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LancasterPrincess 12-10-2009 01:07 AM

What Do I Do?
Um, so Supports gone and I have an issue that I don't know how to deal with:

I just bought premiumship for another account (2 in total). When I looked at my bank account TDP charged me twice on the same day. That seemed off since I could have sworn I JUST payed my last premiumship monthly fee. Sure enough I was charged on the 23rd of November and then twice on the 9th of December. Only one of those transactions are legit! What do I do? The only thing I can think of is to cancle the 2nd premiumship, but then how do I go about getting the premiumship for that account when I'll be too scared that it'll be overcharging me? I'll get my money back, won't I?!


Miranda_ 12-10-2009 06:40 AM

Are you paying thru Paypal? I'm not so sure how that works, but they could possibly help you with it. You could try opening a ticket for helpdesk; we don't really know how the site staff work, but it's worth a try.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-10-2009 12:10 PM

I'd suggest helpdesk. I've heard they tend to refund quickly when these things happen. About the only thing they do do. Just inform them that you just paid and these two charges are illegitimate.

If that premium wasn't supposed to go beyond a month(after December 23rd), make sure you note that. They've been renewing premium too without asking, which is thoroughly illegal.

Quite frankly, at this point in time, I'm tempted to suggest everyone just stops with the premium since they clearly can't keep their act straight. This isn't something that should be messed up since I believe it runs on an automated system. If it is a system, just more signs of issues.

LancasterPrincess 12-10-2009 05:57 PM

So some good news! The issue cleared itself up. I was signing onto my bank account to have the information at hand while I was on the phone with PayPal, but one of the transactions dissappeared. So everything is all good now. I will definately keep an eye on it next month to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-10-2009 05:59 PM

That's good. They must've caught themselves with it or decided to browse the forums at random xD Closing.

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