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(^O.o)> Baby Blending: It's Aww-riiiiiiiight! <(o.O^)

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Date of Birth:
September 1, 1992
Zodiac Sign:
About Me:
(^O.o)> Baby Blending: It's Aww-riiiiiiiight! <(o.O^)

Hey. :3 So my name is Daraen
, but you can call me Adri or Adrianna.

I'm fifteen.

I'm a girl.

I'm short and I love it.

I love drawing stitches on my lips all the time.

I'm bisexual.

I'm Christian.

I'm Joseph Jonas' future wife.

So says my psychic.

I have 13 Joseph Jonas cursors.

I made them myself.

I wanna light Corbin Bleu's hair on fire. It's just so poofy...I pet if I lit it on fire
, it'd burn for eternity.

I'm shy when meeting new people
, but that's only because I don't know them too well and worry about what I can talk to them about. I force myself to not be shy, though. Once I get to know someone and I like them, then...well...I'm very, very hyper and lovable.

Even if I hardly know someone
, I'll care about them a lot. I care about my enemies even and it's rare of me to really, truly hate someone. I'm the type of person who will still remember someone I haven't seen for a long time. When a friend feels down I like trying to help, but I suck at it, unfortunately. Sometimes when a friend is feeling bad, I just stay quiet or avoid them because I'd hate to say the wrong thing and feel stressed.

When people upset/mess with my friends I get very defensive.

I do nice things for people and HATE when they think they owe me and need to do something in return. 'Cause they don't. I do it 'cause I want to
, not for any sort of benefit.

People I meet think good things about me. They say I smell really
, really good all the time.

I feel uncomfortable when people say I'm pretty
, smart or talented because I never believe them. I can never accept compliments for some reason.

I'm not really disgusted by things most people I know are.

If my hair fell out
, I wouldn't care. If my house burned down and everything I owned was gone...I wouldn't care and move on.

I love horror.

I wanna do nakie films when I grow up.

I wanna be a Pstar.

I love body modifications.

I can't wait until I'm 18.

I want to get a tattoo of a spine on my spine.

I want to get corset piercings
, have my lips sewn shut, and do suspension.

I love doing makeup. It'll be cool if I can do special effects for scary movies.

I love wigs and having different looks.

I like taking baths in tea and washing my face with it.

I have a ghost boy living in my room. His name's Vincent. 8I

I love grossing out people.

I can't swim that good.

I'm horrible at sports.

I like drag queens.

I'm a bad liar.

I'm an artist. I hate when people take my drawings without my permission.

I'm really open about myself. I can things to people without feeling embarrassed.

I smile too much.

I blush easily.

My cheeks are always red.

I punch like a man.

I love acting and making people think I'm sick and dying and going out in public wearing bloody makeup.

I'm not gothic.

I'm not emo.

I'm not a prep.

I'm nothing.

I like when people label me 'cause it's funny to hear.

I'm open-minded.

I laugh when nothing's funny.

I'd rather be naked then worry about what to wear.

I love being nude even if my body's not perfect.

I drool when I sleep.

I've done all my piercings.

I can't stop raving.

My psychologist sucks I'm better at 'curing' myself.

I have two chinchillas. They had babies but the babies died. The female's pregnant again
, though. She's due December or January.

I hate awkward silence in conversations.

I like Barbie movies but I hate the dolls.

I love crossdressing.

I love my older brother...I wanna marry him.

Thank goodness we're not related by blood
, neh?

I stick the middle finger in almost every picture I take.

People always think I'm flirting with them because I blink a lot. 8I

I wanna go on an adventure.

And skydive naked.

I can't cook.

I love fanfiction.

I suck at expressing myself.

I'm insane.

I can't swallow pills.

I hate art but I can't stop doing it.

I don't like yaoi
, I prefer yuri.

I'm tired all the time

I don't know what else to say.
I'd Like to Meet:
Someone cool. :3
Art, killing people...killing people....and...killing people. :3
Raaaave. :3
Horror and gore! Whoo!
Battle Royale
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