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hi everyone

im back xx

i wanna start fresh,

i love friends so feel 3 to add me xx


some stuff about mee,


hair color:blonde xx

eye color:blue


pets:hamster,dog,budgie,fish,lizzard and a snake xx
I'd Like to Meet:
the coockie monster when he gets out of rehab
i wuff art drawing ect, i adore animals xx
all things really lolz exept slow music and old stuff
dunnoo lots
i only read fact books lol
my friends
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#1  09-24-2008, 06:08 PM
Miranda_'s Avatar
Hayley posts her own dolls in her own thread; she was doing no such thing. Also, how dare you post that in your sig; just grow up and stop being so childish. Either keep the rules and stop the immaturity, including spamming your profile comments in a pathetic attempt to hide my warning, or face a well deserved temp ban. And stop swearing on the site; that's yet another rule you've broken.

This is a moderator warning. Editing or deleting it will automaticaly result in an infraction.
#2  09-24-2008, 06:07 PM
Silent_Wolf's Avatar
Stop your immature b*tching right now. You were not "talking", you were spamming. Asking people to friend you in their threads is rude, posting dolls you made in their threads is rude. Grow up and grow a spine and stop mouthing off at us. What you are doing is SPAMMING meaning you're not adding anything to a conversation at all except going 'omg be my frend ur dolls are so awesome" in almost every single one of your posts you made. Now shut up and quit being an obnoxious brat.
#3  09-24-2008, 05:59 PM
Miranda_'s Avatar
Please stop spamming Spirit_Queen's doll thread. If you wish to give Constructive Criticism, that's one thing but what you're posting is basically just spam and is not allowed. Also, if you want to show off your own dolls, then make your own thread rather than attempting to hijack someone else's. If I see you doing this again, you will be punished.

This is a moderator warning. Editing or deleting it will automatically result in an infraction.

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