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Requests Request any kind of doll or graphics

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Default Rules For Requests *Updated 21/8/09* - 12-03-2008, 03:04 PM

Doll Requesters:

1. If you want a doll made, please look thru all the pages of the forum for a shop to fufil your request. If, out of all the pages;
  • You can not find someone satisfactory enough to make this doll
  • Your doll is somehow too specific
  • Your requests have been ignored by the maker
then you may make your own thread requesting the specific doll you desire. Please don't make a thread asking for a doll that can be made in a shop; it will be deleted.

2. Please don't harrass shop owners, either in their threads or profiles, or thru PM. Be patient; dolls take time to make and people do have lives outside of the forum. If after some time, your doll hasn't been made, then make ONE polite post in the thread.

3. Remember that everyone posting in this forum must abide by the main forum rules. There will be no flaming, no fights and no spam. If you see two or more members having a flame war in a doll thread, do NOT join in; report them to me or Kitty with a PM detailing what went on, and giving me the url of the thread. If you want your doll changed, then ask politely; do not attack the shop owner or be rude about the doll.

Shop Owners:

1. If you want to make a new thread, then you must request your old one to be closed. It's confusing to members for you to have two or three threads open; plus it's disorganised. If I see anyone doing this, then their new thread will be locked regardless of whether or not it's the one they're using most. If you wish to prevent this happening, then PM me or Kitty with the url of the thread that you want locked and use just one thread for your requests. The only exception is threads for different types of doll; ie, one for anime dolls and one for shuni.

2. Please don't label your shop as "official" as it gives the impression that TDP officially backs your shop, which is untrue. Don't bump. Review the following thread on bumping: Bumping - A MUST READ

3. Finder shops are not allowed. There has been a lot of people who have these who are stealing images. Just cuz a doll can be found with google, does not mean that you can take it. Most of these are made specifically for other people so taking them and posting them without credit is not on. Also, direct linking dolls is stealing bandwidth. Therefore, all finder shops are now banned as we do not want to endorse image theft.

4. Please have a form available for requesters, cuz this makes it easier for people to see what you can and can't do, as regards to requests. Any shops without forms will be closed.

Everyone Posting In Requests:

1. If you would like a doll animated, please post it in this thread: Will you animate this doll? Also, it has come to my attention that some people are posting up shops offering animated dolls, then posting the static dolls they make for people in the animation thread for animation and then posting the newly animated doll in their shop. This is dishonest; not only are they offering a service that they can't provide, but if a person animates a doll, then they are entitled to credit. Anyone found breaking this rule will have their shop closed and a warning given. Repeated offenders will be dealt with severely.

2. The Requests forum is for dolls ONLY. If you would like an icon, sig or other graphic, then please post in the Marketplace. Any incorrectly posted threads will be moved to the correct forum; multiple threads will be deleted. No-one is allowed to have a doll and graphic shop, but you can have a doll thread in Requests and a graphic shop in the Marketplace.

3. Thread owners have the right to refuse to any user a doll for the following reasons:
  • The requester was rude
  • The requester is known for claiming the dolls as their own
  • Lack of skill to do what was requested
  • Not enough time
I will remind everyone here to abide by the main forum rules at all times. Anyone who breaks these rules will be dealt with; repeated offenders will lose the privilege of having a shop and severe offenders will face a temp ban. Also, shops must only contain requests, filled orders, confirmation that an order has been picked up and is being worked on, and polite requests for changes to orders. NOTHING ELSE. Remember, only shop owners can fill requests.

Additional Rule.

If a shop owner posts in their shop that it is closed, either I or Kitty will lock the thread. To get your shop reopened, just PM either of us and we will open the thread for you.

This rule has been added in cuz the forum staff are getting tired of people constantly bumping up shops with requests after the shop owner has stated that their shop is temporarily closed. It's not necessary and is pretty much just spam.

Last edited by Miranda_ : 08-21-2009 at 06:57 AM. Reason: New rule added in.
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