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Maddey 02-17-2009 10:17 AM

Weird Things to do before you Die

Some are mostly funnier than others.

1.Before you leave an elevator/lift press all of the buttons.
2.Be a mime for a whole day.
3.Go to a Star Wars on ice show with your laser-sword-thing.
4.Burn a building down with a magnifying glass, not encouraging anyone to do this.
5.Bungee jump off the highest cliff there is, with adult supervision of course.
6.Have random giggling fits in court.
7.Steal an SOLD sign and put it in your neighbour's front lawn.
8.Knock over your neighbour's bin and say it was skunks.
9.Buy your own cow and milk it.
10.Wrestle a wild bear, but you might die doing that.
11.Get a tattoo on your forehead.
12.Have plastic surgury and then say you just wanted your ears pierced.
13.Go to a posh restaurant and steal silverware, bowls, plates, cups.
14.Build an ark.
15.Go to space with your gerbil.
16.Open a zoo in your garden.
17.Survive an accident when you should'nt of had survived.
18.Get married under water.
19.Chain yourself to a tree.
20.Crowd surf and try not to get dropped and scream, Ewww! Germs! Help!.
21.Drive non-stop for 24 hours, only the occasion kitkat break.
22.Run for president.
23.Marry royalty.
24.Go to DisneyLand and get your picture taken with Mickey Mouse.
25.Pretend your an Elf and a stranger on the street is Santa Clause.
26.Pretend your Jesus and walk around the streets singing I Will Survive.
27.Repeat everything everyone says, yes, everyone.
28.Sit close to the screen at the Cinema and throw popcorn at it.
29.Sit at the back of the Cinema and throw popcorn at peoples head.
30.At every not-so-scary moment scream loudly.
31.Wear a tight, red swimming costume and run in slow motion in the style of Baywatch, whilst running, flick your hair in an appealing manner.
32.Have a sand eating contest.
33.Poledance on a lamppost.
34.Go to Mcdonalds and squirt ketchup and mustard on the walls or into the kitchen.
35.Run in circles in a Shopping Mall.
36.Get in a box and post yourself to Canada.
37.Post fake events through people's doors.
38.Spill popcorn over the person's head infront of you in the Cinema.
39.Everytime there is a gun shot at the Cinema, scream, "Hit the floooor!", jump to the floor and cover your head.
40.Glue your feet to the cieling of an elevator.

If you have anymore, i can add them onto the list!

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