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LadyBast0911 06-13-2007 03:35 PM

~Cochrane High~ {Private RP}
This is a private RP for Singer509, TheHayleyDoll, Muileil_She_Elf, Cheetahja94. I will let 1 more person join, but you must PM me first. Its a first come first-serve.

Now about the RP. Cochrane High is set in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. A few days ago, an asteriod had landed, giving some people powers. So, this is about them learning how to manage their powers, deal with their powers, and what else, dealing with highschool drama and relationships at the same time.

*Rules and Suggestions*
1)Have to have at least one person with powers
2)Can have more than one person
3)Cussing is allowed
4)Anything over PG-13, please put ~X-Scene~ *coughs...hayley...coughs* LOL
5)Must have at least 800 posts or more...if your close to it, still PM me...I MIGHT let you join
6)The only two people I WON'T let join is Maddie705 and Princessmeplz
7)You must spell correctly or if you don't actually know how to spell it the put (ooc:SP?) next to the word. Example: we went to a resteraunt (ooc:Sp?) called Latte' Da.
8-All other RPG rules apply.

When posting your character please include these things:
Name, Age, Appearence, Power, Gender, Grade, Personality, Relationships.

*Resrictions on characters*
~Grades~ Choose from Freshman or Sophmore (9th or 10th grade)
~Appearence~ Must be a picture from

*My Character(s)*
Power: Controls weather/Controls Fire and Water/Invisiablity and Controls the elements of Air and Earth
Personality:b*tchy, rude, cocky, Singer and extra guitar player in her band/Shy, quiet, guitar player/Laid back, down-to-earth, outgoing. He is also the drum player
Relationships: None/Secretly likes Moria/ the moment
Other:None/Got held back a grade/

Appearence for Moria:

Appearence for Matt:

Appearence for Jeff:

xJESSiCA 06-13-2007 04:05 PM

ooc: Thanks for letting me join, singergirl. Here is my characters' bios.

Name: Carissa/Scott
Age: 16/16
Power: Controls Lightning and Electricity/Shapeshifting
Gender: F/M
Grade: 10th/10th
Personality: Smart, fun to be around, outgoing/Smart, kinda fun to be around. Loves hard, hates easily
Relationships: None/None


xJESSiCA 06-13-2007 04:11 PM

ooc: Lol

Carissa walked into the doors of Cochrane High, not wanting to start a new school year.

ooc: Do they have powers yet?

LadyBast0911 06-13-2007 04:21 PM

Matt, Jeff and I all walked into the school, laughing loudly. Matt went with his little brother to get his stuff and I went to my locker. "See ya later." I yelled after them.

OOC: They do, they just haven't realized it...

xJESSiCA 06-13-2007 04:23 PM

Scott saw Carissa, his best friend, walking down the halls. He came up behind her and pinched her sides. She screamed, and when she saw it was Scott, pushed him back against a wall. "Don't mess with me," she warned, poking his forehead. They started laughing. Carissa got up and walked to her class, Scott going the opposite direction to his.

LadyBast0911 06-13-2007 04:27 PM

I walked into my classroom and groaned. Another school year...great. Matt came in and sat next to me. "Can you believe it. Jeff couldn't even open his locker." Matt said, smiling. "Typical Jeff." I shook my head, and giggled.

xJESSiCA 06-13-2007 04:28 PM

ooc: Okay, when I say, "I," it is Carissa.

I sat down in the classroom, looking at a girl and boy talking. Looks like people were already in relationships, on the first day, I thought.

LadyBast0911 06-13-2007 04:35 PM

OOC: I is Moria and I have to go soon..sorry..
People were staring at us. Matt and I looked at each other and laughed. "Why are you people staring at us?" Matt said. "I am not a freak..." I started to laugh.

xJESSiCA 06-13-2007 04:36 PM

I laughed too. "I just think it is funny people are already in relationships," I admitted. "You aren't a freak."

LadyBast0911 06-13-2007 04:38 PM

We stared at her. "You think we're in a relationship?" I asked her. "No, we're just great friends." Matt said, laughing akwardly.

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