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#1  08-10-2009, 04:19 AM
Heva_Banana_Mad's Avatar
Meh I don't mind I'm just excited is all!
#2  08-08-2009, 03:52 PM
Heva_Banana_Mad's Avatar
What are you gonna doll for the hand drawn contest? Soz I forgot.
#3  08-06-2009, 10:57 AM
Xx_xXStick_FigureXx_xX's Avatar
Hey lady pal! Yesterday I got my textbooks and my i.d card. So no one told me I had to get my picture taken. And so I got like the wirst picture eva! And the photographer man was hitting on my sister. It was really scary.
#4  08-05-2009, 09:45 PM
sentimental7's Avatar
I throw most of my drawings away too because I think they fail, or I just try to erase them or get so completely piffed that I stink at drawing so I scribble over them and then have to erase it all later. XDDD

Hmm, well I go to a whole online school, with teachers and everything. We still have classes, too. And we get our supplies sent to us for free by the school. ^^ Like this year, I got a dissection kit for Biology.. XD

Wow, she must be like, magical or something. Or just have really nice people that donate. XDD

I agree! ♥ I actually have DN stickers that came with my cosplay Death Note and a bunch of other stuff came with it too, but they have some slightly yaoi-ish stickers thrown in. I huggled them. X3

Aww darn, you'll die without the precious yaoi fanfics.. T^T I have to start getting up at seven o' clock too, though; whatta drag. DX

I answer the same things too, and that's what it even came up with when I got the results back from all my tests and projects from Career Planning. Wtf. O.o But when people ask, I don't let them reply because I'm just like "But I don't really think I'm good enough, so I dunno." XDDD

My friend keeps begging me to write my own manga though. D: And aw, I doubt anyone is just sucking up to you, I'm not lying when I say you're a very skilled artist, especially for how young you are. ^^
#5  08-05-2009, 08:34 PM
sentimental7's Avatar
Aww, well happy early birthday then! ^_^

Me too, I'm supposed to have notebooks for each of my classes. but they're all filled with random doodles. ^^;

And I take my Scantrons online, I think it's more fun that way though. X3

Wow, that's amazing. o.o I'm poor on Gaia because I'm too lazy to do anything and I don't get why everything cool has to cost so much. XDD

And nooooo, it's fine. I'm a huge fangirl too, and I have a bunch of yaoi pairings as well. ^_^; (Yay for you liking L x Light and Ichigo x Renji toooo.. *tackles*)

Oh gosh, you saying "eat" a billion times reminds me of the episode of Death Note where Light eats the potato chips.. XDDDDDD Someone made a remix with the English dub and it was like "I'll take a potato chip.. and eateateateateateateat etc." *dies*

Strikes, from school? When I use to go to public school, my mom would let me skip if there was some event that day that I didn't want to partake in or I had just dealt with too much ridicule from someone the day before. :\

Yeah.. but my friend hardly turns anything in. I don't even know how that's possible. o.o;;; School is so annoying though.

And yay, that's great! I tend to only get C's in certain classes.. like last year it was in Algebra I and Career Planning. For career planning though, it was only because there was no way possible for me to do some of the projects. Some asked questions about your job, and me (like most of the other students in the class) were to young to have one. XDDDD
#6  08-05-2009, 07:58 PM
Miranda_'s Avatar

Shadow does not look happy in this. XD
#7  08-05-2009, 07:56 PM
sentimental7's Avatar
Sure. XDD And yeah, I always say my work is horrid. ^_^

Wow, you start this Friday?! I don't start until the 17th, but I'm utterly dreading it. I'll be in tenth, and I can't wait to graduate, although I have no idea what I even want to do with my life. -___-; I have no idea what to do for the rest of summer. *sigh* There's a festival currently going on in my town though, but it's lame so I'm not going to go this year. XDDD

I think you're doing very well, too. Keep it up! ^___^ And yes, we all love yooou. XD

And oohh, I see. My friend wanted to try botting but I yelled at her. o.o I'll have to add you once I ever logon again. ^^ *writes down your username*

And yeah, I miss Hamstertail and Mina. ToT They have such lovely work, too.

And of course I will! Maybe I'll start something on it soon. ;D

And yeah, school really bites. I even do my schooling on the internet and it's still horrible. They give too much work, and I end up spending 14 hours a day sitting at my desk without eating and stuff. >____< Baaah..

And yeah, I actually doodle on my Algebra papers.. <.< But I actually love the Scantrons, I find them strangely fun. My friend never does them, though. O___O So yeah.. she kinda has to repeat ninth grade even though I helped her whenever I had free time during the year. She's a major procrastinator. XDD
#8  08-05-2009, 07:25 PM
sentimental7's Avatar
*pfft* Your work is amazing, who're you kidding?! O________o

Plus, my work is only decent at best, I epically fail. Naorealleh. XDD Plus I haven't made anything since the end of school. -fail-

And yeps, I knew what it meant, hence why I think it's prettyful!~ ♥

And yesh, still on it. I really wanted to change, because this is the username my mom used when she created this acc. for me when I was really young and first found tdp. D: I'd rather go by like.. Aoiyami or even MelancholyHime. (two of my aliases XDD) Anyway, at least I still have it so you knew who I was.

And I don't mind your hyperness, I'm hyper and random too.. o 3 o

You were missed by me in your long absence. :'3
#9  08-05-2009, 07:09 PM
sentimental7's Avatar
Oooh, omigosh!!! Of course I remember you Christy!~ *glomp fight* XDDDDDD

Glad to see you (and your lovely work) back. :3 How're you? ;D

(And btw, your new UN is purdy. X3)
#10  07-10-2009, 06:17 PM
Miranda_'s Avatar
Merged your accounts; ignore the infractions btw, they mean nothing. XD I just wanted you to have your old postcount back. Welcome back! ^^

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