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ColorPencil 04-09-2010 09:03 AM

ColorPencil's Av&Sig Shop (:

Status: OPEN!
(four more people may request though after my message, see last post by me)

My name is Natalie and I make avs&sigs. I'm not very good, so don't kill me. (;
I promise I won't request! Idc if it's complicated, I can deal.
If there's any changes you'd like before of after the av&sig, lemme know ASAP!!
I know the order form is different so my older posts look weird.


-Give me credit.
-Please be patient(I do have other websites I go on and another life outside of here).
-Follow the rules here.
-Have fun! Use your imagination! ^^

Picture Of (link is optional)
Stickers? If so, what?:
Text Color:
Effects? If so what?:
Anything else?:
Message (optional):

Picture Of (link is optional)
Stickers? If so, what?
Text Color(s):
Text Font:
Animation? If so, what? (note: very limited):
Stickers? If so, what?:
Anything else?:
PM or comment when done?:
Message (optional):

Thank you for requesting and don't hesitate to request again! If there is any changes, lemme know so I can fix it (takes a while to do so).

Aaron (av&sig)
Clare (av&sig)
Isolated Heart (re-do sig)
Sybby- (sig)

teamjacobrulestheschool 04-16-2010 05:41 PM

Your Name?:I dont rally want to tell u (no offense)but u can call me ttp
Image?(description or link):isiggy:

Av, Sig, or both?:both
Colors?:red orange,yellow and black
Text?:I will prevail.
If so what?Color(s):
Effects?(vignette, soften, etc.):sofeten
If yes, what?:noo
Anything else?:can the frame shine?

thanks in advance!

ColorPencil 04-16-2010 09:55 PM

I'll get to that right away! ^^ I'm a little tired right now so I'll try to get it done this weekend. Thanks for requesting! (:

Xx_isolated_heart_xX 04-17-2010 04:51 PM

Your Name?: Amy
Image?(description or link): Av:

Av, Sig, or both?: both
Colors?: black & gray

Text?: Megurine Luka. Wash My Blood.
If so what?Color(s): Bright Red
Effects?(vignette, soften, etc.): anything that would look good
Frame?: n/a

Stickers?: yes (sig only)
If yes, what?: rose or blood red raindrop
Anything else?: nopperz.

plz and thanx

ColorPencil 04-19-2010 03:43 PM

Hey! I got your request done, TJRTS!! Umm..I'm sorry that it's not my best. I couldn't make it shine. But if you need any changes, don't be hesitant and please ask!! Isolated Heart, I'll get your's done ASAP. Thx!! (:

= Sig
= Av

I'm sorry that they don't match!!!! Just let me know and I can change the color's if you'd like. :)


teamjacobrulestheschool 04-20-2010 03:23 PM

thankis!i love it

teamjacobrulestheschool 05-29-2010 08:21 PM

im back!
Your Name?:a person (lol)
Image?(description or link):Avi:

Av, Sig, or both?:both
Text?:Boop Boop Ba Boop
If so what?Color(s): Red
Effects?(vignette, soften, etc.)
Stickers?:a heart
If yes, what?:oh a heart
Anything else?:nope


ColorPencil 07-12-2010 02:42 PM

Hi! I'm sorry it's been a long time, but I'm working on your request now. I'm going to change how the order form works after these. :)

Here you go Isolated Heart:

If you'd like any changes, please let me know! :)

Xx_isolated_heart_xX 07-13-2010 04:51 PM

love it! but if you could, can you move the rose on the siggy to the bottom corner where the white part is, if you dont feel like it, then its ok

AaronShadows 07-14-2010 12:10 AM

Your Name?: Aaron, of course. ._.'
Image?(description or link): In the Avatar, and in the Signature, pl0x. :>
Av, Sig, or both?: Both pl0x =3
Colors?: Dark red and dark purplish-crimson.
Text?: "What joy is there in this curse?" On the avatar and "We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way" On the signature.
If so what?Color(s): Bright red, preferably looking as though it was splattered on in blood. XD
Effects?(vignette, soften, etc.): Foggy, if you know how I mean. Sort of blurry.
Frame?: Should look a little like tattered cloth, or something else damaged.
Stickers?: If you could fit this symbol in anywhere, that'd be cool. ( )
If yes, what?: ^Above link =D (Is wondering if he actually knows what you mean by sticker)
Anything else?: Try not to kill yourself doing this, mmkay? =P

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