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#1  04-12-2010, 08:56 PM
Miranda, I am very sorry you have thought I said I have an STD, even though I did not. I also apologize that what I have said had came off rudely. I wasn't trying to be rude. I guess I need to think more to make sure what I say isn't insulting. Also, there's no way you know whether or not someone was lying about abuse they said they've been through.
#2  04-12-2010, 08:52 PM
Miranda, I am very sorry you misunderstood my talking and thought I said I have an STD. I'll try to pay more attention to the way I type to you and others so it doesn't come off as rude.
#3  04-12-2010, 08:45 PM
At Miranda and Silent_Wolf, I never said someone raped me I said someone threatened to. I didn't even say I thought he would sincerely rape me. And, I'll tell you right now that kid has made many threats that he has never committed. There's a huge difference between asking what to do in case someone's in a certain situation, and what to do if someone is in a certain situation. There is also a huge difference between admitting to a threat someone made, and saying the person actually followed through with a threat. I didn't even say I believed the threat. He also goes to stores and threatens to take all the $$$$ if he doesn't receive money, that was a lie I witnessed the whole thing. He also said I would be forced to eat infectious fish if I didn't go into a lake to give him fresh sushi.
#4  04-12-2010, 07:11 PM
Miranda_'s Avatar
Alemendra, let me tell you this for free. Stop it RIGHT NOW. Stop posting wild stories, stop backtalking and stop being rude to forum staff. If you persist in breaking rules here, you will end up on a ban.

You have only just registered here, yet practically every post you've made has been a wild story. That isn't very believeable for a newbie and frankly, it makes everyone feel uncomfortable when someone goes around claiming to have been raped, abused or to know people who have in their first posts.

Don't you dare be rude to anyone on here again. If, after this warning of mine, I hear of any more bad behaviour from you, you will be temp banned. If you can't behave yourself on here and act like an adult, then feel free to leave.

This is an admin warning. Editing or deleting it will automatically result in an infraction.
#5  04-12-2010, 06:22 PM
Silent_Wolf's Avatar
Almendra, do NOT backtalk to me. I don't care for your attitude; and excuse me, as a part of the moderator staff, I DO have a right to question everything and anything posted on this website. If you want to continue your stay on here, you'll cut the attitude off NOW.

This is a moderator warning, deletion or editing will result in immediate infraction.
#6  04-12-2010, 09:57 AM
Silent_Wolf, I didn't say I knew for sure my relative's appendix bursted I said I heard that it bursted. That's what my aunt told my mother, then my mother told me she heard it from my aunt. I am having a difficult time understanding what this website views as spam; that's probably because on the other few websites I have an account on more things are allowed. Don't get me wrong though, I like this website's rules, and wish that those other websites didn't allow so much. However, you contain absolutely no right to think what I say is lies. Thank God, you do not know some of the people I was referring to as me knowing in real life cause if you did you may end up being metaphorically caught in his web of evilness. Which his friend who decides not to believe me, may be on her way of being caught in.
#7  04-11-2010, 03:39 PM
nikkolai's Avatar
Awww that's a shame; what's been dreadful about it?
#8  04-11-2010, 02:56 PM
Silent_Wolf's Avatar

I understand that you are a new user, but you have been warned once for spam and apologized. However, I am rather bothered by several of your claims and stories; such as the burst appendix of your uncle and several other things. They seem a bit over-the-top and not something you would share on a board you've never been on before. I am directing you to this thread:

I don't want to come off as rude; however, the fact that you're coming out with all these stories as soon as you've joined is a bit strange, which is why you're being warned.

This is a moderator warning, deletion or editing will result in immediate infraction.
#9  04-11-2010, 12:13 PM
nikkolai's Avatar
Lol, thanks, I hope so too.
You having a good weekend?
#10  04-10-2010, 08:52 PM
nikkolai's Avatar
Hey Almendra,
I've not done much today, relaxed at home for a bit. Spent time with my boyfriend, played a game and went to work. Not much of a day but it was nice ^_^

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