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Sarah_K_O_M 02-25-2007 11:38 AM

RP Canis Canem Edit
Completely inspired by Abe’s Oddysee.


A dark world orbits a bright sun in the cosmos. Half of the world itself is bright, green and leafy, with the ruins of old, forgotten civilisations.

The soulless concrete cityscape and all of it lined with the blood-soaked piping of slaughter breeding factories.

After the end of the 'great' Delaryian Wars the world’s economy was devastated by the loss of full-scale weapons trade and the Four Heroes that had ended it were shunned from society, the families Damense, Hiver, Vitum and Zasumi.
The three factories and processing plants were developed to help the world back on its feet then to be abandoned. However, it had the unwanted effects of being dependant upon them and soon they monopolised the oil, pharmaceutical and electronics markets under the name of Slokkum Industries.

The plants are advertised as being totally unmanned with the manufacturing areas, but this may not be the truth. People in that city go missing every day and nothing is ever done by the police force, rumoured to be on a Slokkum pay-off.
Cries are said to be heard in the busier parts of the factories, though reports say those parts are incredibly dangerous for the health and no human could withstand more then two year of back-breaking labour before submitting to the chemicals and fumes.

To make matters worse the city is divided into the barbaric dozens who kill and pillage for fun, and the civilised few who scrape by to live in the darkest corners and disused factory pipes.

Aim of the game is to survive, find out the truth about Slokkum and then escape with your life.


No immortal characters.
No chatspeak or n00bs.
Keep it below an R rating please.
Gore is allowed in buckets. JCB buckets.


Something dripped down the pipes interior with a soft gloop. She was sure she didn’t want to know what it was.
Naois Zusmusi shivered as she slipped through the slime line of whatever the hell was in this pipe.
Blood ran down her leg in a raging torrent, and she cursed as the hot pain steadily crawled outwards from the deep slashes in her thigh and side.
She collapsed in a relatively dry area at a cross section of piping pulling up her t-shirt to see wicked scars and whole chunks of flesh stripped from her body. Blood flowed more easily, and her vision grew weaker, and dizzier as she tried to move, and call for desperate help. But her voice was too frail and broke in her mouth.
She lurched forward on all fours, and then collapsed into the nameless slime, which slowly curled red.

*One Year Later*

Lucine Zusmusi slowly tip-toed through the streets, vulnerable with her 16 years of living in the city, and most of it protected by a wealthy family. But, ever since her sister died, the family had been hounded by the son of the Slokkum Industries, Nicholav Slokav.

Lucine regarded the rusty pipes with loathing; they were icons of Slokkum’s power and widespread reach, now clawing even into the untamed jungles.

She stepped lightly home, waiting outside. She rather not have to go back inside to her family.
Naois hadn’t really died, but she might as well have. The loss of blood coupled with choking on the slime in the pipe had lead to brain damage; the doctors said it was irreparable. Naois was now no more then a vegetable, drooling into her pillow with dulled eyes.
The shadow of the sickness hung over the family in a bitter gloom as they polled all resources trying to repair Naois’s broken mind.

Silent_Wolf 02-25-2007 11:45 AM

In another part of the city, a young man was sitting on a staircase, two odd creatures sitting with him. One was on his shoulder and had an odd, cute but secret smile that simply yelled that the thing had done something bad, and the other was sitting on the stair below him, waving back and forth to an unheard song.

"... I hate this city." The man sighed, leaning back a little. The creature on his shoulder nuzzled against his head.

"Mininiinini!" He looked at it as it continued to speak in its odd language, and sighed.

"Guess you're right, Frizz." He ruffled its fur, and winced as it bit him with wide, large, pointed teeth. "Okay, okay, no playing with your fur. Geez..."

Caramon had been living in the slums for most of his life. The two creatures with him, known commonly as Fuzzles, had saved his life more than once; and it appeared that either they understood him, he understood them, or he was crazy.

Sarah_K_O_M 02-25-2007 11:51 AM

Lucine eventually abandoned the though of going inside, checked her pockets and left the street. She knew a place where she could get cheap sweets and maybe even a few bars of chocolate.

Silent_Wolf 02-25-2007 11:54 AM

Caramon picked up the other fuzzle as it nearly slid off the stair, and he gave it a look. "Buzz, I'm not letting you run off so you can steal beer off the local drunks again. You know what happened last time." It seemed to slump a little.

Sarah_K_O_M 02-25-2007 11:59 AM

Another Fuzzle stirred in the shadows. it was widely known as being a crazy thing, and was a hot pink colour.
It ran off past Carramon and his fuzzles.
There was a scream, and Lucine hopped around the corner wih the hot pink fuzzle on her foot.

"Help, help, I'm being accosted by bad fashion sense!"

Silent_Wolf 02-25-2007 12:04 PM

Caramon chuckled, and whistled. The fuzzle in his hand hopped over to her and made the odd noises at the pink fuzzle. "Miniiniininimmii! Mininimimi!"

It was understandable to the fuzzle as "Get the f*ck off her you f*cking psycho!"


Sarah_K_O_M 02-25-2007 12:07 PM

The fuzzle miminied the equalivent of 'F*ck off' at him, only to be whacked off by a peice of wood.

Silent_Wolf 02-25-2007 12:08 PM

The fuzzel growled at the pink one. "What is your problem?" it mininiminied.

Sarah_K_O_M 02-25-2007 12:13 PM

It just leapt for Lucine's face, and she hit it with the peice of wood.

Silent_Wolf 02-25-2007 12:14 PM

The brown fuzzle bit the pink fuzzle. O_o

Caramon blinked, and the other fuzzle - Frizz - went a little ballistic and started growling at the pink one.

I cannot type what it said for the horrible language it/she/he used.

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