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Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-03-2008 06:03 PM

General Board Rules
These are general guidelines for posting on the forums in general. These rules should be followed whenever you post, unless otherwise specified.

1. Before creating a topic or asking a question, be sure to look first in the rules, stickies, and previous topics. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then you may create one. All topics should have some point of discussion (ex: a fashion trend, band, book, health concern, etc)

2. All posts should be relevant to the topic and interesting. While you may want to greet your friend of several years or talk about your new puppy, that is more appropriate discussion for PMs or profile comments rather than a topic on politics, for example.

3. Always use good grammar and spelling, as well as excellent manners. We don’t expect perfection, but chat speak is not acceptable. Also, being polite is a must. You wouldn’t be rude to someone you just met, so why would you do that to anyone on here?

4. SPAM is not allowed on these forums. This includes, but is not limited to, pointless messages, chatting, double posting, gravedigging, excessive use of smilies, advertising, etc. Even in the Randomness thread, you need to actually have something to say if you want to post.

5. Obscene posts are not allowed, ever. This includes swearing, sexually explicit discussion, and images. This is a child friendly site and all posts should be PG to PG-13 at the most.

6. Flaming, fighting, harassment, etc are not allowed on the forums. We aim to be a site friendly towards all, so any posts or topics that are discriminatory will be deleted. If you are caught fighting with another member or flaming them, you will be punished. If you are having problems with another member, contact a moderator.

7. Do not respond to rule breakers. Instead, use the “report” button or contact a moderator, who will take care of the situation immediately. Please be sure to contact the appropriate one for that board, which can be found on the right side of the forum index, or Miranda_.

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