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softballdoll 08-02-2010 08:00 PM

~*Ashley's Graphic Shop*~
As some of you may know. I fill requests from people on the role-playing sites that I go on. I was even part of a graphics team on one of the sites. I'm going to start to make them on here now. Just fill out the right form or forms from below to request it.

I make siggie's, avi's, dolls, Polyvore works, and glitter text. You can go to my site ( to see some of the examples. Just click on photos, but my polyvore works are on the front page. You can also request them on that too if you want.

~Please give me credit.
~Don't message me for your request. It won't come any quicker.
~Don't be rude.

Picture: Anything specific?
Words (font/color):
Special Stuff?:
How to contact you?:

Anyhting else?:
How to contact you?

Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Shirt Style:
Shirt Color:
Bottom Style:
Bottom Color:
Or a Dress?(color):
Shoe Style:
Shoe Color:
Anything else?(text):
How to contact you?:

Polyvore Works:
With Music:
If yes, what song:
Explain in detail:
Anything specific?:
How to contact you?:

What will it say?:
How to contact you?:

What do you want it to say?:
Color theme:
How to contact you?:

Miranda_ 08-02-2010 08:21 PM

Sorry, but combined doll and graphic shops are not allowed, and haven't been for some time.

Since The Marketplace and Requests are starting to have the same shops in each, I've decided to move all the specific doll shops to Requests and keep The Marketplace just for blinkies, icons, blends and other graphics shops. If you have a doll and graphic shop, I will close it; you can open a brand new one for graphics only. This new rule is being added to keep the place clean, so please don't complain about it.
If you want to have separate doll and graphic shops, please post them in the correct forums.

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