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Default Meet The Staff - 08-03-2009, 07:11 PM

This is a thread to show everyone here just who the TDP Forum staff are, and a little bit about them.

Name: Miranda.
Position: Forums Administrator.
Interests: Art, reading, socialising, anime, music, movies.
Dolling Info: I like making dolls in dollmakers, and editing them a little to make them unique. I also enjoy handdrawing dolls.
Other: Not much else to say, cept that I have Aspergers Syndrome and also enjoy RPing. I also go on Gaia and play games there when I want to relax. Call me Miranda; I named myself after Miranda in the Shakespeare play, The Tempest. ^^

Super Moderator
Name: Silver_Wolf_Kitty (Often referred to as "Kitty")
Position: Super Moderator.
Interests: Cooking, Reading, Music, Forensics, Debating, Roleplaying.
Dolling Info: I primarily am a handdrawn doller, but I still enjoy using dollmakers.
Other: I'm too much of a thinker after a lifetime of experiences crammed into 20 years, which is an awful problem because I have few people to force to listen to my insightful rants. I have terrible taste in entertainment, including gossip sites and bad reality TV, and believe curling up in the sunlight with a good book(or even a hillariously bad one) is the best way to spend a day.


Name: Elanorea.
Position: Moderator.
Interests: Dolling, video games, bicycling, reading, listening to music
Dolling Info: I'm a handdrawn doller, though I also enjoy playing around with dollmakers and am working on making one at the moment.
Other: Prone to making crude jokes, but usually harmless unless provoked. I also tend to be a bit of a grammar/spelling nazi (though my own grammar is not that great ^^.

Name: spirit_queen (Queenie or Spirit).
Position: Moderator.
Interests: Art, reading, writing, cartoons, nature-stuff, almost every animal there is...
Dolling Info: Hand-drawn. =D
Other: I like my hot chocolate with a bit of honey in it.

Name: Cheshire1996 (feel free to call me Chessie).
Position: Moderator.
Interests: Comics, Cartoons, Anime, Drawing, Reading. I'm neither hip nor happening, your traditional dork in some ways.
Dolling: I'm kinda 50/50 I do love handrawns dolls, but I started off with dollmaker dolls so they have a warm n' fuzzy place in my heart.
Other: I'd choose an old Volkswagen over a Ferrari any day. That and I'm something of a human tomato...constantly sunburnt...

Name: Sarah_K_O_M
Position: Moderator
Interests: Reading, Writing, Roleplay.
Dolling Info: Currently not dolling. I used to do handrawns but I gave it up due to a number of reasons, mainly wanting to focus on my writing which I apparently have a talent for.
Other: Hi, guys! ^^

Name: Silent_Wolf.
Position: Moderator.
Interests: Music, writing, RPing, pixelart, cake, movies, anime, videogames.
Dolling Info: Handdrawn doller, into severe base editing and crazy makeup.
Other: I've got a bit of a weird temper, so if I seem snappish or rude, I'm apologizing in advance. XD Also, don't call me Silent or anything, just call me Wolfie, alright? ^^ Also, as this has baffled people in the past.. I'm, yes, a female. A girl.


Name: Delly1.
Position: Greeter.
Interests: Traveling,meeting new people, trying new things, driving, racing, partying hard, dentistry and computer software and hardware.
Dolling Info: I like to use doll makers. I have attempted handdrawing a doll, but I am horrible at it. I will continue to practice before I make an attempt to post any up. I love animating dolls.
Other: Call me Delly, Diddles or Chandelle. What ever floats your boat.I love to learn anything about anybody whether its useless information or somthing that can tell everything about that person. I am in school to become a dentist and I am on my third year. Go me!!!

Name: prin367cess (Amy) .
Position: Greeter.
Interests: reading, dolling, photography, and currently planning my wedding for 08/2011.
Dolling Info: Mostly specialist dollmaker, and some handdrawn here and there.
Other: I guess that's it.

Name: ColorPencil (Natalie, Nat, Color).
Position: Greeter.
Interests: Reading, writing, photography, art, painting, music, and singing
Dolling Info: Dollmaker.
Other: I am always happy and hyper ;D. Umm, my favorite color is purple and I like to meet new people. I want to go to Canada some day.

Name: Aaronshadows, AKA Aaron, "Teh shadows", Sylvanas' number one fan, Mister awesomesauce, and occasionally the bane of existence.
Position: Greeter.
Interests: Gaming, RPing, writing, ranting, Wreaking general mayhem, spamming flame wreath on WoW, spamming triple flame wreath, spamming absolutely anything that resembles fire and lasts for a few minutes, trolling, music, weaponry, melee weaponry, explosives, drawing...
Dolling Info: I'mma handdrawn doller. And sometimes baseless. I don't know.
Other: Don't annoy me, lest you face my minions of darkness. Or worse still, face the fury of the Banshee Queen. In other news, I like cewkies. X3

Name: Antimaie (Ceilidh [KAY-LEE], Ceils).
Position: Greeter.
Interests: Photography, writing, skating, laughing, camp, facebookin, listening to music, being in yearbook. (:
Dolling Info: Dollmaker & handrawn. I'm a lot better at dollmaker ones though.
Other: I love Justin Bieber. He is toats mine.
I love reading.
Silly bands are pretty amazing.
Apparently I look like Tinkerbell.
I <3 my APUSH class.

Name: Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX (Pixie, Becca).
Position: Greeter.
Interests: Fashion, art (sketching, drawing painting, etc.), reading, sports (especially volleyball) and dolling of course!
Dolling Info: I love making dollmaker dolls, they're my passion, but I occaisionally hand draw a doll here or there.
Other: I've been coming to TDP for quite a long time now, (since I was about 9 or 10 years old) so 5-6 years now.

Name: Kiwi_Kat; you can call me Katie.
Position: Greeter.
Interests: I love musical theater and singing, but dolling is my #1 past time.
Dolling Info: I make handdrawn and dollmaker dolls for contests and for fun.
Other: I am very fun to talk to and am always here with an open ear. I tend to be crazy and wild, but still very mature when the time calls for it. Don't get on my bad side or else all hell breaks loose. But don't worry I don't hold grudges for more than a day. ignore any stupid comments I make. :P

Last edited by Silver_Wolf_Kitty : 04-29-2011 at 12:45 PM.
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