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TheHayleyDoll 09-06-2007 06:33 PM

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [RP]
If you watch the show, you can get the main idea pretty easily by the title. If you watch anything like it [Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc.] then you probably understand because it's like that, too. But you don't need to watch the shows to understand. These are our own made characters, not ones from other CSI shows, etc.


The plot changes as they murders happen. The main plot idea, however, is that a group of people that solve strange cases too large for the police. They work in certain areas and jobs of the CSI lab. Those certain jobs within the lab are...


Under supervision, analyzes and tests substances [such as blood], identifies and compares prints [foot, finger, etc.], compares guns and bullets, etc.

Crime Scene Investigator:

Responsible for investigating the scene of crime, as well as packaging evidence and giving it to the Criminalists. Afterwards, helps Criminalists with their job, and sometimes they work as both.

Crime Scene Unit Supervisor:

The name says it all. Helps everyone with their jobs and makes sure they are doing so properly. He/she is the first person to go to with news. They're the 'leader'.

Evidence Technician:

Help with recieving, storing, releasing, and mantaining secuirty of confiscated property, evidence, and vehicles.

Forensic Scientist:

They analyze the body for materials and wounds associated with the crime.

Photographic Technician:

Takes pictures of crime scene and develops them in a dark room before storing them until needed.


Age [Any over 18]:
Appearance [description, photobucket link]:
Bio [optional]:


Name: Amy Wolff
Age [Any over 18]: 28
Job: Criminalist
Appearance: Image of Anime girl blonde - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Personality: Smart, slightly stubborn, doesn't like being wrong.
Bio [optional]: She just recently got a job at the lab. She's married to a African American man named Tyler and has two children [Nina and Brandon].

I'm only going to have one character for now, then make them as I go on.


1. Advanced RPers only. [You'll know if you are]
2. Minimal 'Ooc'. It sometimes makes thing confusing.
3. Romance is allowed, and advanced RPers should understand the rules for that.
4. Cussing is allowed. Don't use it every sentence, but... yeah.

I only want joiners today, so that I can start tomorrow or on the weekend. ^^

LadyBast0911 09-06-2007 06:51 PM

Name: Mai Li *pronounce May Lee*
Age [Any over 18]: 24
Job:Crime Scene Investigator:
Appearance: [description, photobucket link]: {Although she is usually seen in pants.}
Personality: Normally serious and always working. She just tansferred from Washington and is also a newbie. She only has two years under her belt. She's quite timid around the group and doesn't talk much.
Bio [optional]: Half-chinese.

cwer 09-06-2007 07:15 PM

Name:Monique Wector
Nickname:Murphy (Inside joke, form along time ago.Now everybody calls her murphy ona regular basis, even know they dont know where it came from.)
Age [Any over 18]:24
Job:Forensic Scientist
Appearance:Tall, reddish hair you get the point-
Personality:Very sweet, but gets to buisness when it comes to an Autopsy
Bio[optional]:Wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, but she found out this was a better way to serve justice to her country. (Even know doctors are life savers, she thought this was the way to go.)

TheHayleyDoll 09-06-2007 07:16 PM

Ooc: Cwer, I don't think of you as advanced... and I'm going to be real strict on that rule. Sorry... You're just too young. T_T

cwer 09-06-2007 07:18 PM

occ:Ok. Its ok.

TheHayleyDoll 09-06-2007 07:20 PM

Ooc: I would let you in, it's just some stuff might be too graphic, etc. Hope you understand. I'm looking for people who are in their teens and are considered advanced [Singer, Cheetah, Sarah, Wolfie, Spirit, Miranda, and I are the 'advanced' RPers... and anyone else I guess who I know is good..]

xJESSiCA 09-06-2007 10:31 PM

Here is I. I had too much stuff today...I would've posted earlier but it was one thing after the other. xD

Name: Kyle Meyers
Age [Any over 18]: 29
Job: CSI
Appearance [description, photobucket link]: ((I'll post one tomorrow, I'm too lazy to find one now)
Personality: Quiet when on the job, but out of the office is very outgoing and fun
Bio [optional]: Was married at 18, but divorced at 24. Has one kid-Emmabelle (Emma is her nickname), age 7

Silent_Wolf 09-07-2007 06:08 AM

I gotta join this. XD I'm using a character I have in another RP; she was working in CSI too.

Name: Amane Tsegrah
Age [Any over 18]: 39
Job: Forensic Scientist
Appearance: (usually wears faded blue jeans and blouses, and her hair is dyed. Her eyes are naturally yellow.)
Personality: Finds the oddest humor, which no one else gets, in some of the cases. Also tends to overthink, overspell, and has gotten sick to her stomach on occasion depending on the severity of the case. Despite that, she kept her cheerful demeanor. Well, unless it's the anniversary of her sister's death, in which case she'll be hiding in a closet for most of the day or reading old files on cases that weren't closed or were on hold.
Bio: Her twin sister died when they were fifteen; each year on the day it happened, Amane hides in a closet, as already mentioned. Why? No clue. She has a husband who travels abroad and one son, Allen.

Name: Allen Tsegrah
Age: 21
Job: Photo Technitian (intern)
Appearance: I'll get a tek tek avvie of him later. *blink*
Personality: At times he's sarcastic, but he tends to notice things in the photos that the people at the crime scene could've missed.
Bio: Son of Amane and her husband. He was never told that he'd had an aunt before he was born, and as such still finds it perplexing that she hides in a closet once a year.

miluiel_she_elf 09-07-2007 09:12 PM

Name: Catherine Willows
Age: 32
Job: Forensic Scientist
Appearance: Long blonde hair, usually styled with blue eyes and what ever she feels like wearing.
Personality: Can come off as cold and uncaring, but once you get to know her she is a kind and compassionate person. But you don't want to get on her bad side.
Bio: CSI on CBS Cast and Character Biographies

Silent_Wolf 09-08-2007 09:28 AM

Miluel, you're supposed to have YOUR OWN CHARACTER!! Haley said that:


These are our own made characters, not ones from other CSI shows, etc.

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