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Silent_Wolf 08-25-2006 08:15 AM

~*RP*~ Snow, Fire, Luck, Water
I give all credit of this idea to a friend of mine on another forum. He wrote a brilliant story that greatly inspired me.

There are a great number of spirits in the world. We just can't see them because they don't show themselves. There's the Luck Spirits.

They are true pains in the Some are good Luck Spirits. Others are bad Luck Spirits. Hence, good and bad luck... Some are neutral, and those are the ones that help you find good-side-up pennies and such. They all have the same appearance. Green skin. You know the rainbow created by the spray of a waterfall? That's the color of their hair and eyebrows. Well, colors. Only the females have long hair with either paler or brighter colors than the males. Males' hair tends to be short. Their pants are made out of bright, golden bells, but only those who know they exist can hear them. Their shirts have bells too. The females resemble belly dancers. Think djiin. "Genies." Every spirit's eyes are Amber in that race of spirit. It just varies in shade. The only way to tell if a Luck Spirit is good or bad, is to notice your recent luck.

Fire Spirits are no longer in existance. What remains of them is in the fires. Maybe you could contact them.. They resemble devils, but just without the horns and tail and evil goatee. They have red skin, black hair, and red eyes. They wear little to nothing.

Water spirits exist in lakes and streams. Because of the fluidity of their race, they cannot stray too far from any main body of water. They are the reasons for the legends of mermaids. If they do go far away from a body of water, they have to have one hand in either a bag of water or a sink for at least one hour a day.

Now, the Snow Spirits... They are something different entirely. They feel nothing at all, because they literally have no hearts. They feel no pain, no joy, no sadness. They believe having a heart could kill them because of their emotions. That is not true. What makes us cold - depression - makes them melt, because their blood is a supercooled fluid. Meaning, it's past freezing, but it can't freeze entirely. They travel as snow, usually. They have forms made of pure ice. Their hair is always a sheen of white, icey almost, but it moves as if it were real hair. Their skin is white, all over, and their eyes are a dark hazel, but the icy clearness of their eyes reflects what they look at. It's rather scary at times. Their fingernails are pure white as well. They wear robes of flowing... No one really knows what it is. Softer than silk, yet lighter than air. Anyway, it's a white something. Their touch could freeze skin.

Snow Spirits have no feelings, nor desires. They generally stay with their own kind. To wonder... What if one, who had never tried to even ally him- or herself with even his or her own kind, was given his or her heart? Intriguing...


This starts on a simple day in a simple town. Oh, but these residents have yet to learn of the spirits... A Fire spirit with a vengeance against Snow spirits has stolen the one thing that holds all Snow Spirit hearts - the Snowheart - and has disappeared. A Luck Spirit is personally involved, as is a water Spirit and a benevolent Fire Spirit. Are you on the side of good, or will you help this vengeful Fire Spirit get what he wants? There is one Luck Spirit on the Fire spirit's side already, mind you.



Romance: Yah, it works. PG-13, please.

Be descriptive!! I want to seeeeee the characters in action in my brain!

You HAVE to have AT LEAST ONE human character that ends up being involved. Make it somewhat detailed, please.

There are no mixed races in this! Just the general human ones we see every day!

First entry has to be how your human character ended up involved.

Characters have to be older than 18, preferably younger than thirty. Your choice.

General Demon Rising Rules. Plz reed, okthx.


It was a dark, rainy day, the rain pattering hard against the pavement and asphalt. People ran about to keep up with their scheduals.

In the small apartment of twenty-one-year-old Kaytlyn "Kayte" Ethan, she had no schedual. School - College, really - had been canceled, due to water maintenance and electrical problems caused by the rainstorm, and she was lounged on the sofa, stretched out in her worn, but favorite gray jeans and a light gray tank-top. Her white-blond hair was strewn over the arm of the couch, her ocean blue eyes closed. Her pale skin contrasted against the dark brown fibers of the couch cover, and several tiny freckles on her shoulders showed that she burned easier than she tanned.

She opened her blue eyes, casting her gaze around boredly. Things had been pretty weird since that guy with skin the color of grass - no amount of makeup could do that!! - had snogged her. Ever since, she'd been having bad luck. First someone broke into her house. Then she sprained her ankle without warning by just walking like she normally did.

Said ankle was currently wrapped in a pale pink ace bandage.

Her hair had been bleached while she was at the pool, paling it badly; it used to be a rich golden color. Now it nearly matched her skin, a pale peach color that didn't even qualify as remotely healthy.

That was because it was so darn cold. The heater wasn't working, or plugged in. She was rather scared it would catch something on fire.

She sat up, rubbing her gooseskin-covered arms to try and warm them, and she stood up, half-walking, half-limping over to the window and resting a hand on the wall next to it. Her nails were painted with a golden polish, which glinted in the light.

The door opened behind her, and she turned around. A sharp blast of cold air hit her hard, pressing her against the wall, and her eyes widened when she saw what - or rather, who - was standing in the door to her apartment.

Almost-white skin shined softly in the single light in the room - the ceiling fan/light combo - and a white... robe? It looked like it in any case.. A white robe flowed softly as the form walked over to her. No, walked is when a person's body shifts up and down. This.. person..? glided across the carpet! There weren't even footprints.. She could see bare feet moving as if it was walking, but...

She shivered as a cold hand rested on her face. A white hood blocked the form's face almost entirely, save the lower face. Long, almost-white blue hair fell from inside the hood, trailing past the form's shoulders and stopping at what was most likely its mid-back.

Icey breath brushed against her face gently as it leaned close, looking at her, as if examining her face, looking into her eyes and seeing into her soul..

A sharp pang of cold went right down into her very being as white, cold lips pressed against her soft pink ones, and the cold hurt. Badly. She pressed a hand against the form's chest, trying to push it away. "Mmph!" It didn't work.

A cold tongue pried her clenched teeth apart, and the hurting intensified, chilling her insides painfully.

Something hit her teeth, hard, and fell onto the floor after the form moved back. She looked down, and blinked. Was that little metal ball... was that thing in her?

The form knelt down and picked it up, looking at it, then at her.

"I'm sorry for bothering you, but this could've made your life a living hell." The voice was as soft and as deep as a snow drift, and definately male. She slumped to the floor, shivering with one hand on her mouth. Her teeth hurt from where the metal ball had hit. She still felt the painful chill, but it was fading fast, being melted away by her own body heat.

The form knelt in front of her, pushing the hood away; it fell against his back gently. Her heart felt like it had frozen in shock. His eyes reflected hers completely, down to the small details, like a twisted eyelash. He looked to the side, turning his head to look at a small, white Persian cat that was hissing at him. Since his eyes weren't reflecting hers, she could see his eyes were a dark, cold brown..

A ruler slapped her desk, hard, forcing her to snap out of the memory. "Huhwa?"

"You fell asleep, Miss Ethan. You may be a COLLEGE student, but you CANNOT fall asleep in here." The man in question was her teacher, a small, balding man with sharp eyes.

"I-I'm sorry, sir. My job forced me to stay up all night last night and..."

"No excuses, Miss Ethan. Extra work for you."

She groaned inwardly, and hit her head on the desk.

Sarah_K_O_M 08-25-2006 08:29 AM

The girl beside her patted Kayte on the back, "Hard luck," She whispered.
This girl was called Skylar. She had one greeny blue eye, the other just plain blue. Her hair was a white blue, streaked with pink, evidently dyed.

Skylar was tall, thin and a sweet girl, who led a charmed life. She put that down to a four leaf clover a stranger had gave her when she was 5 years old, now she was 18 with only slight bouts of inherited amnesia to dampen her day.

Silent_Wolf 08-25-2006 08:31 AM

"Yeah.." Kayte rubbed her eyes, sighing, and looked at the ceiling. For a moment, she thought she saw the white man from the other day, but when she blinked, he was gone.

She tapped her fingers on the desk with a grumble. This is so f**ked up.

Sarah_K_O_M 08-25-2006 08:33 AM

"You've been having terrible luck recently. :( "

Silent_Wolf 08-25-2006 08:35 AM

"Yep. First my ankle, then my computer literally blew up, then my boss gave me even more hours.." She sighed.

Class ended, and Kayte half-limped out of class. That odd, chilled feeling went up her spine again, and she shook her head. It\'s nothing.

Sarah_K_O_M 08-25-2006 08:38 AM

A pair of amber eyes peeped out of a locker, in a green skinned face.
Skylar started to open the locker, humming.

She flung the door wide...

Nothing there, except a little green leprechuan statuette.

Silent_Wolf 08-25-2006 08:41 AM

Kayte stared at it without realizing she was staring at it. She snapped out of it and opened her own locker, \'eep\'ing as a wave of..


Sarah_K_O_M 08-25-2006 08:44 AM

If you looked hard at the leprechaun, it winked at Kayte. o.o

Skylar grabbed a towel from the nearby bathroom, helping wipe down Kayte.

Silent_Wolf 08-25-2006 08:45 AM

Kayte looked at her white shirt, sighing. It now was sticky and pinkish. "Now I have to go home and change. God, I hate this.."

She looked back at her locker, and paused. There should\'ve been ketchup in it, but now it was gone..

Sarah_K_O_M 08-25-2006 08:49 AM

The good luck leprechaun winked again, Skylar pocketed it, "Take my jacket with you, you\'ll catch cold."

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