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Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 03:42 PM

{RP} Prey (Semi-Chronicles of Ridd.ick based)
Kay, so the basis of this is that the world has passed its golden age: We are both technologically advance and have powers that allow slight control of different parts of physics (i.e. magic). The people have moved out into the rest of the galaxy. The poor, the criminal, and those who don't exist according to the human government were left on old Earth to die or live without endangering people. However, a few criminals found their way around the workings of spaceflight and have been raiding the planetary settlements of the Human Alliance. Most of them are handled by the military, but there are those who have become powerful from leftover radiation of the wars that scarred old Earth. Those are the people who have the power to confront the Alliance. But the Alliance has its own weapon: Bounty Hunters specifically trained to combat these new "supercriminals" have been sent out to capture and/or kill all on the bounty list. Now it's a matter of survival...

In this world (worlds), there are bounties and hunters. Sometimes civillians get hurt in the midst of everything. When you join, be sure to tell your name, specific power, your current situation, favorite weapons, etc. Or whatever you feel is neccesary. Have fun!


1. Don't make the character entirely invincible. No fun that way. :P
2. Don't make the character super powerful or something. Just one ability that's either from genetics, mutation from nuclear radiation, or experimentation, and MAYBE one that's from surgical means (like's supposed eyeshine job.).
3. Romance is allowed, but seriously, don't make them do it on ships or something. O_o Those places have to be clean, and it takes awhile - hours, months, etc. - to get from place to place depending on the vessel you're in.


Alias among allies:
Alias among enemies:
Current Situation:

Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 03:58 PM

Name: Yuni
Alias among allies: Green Faerie
Alias among enemies: Poison
Age: 23
Appearance: Usually seen wearing green miniskirt with black shorts underneath; green strapless shirt with buttons on the back. Her boots are black and come up to under her knee, and the heels are low. She usually has a knife or two tucked into them. Her hair's black with oddly green highlights. Her eyes are a toxic green color, a side effect of nuclear waste exposure. Her skin is very pale.
Weapons: Knives, guns, just about anything she can possibly use as a weapon. Prefers pistols, but will use other guns if necessary.
Current Situation: Sitting in Crematoria prison.
Power: She technically has two, but one was surgically added. She can change her vision type to thermal, night, infared, and ultraviolet. She usually sticks with her normal eyesight, though. Her natural power is the ability to turn into a large bird creature.

Crematoria is not a fun place. During the day, it's blistering hot, literally. One step outside and you crumble into ashes when you're hit with the blazing winds that blast past the top of the prison. At night, it's alright, except for the fact it snows volcanic ashes that feel like cigarrette ashes going up your nose.

A friend of hers had once said he'd rent this place out to someone and live in Hell instead.

Yuni looked around the prison from her cell, leaning out slightly. She heard the alarms going off again, which usually meant either 1)it was "feedin' time," as the wardens put it, or 2)there was a new guy coming in via the leg noose. She shook her head and jumped when a convict walked past her cell, opening it without looking at her, and she walked out into the rusted walkway, looking around. The inside of the prison was rocky; the cells were small and uncomfortable, having been built into the rocks. Clean waterfalls were between a few of the cells for prisoners to get water out of during the day. Gates blocked the prisoners from escaping through the doors at the top; the only way off Crematoria was via ship, usually a bounty hunter's or a naval ship that decided to recruit some prisoners for the army against some other bounties.

She leaned against the railing, looking around again. She heard the door below the control room open; she didn't bother looking up. Probably a new guy.

Miranda_ 04-08-2007 04:07 PM

Name: Damien Van Helsing
Alias among allies: Dragon
Alias among enemies: Reptile
Age: Unknown, but considerable
Appearance: Long black hair, very pale skin, black opaque eyes. Always wears sunglasses, and dresses in black mostly; jeans, leather jacket, t-shirt and biker boots.
Weapons: Can use a gun or knife, but generally prefers to use his considerable power.
Current Situation: Recent arrival at Crematoria prison.
Power: Extremely strong psychic powers, plus has venomous fangs inherited from his father.

Damien cursed himself for his stupidity in getting captured; but then, that was his main weakness, not being able to resist a pretty girl. There were obviously 2 bounty hunters working in tandem, the girl had distracted him while the other hit him over the head. By the time he came round, it was too late to think of escape; he was already halfway to Crematoria. But when he got the chance to get out of this hellhole, he promised himself he'd take it.

He definitely should have known better by now; he'd lived for long enough after all. Not to mention the fact that his family tended to top most ppl's "Most Wanted" lists; he could just imagine his sisters' grins when they found out. As soon as he was brought into the prison, he went to find somewhere where he could be away from everyone. Unfortunately, there was already someone there...

Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 04:12 PM

Yuni had wandered off to the holding area for odd creatures, called Hell Hounds, and sat down near one, which crawled over and rested its head on her lap, purring quietly. She scratched behind its ear, thinking. ".." She heard footsteps and looked up. "Who's there?" Her voice was sharp.

Miranda_ 04-08-2007 04:16 PM

"What's it to you?" Damien rolled his eyes; he'd only just gotten here and already someone was getting at him.

Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 04:17 PM

"I didn't know they let the new kiddies into the prison so early." She rolled her own eyes, looking back at the Hell Hound, which was looking at Damien with apparent interest in its silvery eyes. "Down, Barker." It whined a little before laying back down, almost pouting.

Miranda_ 04-08-2007 04:21 PM

"I'm not a kid. :rolleyes: Maybe you need your eyes testing."

Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 04:22 PM

"My eyes are fine thanks." She ruffled the Hell Hound's almost-scaley fur once before it bounded off after a convict outside the holding area. "What're you here for?"

Miranda_ 04-08-2007 04:27 PM

"The usual. Murder, mayhem, larceny. I was stupid and got caught." -__-

Silent_Wolf 04-08-2007 04:28 PM

"Sounds like fun. Better than what I did; so what if I killed a bunch of serial killers? .. Wait, no one knew that they were killers.." She went quiet, before shrugging and standing up. "Oh well."

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