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Miranda_ 09-02-2007 05:34 PM

The Marketplace Rules. (Updated 5/8/08)
The following rules are to be observed.

1. Please don't spam or bump your thread(s) if no-one replies immediately.

2. Don't start arguments in threads or attack ppl.

3. Don't put up threads with stolen or direct linked dolls.

Anyone who breaks any of these rules will first be warned and their thread locked. If the offense is repeated, you will lose the right to post a shop thread. This forum is not for petty squabbling and doll theft; please use it as per the forum description.

Miranda_ 01-07-2008 06:57 AM

I will also add that if you want to make a new thread, then you must request your old one to be closed. It's confusing to members for you to have two or three threads open; plus it's disorganised. If I see anyone doing this, then their new thread will be locked regardless of whether or not it's the one they're using most. If you wish to prevent this happening, then PM me with the url of the thread that you want locked and use just one thread for your requests.

Since The Marketplace and Requests are starting to have the same shops in each, I've decided to move all the specific doll shops to Requests and keep The Marketplace just for blinkies, icons, blends and other graphics shops. If you have a doll and graphic shop, I will close it; you can open a brand new one for graphics only. This new rule is being added to keep the place clean, so please don't complain about it.

Finally, labelling your shop as official is not allowed. It gives the impression that the site is specifically sponsoring your shop which is not only unfair to the competition, but untrue. The site is never going to endorse your shop and it's rude to imply that it is. All shops labeled this way will be edited.

Miranda_ 08-05-2008 07:33 AM

Regarding Finder Shops:

There has been a lot of people who have these who are stealing images. Just cuz an image like a signature can be found with google, does not mean that you can take it. There are generic sites that offer avatars, but I have never seen them for signatures. Most of these are made specifically for other people so taking them and posting them without credit is not on. Therefore, all finder shops are now banned as we do not want to endorse image theft. If you want a signature, then request for one to be made or make one yourself.

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