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Default Elven Battles {RPG, no new players} - 05-07-2007, 09:14 PM

Before we begin, I have one rule, apart from the RPG rules, unless I missed this in the RPG rules: Do not use ur, w/e, or any other chatspeak. A human does not say "Double-U slash E" or "U.R." when writing a very important paper, yes? Pretend this is an important paper. Treat it like it. No chatspeak.

Okay, back to the subject. This is a public RP. That means that anyone can join, but we need guys. If you are a girl that is playing a guy and does not want to get into a relationship with a girl character because it makes you feel q.ueer, please tell us. Here are the positions that you can have. Specify them in your bio.

Warrior (can use magic, but only simple spells)
Healer/priest (most powerful with magic)
Defender (creates force fields around buildings that cannot be harmed
Guardians (warriors on the front line that have much power that they express through weapons)

Gender to the elves do not matter. A male can be a healer as much as a female can be a warrior or guardian.

Plot: The elves have been driven to secret quarters at the fa.rthest reaches of their planet, Augustine. This is a planet filled with magical beings and mortal humans, who abandoned their earth millions of years ago to come to Augustine. Now, the elves have planned to attack the humans. They originated here, not the humans. Also, it would let the humans accept that they, for once, are not the dominant species, and instead are ruled in invisible ways by the elves. Your character is an elf that is dedicated to this cause, and would die for it. They have used their skills to help in any way, from a healer to a warrior, based on magical and sword skills. While battling, though, relationships build, even from elves to humans. Will the relationships get in the way of the battle and help the elves and humans find peace within each other?

Bio (please fill out)

Name (exotic, please. Some examples: Kierlin, Arialyn, Lyndio)
Class (warrior, healer, defender, guardian)
Age (every 100 years is 1 human year. Please put in human years)
Picture (try photobucket, or make a doll)
Will they strive for a relationship sometime in the plot? (simple, yes, or no!)

My bio:

Name: Adeilinna (hehe)
Class: Guardian
Age: 20
Relationship: Adeilinna (Lyn, Adele, Linna) will try, but no guarantees she will get one.

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