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Default High School Hell {RP} - 09-05-2007, 04:44 PM

You are a student at Hardish High School. Something happens that rocks the foundations of all you believe in; Darlene Grissom, the head cheerleader and leader of the popular clique, has been murdered! No-one yet knows who the murderer was, and the police have spies in the school in an attempt to find out who the murderer was. Maybe the murderer isn't a student after all, but a teacher. Or even an outsider unconnected with the school at all.

One thing remains a fact tho, and that is that it was a crime of passion. Darlene was pregnant when she was killed, and the father of her unborn baby is unknown. She had a boyf, but several other male students enjoyed her pleasure at one time. She used and abused boys, enjoying her power over them... maybe one of them was not only the father, but also her killer? Only time will tell.

You can be in any one of the following groups:





When you sign up, fill out the following form:

Age: (must be aged 14-16)
Short Bio:

Say what your relationship was to Darlene; was she a friend? An enemy? A lover? You can't be the killer; I will reveal him or her later on in the RP.

Rules are as follows:

1. Experienced RPers ONLY. By the way, unless I agree that you're experienced, you CAN'T join. If you need further clarification, only the following RPers are those I consider experienced; Sarah K_O_M, Silent_Wolf, TheHayleyDoll, spirit_queen, Singergirl509, dudettel, NotYourPrincess, cheetahja94. If your name is not there, then you can't join. Simple as that.

2. No Mary Sues or Marty Stus. Just don't.

3. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

Name: Alison Green
Age: 15
Appearence: Long curly blonde hair, blue eyes, fairly tall.
Short Bio: Alison was Darlene's best friend; she knew about her friend's pregnancy, but nothing else. She's shocked and horrified that her friend could be killed, and determined to find the killer and bring him or her to justice. Alison is prejudiced against the outsiders and believes one or more of them to be responsible.

Name: Lewis Sharpe
Age: 16
Appearence: Short black hair with red streaks, green eyes. Thin and below average height.
Short Bio: Lewis comes from a broken home; his mother's a single mother and he never knew his father. He only goes to school as he used to truant so often he's been given a curfew and a compulsory attendance order. If he breaks either, he could be sent to juvenile hall. His mother brings home men all the time so he doesn't like to stay at the house, so he breaks the curfew all the time. He hated Darlene cuz she slept with him once then afterwards ridiculed him in front of her friends.


Lewis walked thru the school corridor, looking warily from side to side as he did so. He fancied he saw people giving him suspicious looks; or maybe, it was just his paranoid imagination acting up. However, it was true that he and the other school outsiders were treated with more contempt and suspected of the murder of Darlene.

Lewis didn't know what to think about the popular cheerleader's death. He hated her, more than anyone could ever know, after what she'd done to him; but he still had feelings for her. Maybe not love; he didn't know what love was for one thing, but for him at least he couldn't sleep with someone and not have feelings for them. Darlene could, tho, and that was why he hated her.

He saw a group of girls chattering excitedly together; these were the cheerleaders. One girl, who had long curly blonde hair, broke off her conversation to glare at him. She whispered something to a friend, but he didn't hear what she said and walked on hurriedly without a backwards glance.


Alison had gone into school that day feeling sadness at the death of her best friend, Darlene. But, life had to go on and she felt she couldn't let this stop her from living her life, as her friend would have wanted. However, she was determined to find her friend's killer and bring him or her to justice for what they'd done. Alison had never liked the small group of unpopulars; as far as she was concerned, they were capable of anything.

She looked up as one of the unpopulars slouched by; it was Lewis. She gave him a glare of hate; sure he'd had something to do with Darlene's murder. After all, Darlene had told her that he'd thrown himself at her, and then gotten angry cuz she didn't want to be with someone like him. Alison throughly approved of her friend's attitude, cuz it mirrored her own. She turned to her fellow cheerleaders as Lewis passed.

"I bet it was him, or one of his friends," Alison whispered to one of the cheerleaders, who was now succeeding Darlene as head cheerleader. "It's bound to be."

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