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Default Gothic and Galactic: Sailor Moon rp~ - 08-18-2007, 12:57 PM

This rp is dedicated to Chiisan_kawaii, it was her idea for this thread, though I'm the one posting it.

Once, long ago, the Universe was created. In its existence, the Ancient Ones came into being. But amongst them was a traitor, who rebeled against the rest. In the mutiny, Light and Dar, Good and Evil were created.

The other, horrified, knew they could not always defend the innocent. So thay made in intricate network of protectors, and amongst them were the Galaxy Scouts.

Peace reinged for many a year, the most acnient of Dark sources held at bay. But now it rises again, and the Galaxy Scouts must remember themselves and make their return. But will they remember who they were in time?

1. NO ONE LINERS!! This rp has a definite plot, and I will not stand for quote-only replies. At least two lines per post, as one-liners slows down the plot.

2. be respectful!

3. No! Romance is encouraged with characters, but we don't need a sex scene.

4. these are my golden rules, break them and I can kick you out. Oh, and don't give me a reason to update this list...

Due to the fact that I am not incredibly knowledgable of everything SM up to date, this rp will take place a little in the future. Rini/Chibiusa is now SM, and the rest have all had heirs to take their place.

The Galaxy Gothic Sailors:
Leader: Spirit_queen
Red: Singergirl509
Orange: cheetahja94
Yellow: Maddie705
Blue: TheHayleyDoll
Purple: chiisan_kawaii

You must AUDITION for these positions. These people are also supposed to be of different ethnicities, so more than only causcasian and oriental.

This rp has been appproved and catagorized by Miranda_, the awesome roleplaying moderator.

Edit: her is some more info on the Galaxy Scouts. ^^
Leader: She is, well, the leader. Hard-headed, strong willed, yet searching for a higher truth.

Big Red: She represents love and innocense, as well as a pure heart. <3

Orange: She's fiery, sassy, and won't stand any crap. She's a "Git-rdone" gall

Yellow: She represents hope, and is determined to pull everything through to the end.

Green: She represents luck, and is happy-go-lucky. She has a way with charming people.

Blue: And where's a tem without the smart one?

Purple: The darkest of them all, she is a cunning yet tragic figure.

Last edited by spirit_queen : 08-21-2007 at 09:58 PM.
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