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AaronShadows 12-21-2007 06:07 PM

Vampire Planet {RP}
Vampire Planet:

Imagine an alternate timeline, where the human race was whiped out in it's most neanderthal stages bye a blood feasting species, the vampires. The vampires simply eliminated the human race, destroying all chanse of there resurfacing ever again. After the elimination of the humans there was a massive famine, Vampires having no "food" left, they turned to a vampire god called Vasqueres, who, in return for worship provided fountains in all Vampire settlements, but the fountains where not exactly.... for decoration. The fountains would suddenly fill with blood in the night every week, Providing the desperatly needed food for the vampire race. Over time culture and costum developed, the vampire, having eventually discovered technology, had decided to steal power for it from there greatest enemy, the sun. Solar powered plants are present in every city, powering the technology created bye the vampires.

There is dark magic in this story, but dark magic only, as in black candles. They even teach it in school as an uncompulsery subject, so if you have a schoolgoing vampire he can take black magic!!

Recently a vampire scientist developed syntho-blood, a synthetic replacement for actual blood, so vegetarianism is now possible.

Mature vampires can skip through the sun if they go fast, and last about 2 hours sitting in direct sunlight, but this goes for mature vampire only, vampires below 9 will be dust in seconds, vampires from 9 to 20 will suffer extreme burns, from that to 100 they will expirience massive weakness and severe pain, from 100 to 500 they will have minore pains and aches after contact and so on, so on, so on.

Character form: (No sues!!! Give your characters flaws and problems!!!!)
Hair color:
Eye shade: (from light red to dark red)
Fang lengh:


1# No mary sues and/or lary stues, this means you're charcters are too perfect, I will list how to save your characters later.

2# no eccesive detail! if i see fit to open a gate to hell, you're characters can sluaghter as many Demons as they wish. And if you have a character you do not like, you may choose to have them killed bye a demon. This may be as horrible as you wish, but you may not go into extreme detail, as far as: "The demon impaled him on its tail blade" is fine, but not: "The demon impaled him on it's tail blade, and his organ's including Liver, Stomach and Lungs splattered all over the floor" Enough said.

3# Romance is allowed to a limit, but no sex in any form.

4# No cursing!! People simply don't enjoy it.

5# You may have no more than 5 characters.

6# Characters may not be outside the age group of: 1-1000 (Well these are vampires!!).

7# You're characters must not lavish around when everyone elses is getting staked, give them the occasional slap around the ears!

8# There is affectivly no such thing as drugs in this world, but the rough equivalant is garlic, which is grown bye wannabe vampire gangster's to be converted into a weapon, so if your character is a vampire criminal, they'll be growing garlic, not poppies.

Name: Vladimir "Vlady" Drakula.
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hair color: Raven black, like the rest of his family.
Eye shade: Balanced blood red.
Fang lengh: Nearly an inche, will reach an inch upon age 16, which is vampire puberty.
Hieght: 2 metres.
Class: Well off citesen.
Powers: Nosferanimorph mage, currently having the forms: Vampire bat, wolf and plague rat, High speed, wall crawling and Nosferadissapation.
Nature: Neat, can't leave a dirty couch alone, likes to make new freinds, Cant stop annoying his sister, Can be a tell tale if you do something that annoys him, loves school, Greedy and likes to sneak off every now and again to slip into an adult disco just to destroy it.
Description: Tall-ish, what desperate girls would call attractive, always dressed in his school uniform ecept during formal occasions, when he wears a stuffy old caped blazer.
Strengths: A young prodigy, but likes to gloat about it to much, is an acomplished stealth pro, extremely good at executing plans and knows limited latin.
Weaknesses: Is a complete gloat, is addicted to anoying his little sister, loves to cause damage shearly for fun, cannot stand bad smells, is secretly afraid of depths, clausterphobic, is a hemophealiac and gets stages of reggresive narcolepsy in hot weather.
Disabilitys: Can't go 2 minutes on a video game without getting killed and would crumple with terror if you told him he was going on an underwater holiday, in other words he can't dive.
Likes: A good challenge, Dark magic, Schoolwork, a chanse to show off and a good argument.
Dislikes:His sister, His babysitter, The school bullies, fools, noobs, vegetarian vampires, authority abusers and worms.

Name: Luceaive "Lucy" Drakula.
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black with dyed blood red streaks.
Eye shade: A light almost pink red.
Fang lengh: A centimetre and a half.
Hieght: 1 Metre
Class: Well off citesen
Powers: Wall crawling and transforming into a rat.
Nature: A pest if one ever lived, loves to annoy others, Greedy, self-centred and vengefull.
Description: short for her age and what boys her age think will one day be attractive, always wearing the latest fashion and regularly paints her pointy little nails crimzon.
Strengths: A devious little riot starter, popularity qween, A great cook and an ecceptionally good swimmer.
Weaknesses: Cant avoid pink, meaning you could easily bribe her with it, Addicted to chocolate and strawberrys, once she starts playing with a dolls house she cant stop,is a heavy sleeper and is completely repeled bye green.
Disabilitys: Cant even touch fish let alone eat it due to an allergy.
Likes: Pink, pop music, dolls houses, fashion, fluff, cats and tasty berrys.
Dislikes: Her brother, Green, Social outcasts, teachers that treat like she started school yesterday, over enthusiastic boy's, being controlled, being refused what she wants and health food.

AaronShadows 12-21-2007 06:10 PM

Drake heard a small noise and snaped open his eyes, He wondered what it was that had made the noise, it was most likely his sister, with and early morning prank for him.

Luceaive cursed herself mentally as she stiffened, making a mental note to wear something less noisy the next time she was planning a ruin-your-day prank on Vlad.

Ooc: Could someone enter parant character that comes along and catches Lucy before Vlad gets it?

Maddie705 12-22-2007 07:58 PM

Do you mind if i make the mother of your characters, if not ill change the last name

Name:Lunara (Luna) Drakula
Age: 97
Hair color:Raven black with a sleek red like color
Eye shade:A dark red
Fang lengh:about one and a half inches,which may as well become two inches when she is 100
Height:3 meters or 5'8
Class:well known and well off citizen
Powers:Basic bat transformation,
Nature:A strong,tough mother, but sometimes,she gets a bit clumsy, actually, alot.
Description:The moon makes Lunara look like a star but during the day she never comes out, unless its her kids, they get her up.
Strengths:Her planning ideas always work out on the paper,she always had a good idea of what her children where doing,and a sense of trouble,also she is pretty quick (If she doesn't trip due to clumsiness)
Weaknesses:Her clumsiness keeps her tripping up, her plans she executes...never work out and shes a little weird sometimes.
Disabilitys: Can't go 15 minutes without catching a child doing something bad, and will absouloutly kill herself in the idea of going to (as we in the real world know as alaska) the artic.
Likes:Fish,cooking, not tripping,music,and tv.
Dislikes:Coconuts,the artic,base music,the clarinet,the sun.(Duh),and sometimes there careless babysitter.

Name:Turana (Tara) Comeji
Hair color: A reddish black
Eye color:a medium color red
Fang lenth:half an inch
Height:1 and 3 4th of the meter
Class:Well done citizen
Powers:Can turn into wolf,bat and squirrel (Scary, isn't it?).She can also climb up steep walls and hills.
Nature:Somewhat lazy,somewhat clean,video game freak,and enjoys this life.
Description:Though a bit smaller than most kids,some think her hair just attracts boys,but she never really noticed.She is usually seen holding or wearing a blacking red rose.
Strengths:video games,picking at her many roses,eating tuna and playing video games,drinking blood.
Weaknesses:Has a breakdown when she sees her parents brought her a bright red school uniform,in the day she cuts it and paints it black.Sometimes goes partially blind,a little careless,a little weird,and VERY shy.Pushes away friends and family to be alone.
Likes:Fish,meat,blood,being quiet and shy.Video games and astroligic sciences.Underwater vacations,in the Black sea.
Dislikes:Her brother,cousin,bright red dresses,school,dieng in her video games.Being tormented and made fun of by school kids and older brother.

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 12-22-2007 09:31 PM

Am I too late?
Name:Ginevia (Via) Drakula (can I be the cousin who lives with them)
Age: 18
Hair color:black with bright red streaks
Eye shade: dark red
Fang lengh:16 centimeters
Hieght:5 feet and 9 inches
Class:well off citizen
Powers:can turn into rat, bat, and deadly spiders(ie black widows) can tell the future
Nature:very very lazy, never cleans anything, is always annoying somebody, she will always blow up, hates anything that does with school except for dark magic class
Description: people or in this case vampires think she can be tall for her age, her hair reaches her knees, she is never wearing another color other than black, and she is really skinny just flesh and bones
Strengths:knows a lot about dark magic, creeping in and out of places with nobody knowing, and is good of getting out of sticky situations
Weaknesses:she can never last a second without annoying someone, can not go 15 second without getting mad, sometimes her predictions turn out to be wrong therefore everything she plans is well... let's say they don't turn out as planned, and is very lazy
Disabilitys: can NOT wear let alone look at any pastel colors
Likes:black, calling people funny names, loves syntho-blood, and anything that does with dark magic
Dislikes:colors pink, yellow and other pastel colors, preps, the sun, reagea music, and the babysitter

AaronShadows 12-23-2007 09:59 AM

Ooc: No you're fine, could you please send that cousin char to the same school as the other teens?

And i don't know about telling the future, it's not really a classic vampire ability... If you want to keep it, you're gonna have to put limits on it, (E.G: can only see as far as 5 days into the future, can't always use it or can only use it after a feed of blood.)

cwer 12-23-2007 10:55 AM

Character form: (No sues!!! Give your characters flaws and problems!!!!)
Name:Thorn Mortatail
Age: 17
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye shade: Blood red.but when at a normal state, orangish(from light red to dark red)
Fang lengh:17 cm
Class: Kind of wealthy citizen
Powers: To turn into red smoke, to hipnotize, to turn into a bat/wolf.
Nature: Nice, but evil when shes in her true vamp. form
Description: Kind of tall for her age, sometimes a grump.
Strengths: Blood? lol
Weaknesses:TO friendly people, and the smell/ of infected blood/guts/flesh
Disabilitys:??? thats the same as weaknesses, bt w/e,... I guess not being around people, because she gets lonely easily.
Likes:Cats, and the lattest clothing.
Dislikes: Mortals, and dogs.(and sometimes EMO stuff... but somethimes she does wear emo things...)

cwer 12-23-2007 11:12 AM

I sipped a little bit of 'blood' into my mouth. I sighed. "Now, exactly why do we have to drink 'fake' blood? I mean, during the day..." I asked Luna,Via and Tara. I thought they could tell that I was not liking this new blood. It tasted so...grotest.

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 12-23-2007 01:35 PM

Ooc:It is fine with me.

"Evelyn, you are such a baby", I said with a smirk. "Deal with it". I was getting angry with her being so picky.

cwer 12-23-2007 08:14 PM

I frowned. "Not like YOU like it either!" I said crossing my arms. I slightly smiled though, just because it was a little funny.

Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX 12-23-2007 08:43 PM

Well, it turned out I found this blood very appealing. "As a matter of fact I do". I then did a raspberry towards Evelyn.

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