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Miranda_ 09-20-2007 09:54 AM

East Of Midnight {RP}
This RP is based loosely on a book I've read; I doubt anyone's read the book, but don't worry, I've adapted the plot to make it an easy to understand fantasy story. ^^ All information you need is here.

Zaister is in trouble. He lives in a fabulous world, which makes our world look drab and colourless when compared. However, the world is a matriarchy, with the women in charge; the one who rules absolute being Zaister's wife Izvire, the Moon King, with Zaister as her Sun Consort.

The King takes a new Consort every seven years. The Sun Consort is not permitted to grow old, so every seven years the old Sun is sacrificed to take away the sins of the world with him and he is replaced by a new Consort, sixteen of age. If the sacrifice does not happen, the ppl of the world believe the sun will go out and everything on the world will die.

The women are merciless. All other times save for at the time of full moon, they are as normal ppl, but when the moon is full, they become evil, mindless witches, intent on their prey. The men are very much second class citizens, bowing to the women in everything. They will not defy the Moon King and rescue her husband from his fate. There might be women who could help, and persuade Izvire to defy the superstition and spare her husband, whom she loves, but they too will be affected by the full moon and become the wicked sorceresses of the moon.

You can either be a man drawn into the plot, or one of the women controlling it. Maybe you'll be a Moon Priestess, one of the Five who attend to the Moon King. You could even be the new Sun Consort, eager to escape his fate. Which ever you are, you must hurry with your plans, whatever side you're on, for there is just six months to go before the sacrifice.


1. This world is for humans only. That means, no vampires, elves, fairies or any other type of person cept human.

2. The animals are the same as in our world, but there are subtle differences. There are white tigers who are used to pull chariots, hunt and be pets for women only; along with red lions who are for the Moon Priestesses and Moon King only. The male guard, along with Zaister the Sun Consort, ride tall horses which have paws instead of hooves. All other animals are as in our world.

3. I will play Zaister and Izvire.

4. The ppl of this world can do magic, but they are not wizards and don't use wands. They use their hands. Also, there is a colour taboo. Women wear black, white or a mixture of the two; men wear any other colour, but not those colours. Also, women can use silver and platinum, men gold and copper. Finally, the women drink white wine, the men red. See the point? Apply everything to the colour taboo.

5. Finally, please remember that this world is a matriarchy. That means that women are in control, and men are second best. Do not vere from this premis at any time; if a woman says something, the man does it. The men are conditioned to this, and see nothing wrong with it. There are no rebellions over the state of affairs; just one over following the old religion that requires the blood sacrifice of the Consort every seven years.

RPing Rules are as follows:

1. Experienced RPers ONLY. By the way, unless I agree that you're experienced, you CAN'T join. If you need further clarification, only the following RPers are those I consider experienced; Sarah K_O_M, Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll, spirit_queen, Singergirl509, dudettel, NotYourPrincess, cheetahja94, Miluel_She_Elf. If your name is not there, then you can't join. Simple as that. No spamming in the RP or begging me in PM; I won't let up.

2. No Mary Sues or Marty Stus. Just don't.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

Also, this RP will start when I say so; right now, I'm just collecting players. I'm posting it now cuz there's a space free in the Fantasy section, but there won't be forever.

Zaister lay in his bed in his bedroom in the palace, staring into space. With just six months to go til the sacrifice, Zaister was starting to panic. He had tried to not let his fear clog his mind and thoughts, but with death staring him in the face he could not help it. It was like being under a death sentence, but one that had started from the moment he'd married his wife Izvire, altho at the time he hadn't realised it. Only when he'd begun the last year of his term as Consort, he'd begun to panic and desperately try to think of a way out. There was no way out, and the women were without mercy.

Izvire sat in the Moon garden of the palace, where all the flowers were white and shades of blue. She absentmindedly stroked the head of one of her white tigresses, which sat next to where Izvire was sitting on the carved white chair. Izvire was afraid. Afraid for her husband Zaister, who she loved more than she could ever think possible. Izvire knew what would happen once the seven years were up; her first Consort had died in the sacrifice. He had been her first and only Consort to die like this, but unless something miraculous happened, Zaister would die too... leaving Izvire to once again marry a sixteen year old consort, doomed to die once more and so on til she herself died and a new Moon King, her daughter, took her place.

Ooc: If you want to join, just post a single paragraph describing your character. Like I have done. ^^

Sarah_K_O_M 09-20-2007 12:15 PM

A young woman of about 17 tended the flowers in one corner. She wore a black dress to her knees with thick white tights and sturdy black boots. SHe had long hair to her shoulder blades in black waves and bright, moon-silvery grey eyes. Her skin was a sallow colour, her eyes mildly slanted with a longish nose and very full and red lips.

She composted the flowers near the King, humming.

Miranda_ 09-20-2007 02:31 PM

Izvire was jerked out of her dreamlike state. She continued to stroke the head of the tigress, as she spoke to the young woman. "I should remember... but I don't. You're one of the Moon Priestesses in training, aren't you? Karan said she was training a girl to replace her when her time as Priestess came to an end."

Sarah_K_O_M 09-20-2007 02:36 PM

"Yes, Your Majesty." The girl began pruning, "I'm hoping to be chosen over Annete."

Miranda_ 09-20-2007 02:45 PM

"Study hard, and you'll maybe get your wish. The defining moment will be the hunt at the end of this week where for the first time, you and her will be permitted to ride the red lions."

Sarah_K_O_M 09-20-2007 02:52 PM

"I can't wait."

Miranda_ 09-20-2007 02:59 PM

Izvire sighed. "If only all our wishes could come true so easily."

Sarah_K_O_M 09-20-2007 03:08 PM

"What do you mean?"

Miranda_ 09-20-2007 03:15 PM

"It's six months until the sacrifice. I've already lost one husband, what will happen to me then? Maybe I'll just end up like my mother, Kyrast; she lost the ability to love after losing her third husband."

Sarah_K_O_M 09-20-2007 03:22 PM

"You could always hide him."

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