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Silent_Wolf 10-17-2006 01:03 PM

This was random and is a partial spin-off of the alternate world Rian and Destiny found in the Psychic Control RP up or down the page.


It's Carcer City, year 1999. Umbrella... doesn't exist? What kind of parallel world did you fall into?

Wesker's a florist? Huh...

Seems you're in an alternate world. So, let's go find out what's going on, shall we?


1.Have fun! =D
2.Be completely out of line if you want, but not so out of line you get in trouble.
3.Nothing's the same, at all! Siblings in the other RP aren't related at all in this one, so who knows what's going to happen. O.o
4. Pairings definately aren't the same anymore.

The last schoolbell rang, and a lot of the students ran outside instantly. Two sisters walked down the stairs, heading toward a mystique beige Chevy Blazer parked nearby with the student permission tag on the rearview mirror, and the older-looking sister - she had blond hair and blue eyes, and pale skin - opened the driver's side door. "Coming, Miya?" Her voice was light, almost laughing. It always was.

Her sister shook her head, some of her red-streaked black hair falling in her face. "I'm have cheering today, remember?"

The other sister blinked. "Forgot about that." She closed the car door and rolled down the window. "Just remember to call home when you get there, okay?"

Miya rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah... Mom and Dad already know where I am; Amane needs to stop worrying so much about me." Miya turned around and walked away. She was wearing a pink tanktop, spaghetti strap, with a black denim miniskirt that went a little past her knees. She wore cute tennis-shoes with blue accents on the sides. Her green eyes were accented by a coppery eyeshadow, and she had a pink and grey messenger bag backpack hanging from her shoulder.

Miranda_ 10-17-2006 01:28 PM

Rian Wharton leant against the lockers at the local highschool, feeling bored out of his mind. He'd only come to school today cuz it was a vast improvement on having to stay at the house with his hated stepmother. He looked at the fire alarm and debated whether or not to set it off. True, school was over, but that would just make it more annoying for the teachers.

Sarah_K_O_M 10-17-2006 01:29 PM

"Go on, set it off." Said the girl hitting the locker nearby, her blonde hair in a mess and green eyes full of locker vengence.

Miranda_ 10-17-2006 01:32 PM

"Why not?" Rian pressed the dot in the middle of the fire alarm; the bells immediately began to ring. Just as a final touch, Rian lit a cigarette, waving the smoke towards the smoke detectors.

Sarah_K_O_M 10-17-2006 01:34 PM

She grinned, "Good boy, you are." She kicked the locker again, her white top and blue jeans getting soaked.

Silent_Wolf 10-17-2006 01:44 PM

Ruo Tsegrah looked up at the sprinklers in the science room as they went off, and he sighed, standing up from the bench. "Tru, you're going to have to put the project down for now; we have to go." His hair was a little longer than past his ears, which were normal, and his eyes were green. He looked a good deal like Miya, but they were related because their mom was the same.

Sarah_K_O_M 10-17-2006 01:47 PM

Tru covered the project with a waterproof sheet.
She wore a shortish white skirt, with a pink v-necked sweater that showed off a tasteful amount of cleavage. She also wore glittery high heels, pink, and sheer tights.

Silent_Wolf 10-17-2006 01:48 PM

Ruo found it very hard not to stare at her sometimes.

He himself was wearing baggy black jeans and a green-gray t-shirt with a black dragon design on the front.

Sarah_K_O_M 10-17-2006 01:50 PM

Tru batted her eyelashes demurely at him, then laughed.

Silent_Wolf 10-17-2006 01:54 PM

The class went out into the hall, then out the front doors.

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