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CocoXCatastrophe 11-30-2010 07:39 PM

σσ'ѕ ∂σℓℓу ѕнσρρє
Why Hello There :3
Im Coco and this is my DOLL SHOPPE : D
Im not premi so i cant make guys but i can still do cool text and animate, here are some examples-

Annnd Heeres thee forummm-

Type(Scene, Prep , Zombie ect) -
Skin colour ( Pale,Tanned)
Hair(straight, curly, wavy)-
Hair colour-
Shirt Colour-
Bottoms colour-
if so what-
anything else?-

So my dolly shop is now

xZOMBIELAND 11-30-2010 08:38 PM

Hi. :) Your example dolls look awesome, so I'd like to request a doll.
I was wondering if I could have a pale female shuni doll that looks just like Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoon/comic series. With text that says: Harley Quinn; and then has a little heart after that. If you need a picture, just ask.

Thank you so much in advance!

xxMeggieMaggot 12-01-2010 12:27 AM

Type(Scene, Prep , Zombie ect) - Scene
Skin colour ( Pale,Tanned) - Pale

Hair(straight, curly, wavy)- Straight with side fringe/ scene
Hair colour- Red
Shirt- Any
Shirt Colour- Dark
Bottoms- Skinnies
Bottoms colour- Any
Accessories- Any
Text- MM
if so what- Yes please, a suprise.
anything else?- Thank you <3

CocoXCatastrophe 12-01-2010 02:22 AM


heeere you go, i hope you like her xoxo

xZOMBIELAND- im still working on yours , it will be ready soon xo

xxMeggieMaggot 12-01-2010 11:35 PM


Thanks so much, love your work <3

CocoXCatastrophe 12-02-2010 04:23 PM


im sooooo sorry its horrible :d i felt really bad so i made you another harley quinn but with my own style, i hope you like this

im sorry :'(

MizzCrosby87 12-02-2010 05:11 PM

Type(Scene, Prep , Zombie ect) - sporty.
Skin colour ( Pale,Tanned) tann
Hair(straight, curly, wavy)- curly, long.
Hair colour- brown
Shirt- t shirt with a number 7 on it.
Shirt Colour- black&yellow.
Bottoms- skinny jeans
Bottoms colour- black
Accessories- a football ( if you can ) & braceltes
Text- Here we go Steelers, here we go!
animated?- yes please.
if so what- text, & anything else ou want.
anything else?- make everythng black and yellow! ((:

CocoXCatastrophe 12-03-2010 05:51 AM


heere you go i hope you like her :3

KiraIMustBeInvisible 12-03-2010 06:34 PM

Hi! You make lovely dolls. May I have a surprise doll with blonde hair and a purple and black color scheme and text that says "I'm His <3"?

xZOMBIELAND 12-03-2010 08:22 PM

Thank you so much. :) I love them both, you did a very good job on both of them! I feel a new siggy and avi doll!!! :D

Also; I LOVE your Magenta and Columbia doll signature. <3
Best Rocky Horror dolls I've seen. :)

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