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#1  09-05-2009, 10:40 AM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
#2  08-31-2009, 07:29 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
Today's my b-day!
#3  08-23-2009, 08:11 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
Well my mom bought the clothes lol. oohh, what kinda haircut you gonna get?! I'm starting school tomorrow! xp hbu? And sorry to ask this but, where do you make your dolls? They're just so cute!
#4  08-23-2009, 01:54 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
I'm pretty good too.
I got new clothes for school today.
: D
#5  08-22-2009, 08:55 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
hey how are you?
#6  08-17-2009, 11:06 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
she said...
thank you SOOOO MUCH <3
it's the most amazing thing EVERRRR
I'm so in love with it
#7  08-16-2009, 11:07 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
thank you for the doll!
: D
#8  08-16-2009, 12:40 PM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
She wants a couple and the text also animated.
thank you very much!
#9  08-14-2009, 10:02 PM
Silver_Wolf_Kitty's Avatar
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#10  08-06-2009, 09:29 AM
IceCreamPie's Avatar
kk thnx a bunch xD

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