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TheHayleyDoll 05-02-2014 03:19 PM

Wisdom Teeth
I'm getting mine taken out in 4 days. o_o

I HATE the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned last week and it sucked because they had to do a deep cleaning - using a water pick thingy on my gums.

That's when they noticed my one wisdom tooth had broken in half (I thought so, a while back it hurt to the touch), so they half to remove it ASAP.

And one of my others had come in completely horizontal.

Anyone have any wisdom teeth stories?

D3SP0 05-07-2014 07:24 PM

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out isn't fun, it sucks, but a lot of people have to do it. It sucks that you can't eat anything except mushy foods, like applesauce for the next few days after. Once the recovery days are over you realize it wasn't that bad of a procedure. Especially if you're on drugs, and have laughing gas.
Just remember to use lots of ice on your jaw/cheeks/mouth area, and take pain killers.

After the wisdom teeth removal you'll realize how being at a dentist for cleaning isn't bad at all compared to other things you could have done to your mouth!

All of my friends have been getting theirs out recently, and I had mine taken out in 7th grade! (I'm 18) I had lots of mouth issues when I was younger, so I had many more surgeries than just the wisdom teeth.

Good luck with your surgery! Stock up on lots of applesauce, yogurt, and mashed potatoes! :-D

TheHayleyDoll 05-11-2014 11:37 AM

The cleaning was way worse. Lol. My wisdom teeth being pulled went really smoothly. It hurt a little (the pressure on the other teeth, really), but they're healing really well and it didn't take long at all. I only had the top two taken out right now, and the dentist said they were easy, uncomplicated pulls. There's not too much pain. And, better yet, it only cost me $26 after insurance! (260, and I pay 10%).

The only thing that sucks though is not being able to eat everything that I want.

LancasterPrincess 05-22-2014 12:38 AM

You know what? I'm kicking myself. I had a video of myself directly out of surgery and it would have fit perfectly in this thread...but apparently I never saved it! Stupid!

Anyway, my experience was one of sheer terror. I was afraid that I'd be one of those rare cases that are "asleep" but could still feel everything. I was afraid I'd never wake up again. I was afraid I was going to bleed out afterward. Again, I was absolutely terrified. They gave me laughing gas before knocking me out to calm my nerves. The oral surgeon made a really corny joke that my drugged self thought was just hysterical, I kissed my daughter and husband goodbye (still terrified) and zonked out. I woke up loopy and pain free with instructions of what to eat for the next week. We went to the store directly after because I was starving. That's when the video took place. I was SOOOOO out of it. "Whaaaaaaat?........Huh??????.......*muttering nonsense through gauze*....." Yup, not my best moment!

The pain wasn't bad with the meds. The cleaning and not succumbing to the urge to stick my tongue under the gums was the worst part directly after.

I will say that on day 10 post op I developed numbness in my jaw and it FA-REAKED me out. It got worse and the numb area got bigger. One of the sheets they have you sign is that you're aware the procedure can give you permanent loss of feeling in your jaw! I couldn't feel kisses I was getting or giving anymore! I was just 100% losing my mind over this. It took several visits, but the surgeon finally gave me an antibiotic, just in case. It turns out I had post op swelling from an infection from it not being cleaned enough (they finally gave me a syringe to do the job properly, originally telling me just to gargle saltwater!)

Any who, in the meantime of that ordeal I had a full bloodwork done at my doctors office because the surgeon was adamant it was not his fault so I had to start seeing what was causing the numbness. Good news it wasn't Lyme Disease or cancer, the 2 top contenders for numb jaw...but apparently I had undiagnosed Rheumathoid Arthritis. So that happened.

Glad your extraction wasn't nearly as dramatic as mine!

TheHayleyDoll 05-25-2014 04:38 PM

No, no where near dramatic. I wasn't totally under though.

I know what you mean about not playing with you gums with your tongue. I constantly wanted to feel what was going on in the sockets. Now though, it's totally healed. ^_^ I followed the instructions on eating as well as I could and I rinsed my mouth out (I've read to use salt water and a syringe, but my dentist actually said a gentle swish with mouthwash works just as well so that's what I did) after every drink - minus water - and every meal I ate. I did that for about a week, but also introduced brushing again after 3 days of my surgery. That was another hard thing for me, not brushing, because I felt so... gross. :lol: I drank very well blended smoothies and ate yogurt and luke-warm soup for 2 days, semi solid foods (mashed potatoes, untoasted bread, etc) on day 3, and I started eating (VERY SLOWLY) regular foods on day 4 using only my front teeth. The week after, I was eating everything normally. No pain, no swelling, no blood (after day 2)... so I was very lucky it healed so nicely - dentistry work scares the crap out of me. XD

eros 07-19-2014 10:46 PM

I'm getting mine out in two days! D: I'm a little nervous because they aren't knocking me out. They're just going to give me some anesthetics so I'll be awake, but everything is going to slowed down.
My wisdom teeth are apparently coming in weird. Most are either sideways or almost horizontal. The oral surgeon said he may not even be able to get one out! :( WHY MUST I BE CURSED WITH BAD WISDOM TEETH!?

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