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xJESSiCA 05-07-2007 09:14 PM

Elven Battles {RPG, no new players}
Before we begin, I have one rule, apart from the RPG rules, unless I missed this in the RPG rules: Do not use ur, w/e, or any other chatspeak. A human does not say "Double-U slash E" or "U.R." when writing a very important paper, yes? Pretend this is an important paper. Treat it like it. No chatspeak.

Okay, back to the subject. This is a public RP. That means that anyone can join, but we need guys. If you are a girl that is playing a guy and does not want to get into a relationship with a girl character because it makes you feel q.ueer, please tell us. Here are the positions that you can have. Specify them in your bio.

Warrior (can use magic, but only simple spells)
Healer/priest (most powerful with magic)
Defender (creates force fields around buildings that cannot be harmed
Guardians (warriors on the front line that have much power that they express through weapons)

Gender to the elves do not matter. A male can be a healer as much as a female can be a warrior or guardian.

Plot: The elves have been driven to secret quarters at the fa.rthest reaches of their planet, Augustine. This is a planet filled with magical beings and mortal humans, who abandoned their earth millions of years ago to come to Augustine. Now, the elves have planned to attack the humans. They originated here, not the humans. Also, it would let the humans accept that they, for once, are not the dominant species, and instead are ruled in invisible ways by the elves. Your character is an elf that is dedicated to this cause, and would die for it. They have used their skills to help in any way, from a healer to a warrior, based on magical and sword skills. While battling, though, relationships build, even from elves to humans. Will the relationships get in the way of the battle and help the elves and humans find peace within each other?

Bio (please fill out)

Name (exotic, please. Some examples: Kierlin, Arialyn, Lyndio)
Class (warrior, healer, defender, guardian)
Age (every 100 years is 1 human year. Please put in human years)
Picture (try photobucket, or make a doll)
Will they strive for a relationship sometime in the plot? (simple, yes, or no!)

My bio:

Name: Adeilinna (hehe)
Class: Guardian
Age: 20
Relationship: Adeilinna (Lyn, Adele, Linna) will try, but no guarantees she will get one. ;)

LadyBast0911 05-07-2007 09:25 PM

Class~ Warrior
Age~ 18

Relationship~Does not plan on getting one.
Personality~ Very sercuity consious, down to earth, fiery temper when mad, does not trust people at first (espically if they came from mortal terroity (SP) ), loves animals, protects at all costs.

xJESSiCA 05-07-2007 09:32 PM

ooc: Morgandy is a very pretty name.


The village was set in the forest, a deep forest no one could find their way in, except the elves, of course. Magic had been set around it to make it so they could never get lost; magic that was of no use to mortal humans. I, Adeilinna, have walked through these forests for many years. In fact, over 150. When I was ten, yes, ten elven years, my parents moved here from mortal lands. We were in a small village that was away from the reaches of humans, but one of our traitors, who had used magic to appear as a human but still have elven qualities like speed and stamina, drove us out. We came here, to the forest.

I stopped and stared at a tree bustling with life. "Life is so wonderful," I raised two hands to the sky and summoned a short burst of rain. Some screams of surprise erupted from the village in the valley below me, but I paid no attention. Mother would give me a hard lesson later.

I picked up a squirrel that had been sitting and twirled it around. It made no attempt to bite me. It just stared, and I stared back. I set it gently on the ground and turned around, bumping into a girl, who appeared to be a warrior.

"Hello," I greeted. "My name is Lyn, which is short for Adeilinna, or 'long life.' What are you doing out here? Are you not just a warrior?" I asked her.

ooc: We all start above the valley, and that is where we meet and (hopefully) become friends.

LadyBast0911 05-07-2007 09:39 PM

OOC: Thanks
I noticed a girl about my age, maybe younger. I hid. Then, when I felt no threat, I walked up to her. "Hi, Lyn. I'm Morgandy. Yes, I am a warrior and you are a guardian. Didn't your clan just move out here from the mortal land?" I asked, my hand on a dagger.

xJESSiCA 05-07-2007 09:48 PM

"Mortal land...ah, I barely remember those days, over 150 years ago," I sighed. "I was ten elven years old then, and a traitor, long dead, found our clan and pushed us back into the forest. My sister was killed during that because she tried to stand up for us and keep us where we had been for centuries. How did you know I was a guardian?" I put a finger on my sword and a blue bolt shot from the end. "I didn't do anything like that, did I?"

LadyBast0911 05-07-2007 09:52 PM

"I don't know. A hunch, perhaps. How did you know I was a warrior?" I asked.

xJESSiCA 05-07-2007 09:54 PM

"Your weapon. Guardians would destroy such a small weapon, defenders uses bows, and priests use their magic. Quite simple, actually," I said. "If you looked at my weapon you would know what I am. Only when I was little did I use something as weak as a dagger or bow. Now I am much older and experienced. I am ready to almost move to a staff, which can hold even more magic than my body can," I shot a bolt towards a we.ed, and it crippled. Destroyers of nature, I scolded. How could the Gods create such a nasty thing?

ooc: You can't say w.eed...maybe referring to Mari.juana...:/

LadyBast0911 05-07-2007 10:02 PM

"Well, I've this for like ever. It was my mother's. I use it for gathering herbs and other things that they healers need. I have a much stronger sword at my house." I said, a little offended.

xJESSiCA 05-07-2007 10:08 PM

ooc: I should go as well. Sis wants me to watch "Heroes" even though we have missed the entire season. Joy.


"By the way you looked, you must've been offended by me saying that we would destroy such small weapons. Most warriors have large weapons, as well as smaller ones they use when there is no threat of danger. We have a lot of power, but not with the sword as much. We really don't use the actual blade to strike, but the magic that comes from them. Sending magic through a dagger or bow," I slipped off my shoes. "Mother insists on me looking nice. I say, whatever. I mean, I do not wear heals in battle," I laughed. "Well, Morgandy, I must go. Mother will be waiting for my powers to start the fire, seeing as she has no magic of her own, poor old thing," I sighed. "It was pleasant talking to you."

TheHayleyDoll 05-07-2007 10:46 PM

Name: Mirage (Aka: Mira)
Class: Healer/Priest (User of Dark Magic)
Age: 16

Relationship: Gerik (Bio next post)

Name: Gerik
Class: Warrior
Age: 18

Relationship: Mirage

They have a Love/Hate relationship. They fight a lot, but they secretly love each other. XD

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