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spirit_queen 08-18-2007 12:57 PM

Gothic and Galactic: Sailor Moon rp~
This rp is dedicated to Chiisan_kawaii, it was her idea for this thread, though I'm the one posting it.

Once, long ago, the Universe was created. In its existence, the Ancient Ones came into being. But amongst them was a traitor, who rebeled against the rest. In the mutiny, Light and Dar, Good and Evil were created.

The other, horrified, knew they could not always defend the innocent. So thay made in intricate network of protectors, and amongst them were the Galaxy Scouts.

Peace reinged for many a year, the most acnient of Dark sources held at bay. But now it rises again, and the Galaxy Scouts must remember themselves and make their return. But will they remember who they were in time?

1. NO ONE LINERS!! This rp has a definite plot, and I will not stand for quote-only replies. At least two lines per post, as one-liners slows down the plot.

2. be respectful!

3. No! Romance is encouraged with characters, but we don't need a sex scene.

4. these are my golden rules, break them and I can kick you out. Oh, and don't give me a reason to update this list...

Due to the fact that I am not incredibly knowledgable of everything SM up to date, this rp will take place a little in the future. Rini/Chibiusa is now SM, and the rest have all had heirs to take their place.

The Galaxy Gothic Sailors:
Leader: Spirit_queen
Red: Singergirl509
Orange: cheetahja94
Yellow: Maddie705
Blue: TheHayleyDoll
Purple: chiisan_kawaii

You must AUDITION for these positions. These people are also supposed to be of different ethnicities, so more than only causcasian and oriental.

This rp has been appproved and catagorized by Miranda_, the awesome roleplaying moderator.

Edit: her is some more info on the Galaxy Scouts. ^^
Leader: She is, well, the leader. Hard-headed, strong willed, yet searching for a higher truth.

Big Red: She represents love and innocense, as well as a pure heart. <3

Orange: She's fiery, sassy, and won't stand any crap. She's a "Git-rdone" gall

Yellow: She represents hope, and is determined to pull everything through to the end.

Green: She represents luck, and is happy-go-lucky. She has a way with charming people.

Blue: And where's a tem without the smart one?

Purple: The darkest of them all, she is a cunning yet tragic figure.

spirit_queen 08-18-2007 01:02 PM

Ooc: You PM me a sample post, like when your character is walking through school or something...

I must be detailed and you must take the time and consideration into it to be worthy of a Galactic sailor. Okees? Yeah, if no one else good enough does not audition, I plan on a German girl. ^^

spirit_queen 08-18-2007 04:23 PM

Liv walked down the crowded hallways of her multi-cultural school, silently. She was usually quiet and shy, it was her nature. She wasn't in to sports or anything, more into reading and writing. When she was in Kindergarten, she didn't go to the sand box, but simply sat down and read or wrote. Mind you, it wasn't all that complicated, but she was only four or five. Now her reading material was much more complex, and slightly dark.

She got to her locker, a bottom half one, and sat down against it, swiping a book out from her brown Roots messenger bag. The book, How to Kill a Mockingbird, was one of her favourites, and she read it over many times. She must have then been in the middle of her eigth time when the person with the locker above her tapped her head. She looked up and into the girl's eyes. The girl was completely opposite to Liv. Preppy, girly, boy-crazy... Liv herself was more into poems and books then guys. She had people even question her sexuality, seeing as she had never once had a boyfriend in all her sixteen years.

Liv flipped her creamy yellow-white hair and stood up so the other girl could get into her own locker. Liv put the book into her messenger bag and walked off to class. She had most of her books with her, anyway.

She stopped in front of a classroom, her light blue eyes reading the room number, teacher's name, and subject.

TheHayletDoll has auditioned for Blue and made it. ^^ YAY! Her character is Norwegian.

spirit_queen 08-18-2007 06:02 PM

Madeline Lewis entered the huge double doors that led into the new high school she was to attend this year. Her backpack, slung around one shoulder, hit her back as the door closed behind her. She was pretty clumsy, and rubbed her back as she walked down one hallway.

The lockers appeared to come closer to her. After being homeschooled for seven years, her room was her locker, and it was probably more organized than any of the lockers that now seemed to tease her.

Maddy tried to pull her schedule out of her pocket, but when she realized that she was wearing a pocket-less skirt, she sighed and pulled it out of the black, rhinestoned purse. She saw a map of the school hanging nearby and examined it. Wrong side and level entirely, she scorned herself, seeing as her first class was on the third level and in the east wing. She ran up two flights of stairs and walked down the hall. "Late," she mumbled to herself, looking in a window. Class had already started, and she stood there dumbly

Cheetahja 94 tried out for Orange and got it! Her ethnicity is that of a Cherokee Indian. ^^

spirit_queen 08-18-2007 06:14 PM

Tamare walked down the hall and into the classroom.Looking around she saw a seat in the third row,so she sat down. Ms.Digerio was searching through the drawers from her desk and the filing cabinet.Tamare stared out the window,Watching a red bird on a tree.She was so caught up in her bird watching Ms.Digerio smacked the ruler on her desk.I almost Jumped maybe a mile high!"Ms.Yasuki, I do NOT tolerate your day dreaming." Ms.Digerio said.Tamare was looking her straight in the face; she had fading brown hair,and dark, haunting gray eyes. Ms.Digerio walked back to the chalkboard and began writing.

Maddie705 tried out for Yellow and got it! Her ethnicity is that of a girl from Mexico.

TheHayleyDoll 08-19-2007 09:44 AM

Ooc: Can we post? XD That feels stupid of me to ask, but can we? Or do we have to wait for the audition things? And I won't be here for five days... -.- So I could be left behind *sobs* My BF is picking me up at... *looks at clock* between Noon and 1pm... (How come I use * in Ooc's, but not while I'm actually RPing? Huh... Coolness... =P)

Maddie705 08-19-2007 10:34 AM

OOC:Yea.Hayleys right.When do we get to post.I was worried you'd leave without me *Cries*Not to be mean of course

spirit_queen 08-19-2007 06:36 PM

Yumi was busy at the art table sketching a teenage girl in a gothic lolita costume.
The human body anatomy is so very...complicated, and interesting...Not only that, but I just love drawing lace. I do hope that I can win this drawing contest. The money might come in handy.
A boy walked up to her, studying the picture.
"That's nice," he said.
She smiled, blushing, not used to people complimenting her.
"Thanks." And Yumi went back to work.
The boy continued to stare, and she began to feel uncomfortable, so she stopped and turned around.
Immediately after she turned around, the boy asked, "Can I have a piece of paper too?"
What? I barely know this guy, and he asks for paper? Oh well, might as well give it to him.
Yumi handed the boy a piece of paper.
"Thanks. I'm named Brandon. You?"
"Yumi," she muttered. Dang, this boy is getting on my nerves...
Once again she went back to work, but occasionally glanced over at Brandon's paper.
He really stinks...Does he even know what the concept of shading is?
But no matter; the contest entry had to be finished and turned in by tomorrow morning. No time to waste.
"Argh! I keep messing up!" Brandon complained, crumpling up his paper and throwing it behind his back, resorting to watching Yumi again.
The paper didn't even hit the trash can; it simply rolled over on the floor.
That's a waste of paper...
After a while, Yumi was done with her drawing.
"Wow! That's great! Can I have it?"
"Thanks!" Brandon shouted, and took it (and managed to crumple it in the process, Yumi noticed), running off.
I needed that...Oh well. I'll just make him pay later...
Yumi sighed. She knew that she could only create one masterpiece a day.
The next day, everyone had to turn in their contest entry. Of course, Yumi didn't have hers.
She saw Brandon turn in - she gasped, horrified - HER work.
That's cheating! Downright cheating! I am definitely getting back at him.
Of course Brandon won. There was nobody's work that was even able to be compared to Yumi's work.
"Did you really draw this?" The teacher asked suspiciously.
"Uh..Y..yeah," He stuttered.
"I hope so. Since you're so good at drawing, would you mind doing a demonstration right now?"
Brandon gulped.
"You didn't draw this, did you?"
Slowly, he shook his head.
"So who did?"
He pointed to Yumi.
"Detention. After school, tomorrow," The teacher said, dismissing the now distraught boy, and turned to the real artist.
"Good job. You won the contest. Here's the 45 dollar prize promised," he said, giving her the cash.
"Thanks," Yumi muttered, but the teacher had already turned away.
What is their PROBLEM?
That afternoon, after everyone had left, Yumi saw Brandon crying in a corner.
She walked up to him, wondering what was going on.
Sitting down next to him, Yumi asked, "What's wrong?"
"It's..M..My...Little sister..."
Alarmed, she beckoned for him to continue.
"She...She got crash...a..and I d..don't have enoug money to pay f..for it..Th..That's why I stole your en..entry...I'm sorry...W..We don't even have a to in.."
"No, if it's for a reason like this, then it's okay...Wait, YOU? Where are your parents?"
"They..They left"
Yumi frowned. She had never known her real parents.
"Well, calm down. Here, take the money." She handed the cash to Brandon.
"P..Please don't tell anyone..."
Don't be stupid. We need to tell SOMEONE.
"Well, I'll try not to. No promises, though."
"Thanks." He sniffled.
"Come on. Let's go; you and your sister can stay at my house for now."
He looked at Yumi gratefully. "Really?"
"Of course! That's what friends are for."

Chiisan_kawaii tried out for purple and made it! Her charrie is Japanese. ^^

spirit_queen 08-20-2007 08:06 PM

Karen fell to her knees, sobbing; her best friend was dead. She still couldn’t Hannah had committed suicide. Why?! Sure, Karen had moved from Australia to America, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t keep in touch!

The rain continued to pour down around her, soaking her to the skin. It felt good, right, to mourn her friend’s death in the rain. She had to cry, had to let the burning inside take over, or she would lose herself. She wanted to scream until her head popped off, wanted Armageddon to come. She slammed her shaking fists onto the ground so hard the concrete ripped the skin, and she did it again and again till she was bleeding.

Not only was Hannah dead, but she was expected to start over in a new school. She couldn’t handle it, just couldn’t. But she had to, she had to…

This is my post. I'm Leader. My charrie is from Australia...

This rp is now OPEN!!!

Maddie705 08-21-2007 09:03 AM

Ok,Thats great! can start at the school first.Your the owner AND the leader.

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