks like in her new uniform: I love that doll so much.

Miranda_ 12-25-2007 09:20 AM

Name: Liam Emerald
Age: 15
Division(Healer or Assassin): Assassin (soon to be ordained)
Personality: Cynical, can seem distant at times. He's also really paranoid about his lack of height, and will get very angry at anyone who even appears to be saying anything about it. He also can be very neurotic under stress. Liam also believes that suicide is cowardly, as is running away from problems; and anyone who even looks like they might do either will be told this.
Quick Bio: Liam's parents were killed by vampires. He became an assassin so he could track down the vampires who'd done this and also to save innocent people from the vampires.

Liam looked at the guy coldly. "I don't see the point in laughing at someone for a simple mistake. How do you know it won't be you doing that next?"

Sarah_K_O_M 12-25-2007 10:03 AM

"No I won't. She took all the stupid genes. :lol:"
Aline hopped over and stamped down on his foot, hard.
"Aw, fu-d@mn it! Aline!"
"It's your own fault, Jackie."
Jacques made a face at her, "Blahdy blah."

Miranda_ 12-25-2007 10:07 AM

"I'd say that the stupid genes were shared out equally between the two of you." :roll:

Sarah_K_O_M 12-25-2007 04:10 PM

"Gee, Jackie, who's Prince Charming?"
"I dunno. Hey, who are you?"

Miranda_ 12-25-2007 04:13 PM

Liam eyed him coldly. "Who the hell are you, more like? Tell me and I might tell you who I am."

Sarah_K_O_M 12-25-2007 04:16 PM

"Jacques, actually."
He winced, "Jacques Burrons."

Miranda_ 12-25-2007 04:17 PM

"I'm Liam Emerald. And just what your parents on to call you that?"

Sarah_K_O_M 12-25-2007 04:24 PM

"Better than hers, I think. :lol:"

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