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Neo_Moon_Princess 11-13-2007 06:13 PM

The secluded Village (RP)
Rp Rules:
1. You must message me with your charcter Information before you join.

2. If your charcter is an owner of one of the seven red jewel, you must be a member of a shop keepers family.

3. You can either be Vampire, Mortal, or a Half Vampire/Mortal

4. If your a Vampire you must have two vampiric disabilitys

5. If you are a Half Vampire/Mortal you must have at least one vampiric disability and one human fault.

Vampires have always been nothing but a myth to the people of this secluded town. Within the town there are many shops, and homes, though there is nothing bigger than the somewhat deserted castle. No one has seen the Lord of the castle or his descendents since the seven Red Jewels were given to shopkeepers. Only the seven familys know that there are exactly seven jewels. The Red jewels seem to be some how connected to the castle. Thee things that draw the Vampires to the secluded town are the red jewels along with the rumor of a half vampire child. Right before the Vampires begin to show up as 'outsiders' the castle gates had opened, and one of the Lords decendents have shown up, taking their place as lord. Not too soon after this happens rumors start going around the town that there is a band of Vampire hunters that are living close to the towns borders.

Character Form:
Job(if your character is at least 15):

My character:
Name: Kari Maria Diamente
Age: 16
Race: Human/Vampire
Faults/Disabilitys: Has Human Nativity, Vampire Rage/Temper
Appearence: Knee length Ebony hair, Emerald eyes, Pale skin(Vampire white), Scars on her hands from work, and wears dark makeup.
Job: Works with her mother in the only clothing store in the town.
Personility: Doesn't get along with people outside of the store. Doesn't have many friends, Her pale skin, and birth circumstances causes most of the town's people to treat her like an outcast. Is very friendly once you get past the inital first glance. Has a very firey temper when it comes to her family, friends, or the shop.
History: Was raised in the secluded town by her mother. Is her mothers only child. Her father has never been in the picture so there is never any talk of him. Her mother told her when she asked that her father was one of the 'outsiders' that had visited 16 years ago, with Really dark Tan skin, Bright blue eyes. Has been treated like an outcast her entire life because she was born of a town's woman and an 'outsider'.

Opening Post:
The black stormy sky hung ominously over the town as the town's people made their way, minding their own business that day. Standing among them was a single girl with ebony hair that reached the back of her knees, emerald eyes that people had said make them nervous when she stared at people. Her skin was as pale as a Vampire's, yet she was not one of the undead, she was mortal, that was what her mother told her anyway. The girls name was Kari Maria Diamente, and it was known throughout the town that she had a bit of a temper. As a 16 year old, she had to help her mother to run the only Clothing store, where the two of them made and fixed clothes for the people in the town. As she stood infront of the store, setting up the signs for that days specials, she glanced up at the black sky, a sigh emiting from her mouth as she spoke to herself. "looks like rain." she muttered as she straightened up, her hands slightly dirty and scarred from the work she did. As she glanced around, her hand went to the red jewel necklace that she wore around her neck, a gift from her mother, one that had been passed down through the family to the first born daughters. Her mother had told her, when she gave her the necklace that there was six other gems and six other familys who had the gems. Another sigh escaped her as she returned to fixing the signs ignoring the whispers and jibes she recived from the town's people.

Miranda_ 11-13-2007 06:50 PM

Name: Perdita Redfern
Age: Over 500 years old, but looks about 16
Race: Vampire
Faults/Disabilitys: Goes into Bloodrage (when a vampire is deprived of blood, the Bloodrage takes them over and they become like wild animals) very quickly, is far too impulsive
Appearence: Long dark red hair, silvery blue eyes, creamy skin
Job(if your character is at least 15): Perdita's father is rich, and sends her an allowance each month.
Personility: Perdita can be at times snobbish, with a "rich daddy's girl" mentality. She is also impulsive, and rarely thinks before she acts. However, to her friends she's very loyal, as well as to her family.
History: Perdita's family, the Redferns, are one of the oldest vampire families around. Perdita left the family house to live in the village about three years ago with her lover at the time. She has since split with him and does not know where he is.

Name: Sanura "Sapphire" Lafey
Age: 17
Race: Human
Faults/Disabilitys: Very sarcastic and overbearing. Doesn't trust people very easily and suspects them automatically
Appearence: Bobbed black hair (dyed), blue eyes, lightly tanned skin
Job(if your character is at least 15): Works in her father's grocery store, but is also a vampire hunter on the side
Personility: Can be extremely b*tchy and nasty; she's also the sort to fling wild accusations about. However, earn her friendship and you have it forever
History: Sanura never knew her mother; she ran away from her father when Sanura was just a baby. Her father raised her on his own, but Sanura has always wondered who her mother was, and why she left. She has heard of the red jewels, but her father always changes the subject when she brings it up.

Sanura Lafey walked down the street towards her father's grocery shop. She sighed at the thought of having to work in the shop that afternoon, missing all the fun. Her father insisted that the shop be open for as long as possible into the evening; Sanura sometimes longed for the day when she could be independant and have her own place and her own money. As she walked, she idly plucked at the tasteful gold choker with the single red jewel in it that she wore about her throat. Her father had told her that her mother had left it for her before she'd run away.

Neo_Moon_Princess 11-13-2007 07:16 PM

Kari looked up and saw Sanura walking past. She looked down again and then straightened up as she heard her mother call her from inside the store. Her eyes closed as she resopned by walking to the door and looking inside the room. A moment later she backed out of the store with a few clothes to hang on the clothes that ran beside the store. As she hung them up she kept looking around at all the other store signs.

Miranda_ 11-13-2007 07:28 PM

Sanura stopped briefly to look at the clothes in the shop. A sneer crossed her face; she much prefered the clothes she made herself, or those she customised. Sanura allowed herself a daydream of leaving this dead end place and setting up her own shop in the middle of a city.

Neo_Moon_Princess 11-13-2007 07:35 PM

Kari watched Sanura and then ignored her, as long as she wasn't being bothered, she wouldn't have to socialize with any one. Her gaze watched the open gates to the castle, wondering if the new lord would come out and visit. She switched her gaze to the entrence of town and wondered if any outsiders would come and visit the town.

LadyBast0911 11-13-2007 10:34 PM

Name: Jade LaChance
Age: 16 (human years)
Race: Vampire
Faults/Disabilitys: She's a busybody, knows everything about everyone and any new town news and, if you double cross, she easily can backstab you. She also has no conscince(sp?) which makes her a good yet bad friend. She doesn't trust anybody.
Appearence: Shiny dark purple hair, light tan skin, black mysterious almond shaped eyes, deep red lushious lips, long black fingernails, and she always has a heart locket on a black string tied around her neck.
Job(if your character is at least 15): works at her grandmother's herb shop.
Personility: She is very good at eavesdropping and being a shadow. She can in and out quickly. Some have nicknamed her shadow cat and she just laughs.
History:She had lived with her parents up until she was ten. One night, as they were walking home, two men came up and killed them. She had ran into the woods and watched the whole thing. She swore revenge on them both. Since then, she has lived with her grandmother. Her grandmother had taught her how to use herbs and how to forget the past, although it still haunts her to this day.

Jade sat behind the counter of her grandmother's shop. She sighed, bored. The day had been slow and she hated these days, as she could never get any gossip or anything. Her grandmother came in and grabbed some empty herb jars, then walked out. Jade hit her forehead on the counter. She rubbed it. "God, I'm bored." She whined.
"Then why don't you go out and do something or maybe make a new friend." Came her grandmother's voice. She was soon walking back in and putting the herb jars where they belonged.
"Grandmother, you know that people don't talk to me. I'm an outsider."
"Well, maybe if you weren't such a busybody or know-it-all, then you would have--"
"Fine, I'm going." Jade snapped. She stood up and walked out of the door, slamming it.
Her grandmother sighed. "So much like her father."

Miranda_ 11-14-2007 06:26 AM

Ooc: Please people, follow the rules that the owner has laid out. If you PMed her first and she has let you join, you can join. Otherwise, do so.

Perdita Redfern walked thru the entrance to the village. Her eyes automatically searched for the man she had lived with before in the village, but she did not see him. Tho she herself had lived there, she didn't feel as tho she belonged.

LadyBast0911 11-14-2007 06:38 AM

Ooc: I PMed her. I read the rules. *makes cross with fingers* lol.

Neo_Moon_Princess 11-14-2007 11:30 AM

Kari noticed Perdita as she walked in to the town. her gaze looked around anfd back into the shop as she finished putting the clothes up. she walked to the door again and called out to her mother. "Are you sure you want to put these clothes out here? It looks like Rain."

"Kari, just put them up, you can take them down if it starts raining." the woman standing behind the counter called out, not looking from her sewing.

"Yes mother." Kari said as she began to walk back out to the clothes line, and the signs.

Miranda_ 11-14-2007 03:30 PM

Perdita saw Sanura and her eyes narrowed. She didn't much like the girl; but then, she hardly liked anyone in this place.

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