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xLetsWasteTime 04-10-2007 08:51 PM

{RP} Stuck in the past
Here's the deal. Just add on to the beginner below. You can enter in your own character any time you want. Now read below to begin:
Main character: Davey
Age: 14
Looks: long brown hair-straight and tan complexion-a light black-mexican type complexion. Blue eyes and very developed.
Attitude: Rebel who doesn't listen to her father's strict rules. Is an only child- brothers and sisters live in a foster home in California- and she never saw them again. Davey is NOT a v!rgin and is very promiscuous.
Personality(towards friends): Outgoing and naughty

Davey looked across the room at the picture of her father. She practically snickered.
"You retarded jerk!"
She said to the picture-as if her dad had been standing right there. She ripped the picture off the wall and threw it across the room, as she was not at all satisfied when it floated gently onto her carpet.
She sighed and picked it up again. She fingered it and then threw it down again.
"I have a life, too." she said at the picture that was faced down now.

She swiped up a spahgetti strap and slid it over her bare body. She picked up a pair of shorts and changed into them.
Davey jumped down the stairs and swiped up a cup off the counter.

Her dad held the orange juice tipped over slightly so some would drip out into his cup.
"Good morning," He said.


xLetsWasteTime 04-10-2007 08:58 PM

"Go upstairs and put on a sweater, please,"

Davey turned around and gawked at her dad.

"It's SUMMER BREAK! Don't you need to bother someone at work now?"

"Young lady! I said go upstairs and PUT ON A SWEATER,"



"NO! I have a f*cking life, dad!"

"Don't use that language with me!"


Davey picked up the jug of orange juice after her dad had put it down and poured it into her cup. Gulping it up, she walked up to the coat rack, taking her purse off of it and sliding it over her shoulder.

She sprinted out of the kitchen and toward the door.

"I'm out of here," Davey said, and before her dad could say anything, she slammed the door and she was outside.

She was headed for Garret's party.

miluiel_she_elf 04-11-2007 09:27 PM

OOC: I'll join! How about we make our characters friends and have them meet at the party?
Name: Jessica (Jess)
Appearance: Tan skin, long blond hair, straight. Green eyes. Curvy figure.
Attitude: Very much a "do what I want, scr*w you if you don't like it" kind of person.

xLetsWasteTime 04-13-2007 12:35 PM

yeah! Good's some more about davey
now go ahead, you continue the story.:D

miluiel_she_elf 04-13-2007 03:38 PM

LOL okay.

Jess hurried to the door when she saw Davey coming in. Davey was a couple years younger, but she was cool.
"Hey! I'm SO glad you're here. This party is totally dead!" she said, ushering her in. "So did your dad spaz again?"

xLetsWasteTime 04-13-2007 05:49 PM

"Totally," she sighed, "Let's get this started!" Davey said energetically, but then her energy dropped. "Where's the music? You can't have a good party without music! And where IS everyone?!" She seemed terrified of the bad party. "I can't be seen at a party like this, even if you're older. I swear."
" Relax, Davey. If you haven't noticed it's only 4:00 and we came early. It doesn't stary until 6:00," Jess said.
"Ahh, oh yeah. Why'd we do that again?" She said, bored.

"Davey, act a little mature. I thought we could come early so we could have Jordan all to ourselves."
Davey smiled.
Name: Jordan
Age: 16 (Jess doesn't mind)
Hair color: Brown
Eyes: Blue
personality: Similiar to Davey. Rebellious and rude. Treats women like toys, but Davey & Jess are a bad girls, and like what he wants them to do

Jordan was Garret's best friend. He always came early, and now he walked up to Davey & Jess

miluiel_she_elf 04-13-2007 11:20 PM

Jess grinned sexily and kissed him. "Glad you made it." she said. She glanced at Jess. "Oldest first." she took him by the hand and led him away. She winked at Davey as she went. "I'll be quick, I promise."

TheHayleyDoll 04-14-2007 12:31 PM

I want to join too! =P

Name: Ayane Hyroshima
Age: 18
Looks: (Ayane from Dead Or Alive) ~ Light purple hair, just above shoulder length, wears lot of s.lutty japanese dresses. Aquamarine eyes, skinny, but very curvy.
Personality: Sleeps around. She ran away at 14 and lives with Jess in a large house.
To her friends, she is outgoing and likes to talk. Flirts with many guys.

BIC: Ayane, half drunk, walked over to Davey. "Hey. See that guy over there?" She says pointing to a hot skater guy. "Bet I can get him to sleep with me." She walks off towards the guy.
"Hi, sexy." Ayane smiles.
"Well, aren't you the hot one." He checks Ayane out.
"Thank you." Ayane's eyes shine more then before. "Rumor has it, I'm even hotter in bed."
"Really, now?"
"I don't know if you can get much hotter. I need to see that for myself."
"Well, today's your lucky day. Just so happens, I'm free at the moment."
"What are we waiting for then?" The two find an empty room, and lock it. Before doing so, though, Ayane smirks to Davey. And mouths her something like 'told ya'.

xLetsWasteTime 04-14-2007 09:02 PM

The party had finaly begun. Davey stood alone, looking in every direction. She was p..issed.Obviously Jess wouldn't give Jordan back. And now Ayane was off having s.ex with a guy when she wasn't. How come SHE wasn't with a guy at the moment? She spotted a hot guy. Worth a try!
Davey walked up to the hot guy. "Hey sex.y," She said, winking one eye. He gave her a funky look. She put her arms around him. "You wanna do a lil' somethin' somethin'?" She said, in her se.xiest voice.
"Uhm," He said, looking next to him. A blonde girl with a curvy figure walked up to him.
Ooc: New character!
Name: Jenna Variasti
Looks: Blonde, straight hair, blue eyes, curvy figure. Tan complexion and large b.reasts. Never leaves home without loads of eyeliner and mascara.
Personality:Rude, bizzitchy attitude.

Jenna shoved Davey's arms away and put hers around the guy. She put one leg up on him, and frenched him, making sure Davey could see the tongue a little. She did it as slu.tty as she could and she went away with the guy.

Davey was even more p.issed. Someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned around, and a guy stood in front of her.
"Hey se.xy," He said.
She smirked. She cupped his face and practically cleaned out his mouth with her tongue, and then said, "Wanna get nak..ed somewhere?" She said.
He siad, "Let's go have s.e.x now," and they walked off.

TheHayleyDoll 04-14-2007 09:14 PM

1 X rated scene later...
Ayane lay in the guy's arms. "Well." She says.
"You were right. You are even hotter in bed." He kisses me. "I'm Dylan."
"Ayane." She smiles. "You wanna go back into the main hall? I got some friends down there who'd be dying to meet you."
"Sure." They get up and get dressed.

Ayane walks over to Davey, who is standing alone looking rather pi.ssed off. "Hey, Davey? This is Dylan. Dylan? Davey."
"Nice to meet you." Dylan smirked. "Maybe us three should go find a room."
I look to Davey and smile sexily. Now, the party has begun.

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