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Zodiac Sign:
About Me:
General stuff...
Name: Emily
Age: 18
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour/style: Brown, curly
Height: 5"2 1/2
Relationship status: Single and loving it.
Last person...
Emailed: One of my best friends, Sam..
Swore at: My brother, probably.

(Last person who) hit on me: One of my guy friends, Craig.

Said I hated: Probably Paris Hilton.

Called a sl'ut: Probably Paris Hilton.

Felt like killing: Either Miley Cyrus or Paris Hilton. Possibly my brother.

Kissed: My...*counts* third boyfriend. The next two tried, the last one I only went out with for a two weeks.

Slept with: No one. And I'm just fine with that, too.

This or That:

War or Peace: Peace. Even if it is unrealistic.

Tokyo or Hong Kong: Hong Kong.

Lays or Doritos: Lays

Coffee or Cappuccino: Capp

Ice Tea or Warm Tea: Iced. But as a good Brit, I also like my warm tea.

Doughnuts or Cinnamon Roll:
Depends on the kind of doughnut...if it were a maple dip from Timmy's, then that. Otherwise, cinnamon roll.

Blue or Pink: Blue. Obviously.

Black or White?: I hope this doesn't mean race wise...

In a guy...

Eye Colour: Blue.

Hair Colour: Anything but blonde.
Hair length/style: Medium length. I'm just attracted to longer hair! I can't even explain it!
Cute or Sexy: Sexy, I guess. I'm more into their peresonality and intellect.
Smart or stupid: Smart
Serious or funny: Probably serious, but I have been told that I'm funny before...

Yeah, so other than that, there's not much to tell. I graduated this past summer, but I went back for some extra courses...I live in the best country ever, also known as Canada, I'm best friends with TheHayleyDoll. And that's really all I can think to put for now.
Note to People:
I will only be accepting friend requests from people I know and am actually friends with. So...please only send a request if you're actually a friend. Denying requests from n00bs and people I don't know gets arduous.
Second Note to Those I RP With:
PLEASE do not powerplay unless I give you permission for some reason. So please take this into consideration when posting.
Oh, and one more thing...PLEASE do not spam my profile.
I'd Like to Meet:
Johnny Depp, Keira Knightely, Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom.
Horseback riding, archery, writing, reading, not doing math, piano, flute, other stuff...
I like a lot of music...
LOTR, POTC, Magical Legend of the Leprechauns...anything with Johnny Depp? (he's awesome!)
HP, LOTR, fantasy in books?
Don't have one
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