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TheHayleyDoll 06-13-2012 04:52 PM

The "Pro Ana" Movement
Yet another crazy health thing I came across... I was watching Dr. Oz and they talked today about the "Pro Ana" movement and OH MY GOD. I AM DISTURBED.

This is the opposite of my other thread about wanting to be obese, there are people who want to be anorexic and there are websites that ENCOURAGE this behavior! This is this most disturbing thing, and I feel so bad for these poor girls! Anorexia is a disease and if you have it, you need to get treatment. These girls think they have control, but they don't. Anorexia and other ED's are not to be glorified!

I looked up "pro ana" and one of the links that came up was "70 Reasons Not To Eat!" I couldn't read it without my heart breaking. Things like, "Guys will like you!" or "You'll look good in a bikini!"... not to mention lies like, "You don't NEED food," or "Thin people get better jobs." ... But the most crushing for me was, "YOU DIE BEAUTIFUL". O_O

My mother went through a period where she didn't eat. She got down to under 90lbs at 5'9". The road to recovery was very difficult for her because she had done so much damage that she couldn't eat. She'd have to run to the bathroom during nearly every meal to throw it up because her body could not stomach it.

My best friend also battled anorexia. She would only eat when I was around because she didn't want me to worry. She later thanked me because if it wasn't for me inviting her to dinner all the time and being such a close friend, she admits she would probably not be eating at all. She has also done irreversible damage to her body.

I hate that websites out there are promoting this. One of his guests said, "It's like having a pro-cancer site." I agree. Eating disorders are NOT the way to lose weight.

If anyone IS battling an eating disorder, please get help. Do not listen to what those sites tell you those lies. Go to therapy and get better. Get healthy. You will be much better off healthy.

eros 06-14-2012 01:59 PM

Ugh, I think it's just sad that girls think they have to be skinny to be beautiful. Everyone can be beautiful no matter what size they are!
I don't know anyone who has an anorexia, although this girl in my class is very skinny. But, I think it may be do to that fact that she works out and has a high metabolism. I know I am pretty small, but I'm definitely not anorexic. Due to the fact that eating is one of my favorite hobbies! :mrgreen:

TheHayleyDoll 06-17-2012 07:34 PM

One of mine too. xD

I understand wanting to be skinny due to my own self-esteem issues, but even if I developed an eating disorder to lose weight, I would not be PROUD of that. Proud of the weight loss, maybe, but not the eating disorder. I would also never encourage that behaviour.

erivitale 10-16-2012 03:28 PM

Wow, i never really explored the forums even though ive been dolling for a while..this post is so important! I'm in recovery for anorexia..I was in treatment for a couple months this time last year after i'd been fainting a lot. and I've been on & off in recovery. It's not been easy. the whole "pro ana" movement was definitely a major catalyst in developing my eating disorder. I started out with the "ABC" diet (Ana Boot Camp diet) i realize how absolutely demented that is. Im much better now and at a healthy weight again...but these messages are so harmful for girls everywhere :( its so sad because once you have this disorder, you don't REALLY want to part with it. which is why its not easy to cure. You have anorexia and you're proud to say it, because that means you're skinny and you don't eat. its messed up i know. but thats the mindset I was (kind of still am?) in. Eating disorders are REAL problems. we musnt call eachother "fat" or "ugly"...everyone is perfect the way they are!!! Poor body image will ALWAYS be a struggle for me, even though I know logically that im not "fat". It's a reality i have to deal with... i just hope my generation can get their act together so my own daughter in the future won't have to go through the same things i did. (the idea of not being able to get pregnant was one of my main motivations in recovery!</3) So yeah. Here's a post from someone who gets it <3 if you're reading and you deal with similar issues, you are not alone. Get help<3 you are beautiful and you deserve health<3

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