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Homework Help Questions and problems from school. Post any school question or problem and we will try to help.

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Exclamation Subject Helpers: Form and Process - 09-01-2007, 03:34 PM

Due to the lack of people who actually stay around and help with subjects, the other moderators and myself have decided to create a form and approval process for people who wish to help other members in various subjects. This is only a volunteer project, which means you will not get special priviledges or an award for helping, besides maybe a pat on the back from us. We are only interested in serious helpers, not kids who want something to do for one night. Below is a step by step process which you must follow if you wish to help, along with a couple of important notes you should read.

Step 1: The Form
This form must be filled out if you are interested in applying to help with subjects. I must ask that you be a member for at least six months on the forums and in high school(or higher). We will know if you are lying!

If you have recently changed screennames and want to help, you must link to it/give it to us. I will contact you if this is the case for some type of proof that it was your account, probably asking you to change your signature or something along those lines.

Time on Forums:
Previous Screenname(Only for those who have changed):

Current Grade:
Best Subjects:
Worst Subjects:

Subject(s) You Wish to Help With:
General Grade Average for Subject(s):

We ask that you be specific when it comes to subjects. Please don't put a general "history", instead put things like "World History", "US History", "European History", etc. The only exception to this rule of specifics is English. If you are interested in helping out in a subject not yet posted here, please contact me and we'll discuss it's possible creation. Available subjects are in the "Submit Forms" thread.

Once you have filled out this form, just post it here: Form Submission Thread.

Step 2: The Approval Process
After you have posted your form there, you will undergo the approval process. Factors that could contribute to whether or not you are approved are:

-Behavior on the forums
-How active of a member you are(and how helpful)
-The number of helpers we already have in a subject
-Your Grade
-Your Grade Average

These are not the only factors, but are some of the most important in the approval process. Even if you have only been here for only the required minimum of time, you have just as much chance as the person who has been here for five years as long as you have been a responsible member.

When you are approved or declined, there will be a note left on your form as well as a PM sent to you as to what subjects you were approved for. I ask that you do not question our decisions as they are made in order to help everyone here.

Step 3: I was approved, what now?
Now that you have been approved, what do you do now? That is simple. Your name will be added to the list of approved subject helpers and also to the appropriate subject topic on the forum. You are now allowed to post in the subject topic you are approved for, but only if you are answering a question.

DO NOT OPEN YOUR OWN ADVICE THREADS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! We would like to keep all questions and help for certain subjects in the same area. It is possible, in the future, that outstanding subject helpers may be able to open their own threads, but this is only a tentative idea at the moment.

Now, someone has asked a question in your thread. You and your fellow helpers are free to answer it and give any help that is needed. If a question has been answered, please do not reanswer unless the answer given was incorrect. If someone asks for advice, for you to look over their work, or for criticism, you may reply with it even after a fellow helper has replied, though we ask that you only do so if you have a different response.

Step 4: I'd like to open my own advice thread
This step is still under reconstruction and will be updated with information in the future. At the moment, this option is not available.

Important Notes
1. Your approvers are the moderators here on the forums, usually though it will simply be myself. Do not spam our private messages with questions about when you'll be approved or why you weren't. Our decisions were made for a reason and if you can't trust them then you shouldn't even be here.

2. If you were declined, you may not reapply until 6 months after you were declined. You may contact me asking, politely, why you were declined at the time; however, this is not allowed after your second rejection. If you reapply a second time and are declined, you are not allowed to ever reapply. The reason for this is if you didn't make it through those times, then obviously whatever problem your approver(s) saw in you are still present.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to send me a private message and I will try my best to answer them.


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