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Cheshire1996 12-09-2010 02:20 AM

Movie Reboots
I don't think there's a thread on this, at last not one which I could find and I'm interested in everyone's opinions on the topic XD

I have mixed views about movie reboots, sometimes they're great and sometimes they're utterly pathetic and in no way live up to what they're meant to be topping. However despite how much I tell myself to avoid them I always end up either renting out the dvd or going to the movies to watch them becaus eon occasion you do get the oddly spectacular product.

The one reboot I've been hearing about a lot lately is the spiderman reboot following the cancellation of the fourth movie. I'm actually pretty excited about what they're going to do with it...for one they finally got the right herione, Gwen Stacy. Dunst was a great Mary Jane in these first three movies but they turned Gwen Stacy's character into utter rubbish. Yes, I kow many people disagree but Gwen came in sooooo much earlier then MJ in the comics, was a completely different person to her movie counterpart and she only disappeared because she was killed by the green goblin...

...I'm also hoping they pull off a better venom then in the first films. But they also mentioned the movie's would follow a younger Peter Parker, who was still in High School (at least that's the general information I've been reading/hearing). So all in all they are apparently sticking much closer to the comics this time round.

There are also several movies I would love to see remad. The first one (and this ain't gunna happen), is the third X-Men movie simply because they could have gone all out with the original cure plot without killing off half the cast and...I won't start rambling on about X-Men The Last Stand though...because I probably won't stop for a while...
I can think of about twenty more films that I want to see redone because they either stuffed up casting, the script or the film itself is just a great big 'hmmmmmm' : / But like I said I won't start because I get the feeling I'll jut bore you XD

Soooo...what do ya'll think of reboots? Are there any particular ones you hate?...or on the other hand any movies you want to see remade?

Miranda_ 04-29-2011 05:18 PM

Good: The Planet Of The Apes remake. A lot of people may disagree with me, but I actually liked it, and the remade ending was fantastic.

Bad: The Wicker Man. Ugh. I wanted to shoot Nic Cage after seeing that monstrosity. They ruined it! :x

Cheshire1996 04-29-2011 08:34 PM

I think a lot of the best remakes make the story their own rather than blatantly trying to copy the original. It seems like giving the actors and directors creative space to work tends to allow remakes to be more entertaining and likable.

Silent_Wolf 09-07-2011 01:56 AM


Originally Posted by Miranda_ (Post 938570)
Bad: The Wicker Man. Ugh. I wanted to shoot Nic Cage after seeing that monstrosity. They ruined it! :x

Sorry, couldn't resist.


I'm just generally sick of reboots. I think the Spiderman one is just stupid, largely because it hasn't really been long enough to warrant making another one and it sounds like they just really want to make more money. I don't believe it'll be any better. :|

Cheshire1996 09-07-2011 02:08 AM

Fair point, it is pretty early, and the reasons behind making it were quite likely pretty dodgy o.o

Ooh, also...not really a reboot, but apparently they're considering making a sequel/prequel to Blade Runner? Personally I think it's a stupid idea and they should absolutely, not under any circumstances, go ahead with it. Of course, I could be mistaken, it might turn out to be fantastic, but at the moment it just feels wrong.

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