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naruto_fan 04-25-2011 10:05 PM

Tiredness, headaches and on and off cough.
I looked for a thread like this, if theres one feel free to delete this one.

For about a month I've been very tired. I've been falling asleep in class, even 4th hour, whcih is odd becase I never fall aleep in that class, Lit. is my favorte subject. And on the way somewhere, I've been falling asleep one the way and during the day, when I usually fall asleep on the way home, which is during the night. I've been waking up sleepy and tired as well and it takes me awhile to drag myself out of bed.
I've been feeling lazy as well. I ususlly enjoy going into town with my mother, but lately I dont feel up to it.
I've been getting headaches alot as well. There are times when I wake up with them. My head hurts now acutally.
And lastly, I've been having an off and one cough. Although it's gone away for awhile thif month, but when this start I've been coughing alot and my mom had to give me breathing treatments.
And I havent been foucssing on my work as well and when this started, I didnt feel like practicing my dancing at all.

Daenelia 04-26-2011 10:39 AM

Are you getting enough sleep? I mean, do you take around 8 hours a night for sleeping? Depending on how young you are you may need an hour more than that. It is not unusual for teens to sleep 12 hours a day either.

Do you watch tv just before going to be, is your phone on and the last thing you check before (or just after) turning off the lights to go to sleep? Are you active on the computer or a game device, minutes before you get into bed to sleep?

If you feel you ARE getting enough sleep and you still feel unexplicably tired, contact your doctor. You may have a stubborn flu (with the coughing) or you may have another virus.

But make sure you get plenty of rest. Go to bed 10 hours before you have to get up, so you make sure you get your decent amount of sleep, at least!

naruto_fan 04-26-2011 05:04 PM

Before I sleep, I'm always on my laptop. I have trouble sleeping, I've had it since freshman year, I'm a sohpmore now. But I do get enough sleep. I also have asthma, so that could be linked to the coughing.
And it's not the flu, this is nothing close to it.

Aihana_ 04-27-2011 09:43 PM

Early signs of Mono? You'd need a bloodtest though..Thats what I was like before I actually got really sick and thought this was the end (Hah, I am such a drama queen). But yeah. Trip to the doc never hurts. (:

naruto_fan 04-27-2011 10:01 PM

Yes you are Ehgee. lol
Well, maybe when I get back from Cali. My mother is also thinking of getting my iron levels checked.

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