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Sarah_K_O_M 06-07-2007 04:51 PM

Bullworth Academy (RP, Private)
Welcome to Bullworth Academy. In this Roleplay, you will be leaving the comforts of home for the hardest private boarding school in the whole of America. Bullworth Academy. Remember always the school motto, Canis Canem Edit. Dog Eat Dog.

You will be a new student, 15 years old with not a friend to call your own. Have you got what it takes to make it through, or shall you be carried out screaming?

First things first, there is a pecking order in Bullworth. It is best that you know, because scr*wing with the wrong people is a one-time offence.

Bullies: These wear jeans with untucked white school shirts. They can be found almost everywhere, usually at the school gates or at the school building its self. They fight with their fists, and don’t hesitate to assault those weaker then themselves. If you do fight back though, they can be easily beaten.
Despite their faults, once you win their respect they will be your loyal friends forever. Their leader is Russel, a huge, dimwitted Hulk-like boy. They do not struggle for power like the other cliques.

Nerds: Typically overweight or painfully thin and scrawny, these guys are the bullies and Jocks targets of choice. Though weaker then the bullies and more easily beaten, when armed with stink bombs, bottle rockets or even their spud guns they can be harder to beat. They can be found at the library or the comic book store in Bullworth Town. These wear green blazers with grey slacks.

Preppies: The trust fund babies, with faux English pretensions. They are snobbish and uptight, and mostly inbred too. They were ‘Aquaberry’ uniforms, blazers with light blue checker design and grey slacks. Are up themselves a lot. Can be found at Harrington Hall, the Fight Club in Old Bullworth Vale, and are trained in boxing. They use fists and throw eggs. In a group, they’ll kick your whiny a$$. Enemies with the Greasers. Their leader Derby(Pronounced Darby) Harrington is an honest to god jerk. Cute, but a plonker.

Greasers: Tough as nails, these cliched oil-slicked 50’s wannabes are tough to beat. Can be found in the Autoshop area or in New Coventry, skipping class. They wear leather or denim jackets. Don’t attempt to fight them, seriously. Their leader Johnny Vincent is a hopeless, passionate romantic, with anger issues. They uses fists, but one was known to have a sledgehammer.

Jocks: The oversized, butch ‘roid monkeys. They rule the school with meaty fists. They are very athletic; so don’t fight these unless you have a deathwish. They are arrogant and mean. Mandy, the head cheerleader, is a cow. They all wear Letterman jackets or sweaters. Can be found at the gym and Football field. Hate the Nerds. They are armed with Baseball bats.

Non-clique students like yourself


Next is your arsenal of weapons. For self defence, of course. >_>

Slingshot: This will never be confiscated from you, with an unlimited supply of weapons.
Stink bombs: Made using the chemistry set in your room, will create a disgusting smell that will stop enemies in their tracks.
Firecrackers: Aim for feet and make those piggies dance!
Itching powder: Lets see them run with this in their clothes! They’ll be too busy scratching to attack, good to use on Prefects when escaping.
Bottle rockets: Obtained from Nerds, at a price. Three of these take Prefects outta commission.

Also, you will have a skateboard on hand, a camera from Photography and bikes from Autoshop.


You have two classes a day. The first starting at 9am to 11am and the second from 1pm to 3pm. Curfew is 11pm and if you’re caught after hours you’re forcefully put to bed.
Rules are: No Curfew Breaking, Vandalism, Skipping Class, Fighting, Hitting Girls or Little Kids. Of course you don’t have to be a goody two shoes…

Chemistry: Learn to make stink bombs, firecrackers and itching powder here with Prof Watts.
English: With Mr Galloway. This gives you the gift of the gab, so you can get off Scot free for minor misdemeanours.
Art: With Mrs Philips, this makes you sound so sensitive, and sweet to the girls or guys.
Gym: Alternates between Dodgeball games and wrestling, learn new fighting moves!
Photography: Taken with Mrs Philips, only available in your second year.
Autoshop: Only available in your second year, allows you to fix up bikes and hire them out.

Prof Watts: The Chemistry teachers. A nice man, overall.
Mr Galloway: An alcoholic, but a really great guy. Romantically involved with Mrs Philips.
Mrs Philips: The art teacher, a lovely woman with artsy ideas. Loves Mr Galloway.
Mr Hattrick: A plonker, hates Mr Galloway. Is corrupt.
Edna: The lunch lady, given that she coughs and spits into the food and is dirtier then Typhoid Mary, I’m advising you to buy lunch in town. Loves poor Prof Watts.

Prefects: (Pulled from Wikipedia)

The prefects are student that provide law enforcement around Bullworth Campus. They wear navy blue coats and are all presumably seniors. They are usually hostile to all.

Your character has to be 15, maybe 14.
No Mary-Sues.
No teen pregnancy or fornication on campus, because that will and could respectively get you booted out of school.
You can’t be in a Clique soon as you get into school. Gotta be qualified for it. Bully: Be a jerk. Nerd: Be ultra-smart. Prep: Be snobby rich. Jock: Be a meathead or stereotypical cheerbimbo. You can also not join any Clique and just be a on a friendly basis with some of them. However, you can’t be friends with two opposing Cliques (Preps, Greasers; Nerds, Jocks)
No daft ideas with magic and whatnot. You can have mad genius scientists (I am) but not flipping fairies or Vampires. Ghosts and hauntings are allowed.
Students are given a monthly allowance of 30 dollars a week to start, can earn money by doing errands for other students and get an increase for every year.
Swearing is allowed, in moderation.
Only MIRANDA, WOLFIE and ME can join.

NOTE: If you are Princessmeplz, you ESPECIALLY cannot join. No way in hell would I allow you too.

School Map:


It was the depths of autumn, and apple trees hung low with age as wilting leaves covered the ground with a crackling carpet.

The start of the school year, and already the students were moving into their dorms, struggling with bags, bickering with new enemies and laughing with old friends.

At the front gates, there was certainly a lot of bickering going at a Volkswagen Beetle.

“No, Look, I pull! You push! For god’s sake, it’s not that hard!” The aggravated girl screamed into the car at her foster-mother, “Just pus-ARGH!“
With a thup the bag flew out, whacked into her stomach and knocked her back.

She groaned, “Didn’t mean that hard.” And propped her self on her elbows. This is a perfect moment to look at her actually.

She’s reasonably pretty to look at, with a mad spark in her bright green eyes lined with a little mascara. Otherwise, all make-up has been omitted in favour of the natural look. That might be a bit unfortunate, what with the splash of freckles on her cheeks and otherwise blemishes. Her good points here are the crazy eyes, and her mouth, graced with a permanent little upward curve. You almost expect her to have dimples. Dimples!
To top it off, her hair is a pale blonde, streaked though with a pale bright blue, cyan blue and navy, tied into a high ponytail. Its also held into a bun with several pens and littered with leaves.
She’s quite slim by nature’s good graces and general boundless energy compelling constant movement, though slim also means she’s barely a b-cup, dressed in a blue t-shirt and faded jeans, ripped at her scabbed knees.

“Destiny Hermin! Get up off that ground, NOW!”

“Destiny Emerald!” She snapped back at her foster mum, trying hard, and failing. “Get the f*cking bag off!”

Chloe Hermin sighed, yanking the wheelie bag off Destiny, who immediately set to effing and blinding in a wheeze.

Silent_Wolf 06-07-2007 04:54 PM

Over by the sidewalk, a girl was semi half-heartedly attempting to pull a scratched-up suitcase out out from under a bunch of other baggage that apparently wasn't hers; it was labeled differently, and different school logos were on it. Hers was plain, except for a scribbled name that couldn't be read. Random band stickers were stuck to it - ranging from Scatman John to Rammstein - and if you looked hard enough, a guitar pick was either embedded or glued to one side of the suitcase.

The girl herself looked a bit out of place; her shirt was a nearly neon green - not a tacky kind, though - and splattered with different colors of dried paint, and her knee-length jeanskirt had a few holes in it; she hadn't changed into the uniform yet, and as such was still wearing black shorts (which had an odd cartoony version of a mouse on one leg) underneath the skirt, so she wouldn't get in trouble. Her wavy black hair was a bit of a mess in the ponytail it was in - there were visibly a few tangles in it - and a splash of red paint could be seen on the ends; from what it came from, it probably wasn't a good idea to ask. Her eyes were a dark hazel - more green than brown, but still a mix of both - and they were currently showing a mixture of anger and apathy.

She didn't really want to be going to this school, but she was going to have to deal with it.

Once she'd gotten her suitcase free, along with one other bag, she shut the back of the van and coughed as it zoomed off, the driver and the other occupants not saying goodbye, since they were late for something. She glared at them before picking up her bag, picking at a leaf that had gotten stuck in her sandals - she was starting to wonder why she'd worn them - and walking up toward the school.

Sarah_K_O_M 06-07-2007 04:57 PM

Destiny, still wheezing, walked alongside her, "Hey. You new too?"

Miranda_ 06-07-2007 05:02 PM

Nearby, a boy with short brown hair and blue eyes was trying hard to disentangle himself from his proud parents. "Write to us lots, Matthew," said his mother, wiping tears from her eyes. "We're really proud of you!"

Matt, looking embarrassed, finally managed to get away from his parents with a plea that he'd be late if he was delayed any more. They drove away, his mother waving out of the window. Matt sighed, and turned to walk up the drive, dragging his suitcase and shrugging a backpack onto his shoulder.

As he drew nearer, a guy with blonde hair shoved him hard. "Scholarship scum," the boy sneered, contempt in his silvery blue eyes. "Dunno why they let you pikeys come to a school like this." His uniform was expensively made, compared to Matt's clothes which were worn and obviously old. The girl with him giggled. "Better wash your hands, Othello. You might have caught something from touching that poor trash!" Othello smirked. "Yeah, let's get out of here and get with the decent ppl." They walked off together up the drive.

Matt had made no attempt to retaliate. He looked miserable; thinking that if everyone was like that, then this wasn't going to be much fun.

Sarah_K_O_M 06-07-2007 05:04 PM

Destiny spotted him, and went over, "Dude, you okay?"

Miranda_ 06-07-2007 05:05 PM

Matt turned, relieved to hear a friendly voice. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said, tho his face said the opposite.

Sarah_K_O_M 06-07-2007 05:06 PM

"No you're not!" Destiny said kindly, patting his shoulder, "But don't listen to those j*rk-offs. Scholarships are better than daddy's money on any day ending in Y."

Miranda_ 06-07-2007 05:12 PM

"Oh, you saw that guy push me then. :( Well, I worked really hard to get here, and I\'m a year younger, too. And that\'s better than being a rich snob any day."

Sarah_K_O_M 06-07-2007 05:13 PM

"Much better. Plus, chicks hate jerks, no matter the money."

Miranda_ 06-07-2007 05:15 PM

"That girl he was with seemed to like him OK."

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