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sentimental7 06-08-2010 10:35 PM

Need Advice on a Current Health Issue
Well, I was wondering if you girls could give me some advice on a current health issue I have been dealing with..

Last month, I got this terrible pain in my left side. It was truly the worst pain I have ever felt so far, and it was a constant, severe pain.. almost as if something had burst.. By the third day I had it, I could barely move and felt really sick, so my mother contacted a free nurse by phone provided by my health insurance. After she described the pain to the nurse, I was told that I needed to be taken to the hospital.

That day, I spent five hours straight in the emergency room getting checked out (they did exams, blood tests, a urine test, and an ultrasound.) By the end of my visit, they found nothing wrong in the tests. The doctor at the hospital had a hard time explaining exactly what was wrong but insisted that I need to be prescribed birth control, otherwise the pain would come back every month during my cycle. (My cycle is usually irregular anyway, so it could help with that too, I suppose.) Before I left, he prescribed me some anti-inflammatory pills for the pain, and I took them until the pain gradually stopped altogether about a week later.

Last week, I visited my normal doctor and he reviewed the papers from the hospital that had been faxed to him. Apparently they told him, but not even me, that I have follicular cysts on my left ovary and that that was what caused the tremendous pain. This doctor told me that the other doctor was wrong and that I do not need to be prescribed birth control just yet, and should basically "wait it out" and only get on it if the pain returns.

So that leads me to why I need advice: Should I go ahead and start taking birth control? I confided in my older sister about it (she is 23) and she really thinks that I should. My mother on the other hand, who is a very stubborn, and sometimes very strict woman, thinks otherwise because she does not want me to go to Planned Parenthood etc. until I am "sexually active." Even my sister says that being on birth control could help with my cysts and also my painful and irregular periods. To me, that would be wonderful.

What do you think I should do? My mother considered putting me on birth control ages ago due to my periods anyway, so I see no reason why she is feeling differently now.. =/

Any advice that you give me will be highly appreciated, and I will run things by my mother some more. I would really just like to get this dealt with so I do not have to deal with excruciating pain every month.. =[

NotYourPrincess 06-08-2010 10:58 PM

You should go. They give you free papsmears and things. It's a good place to go, even if you aren't thinking about being sexually active.

I would just go ahead and get on birthcontrol.

Miranda_ 06-09-2010 07:17 AM

I agree. The idea that being on the pill means that you're sexually active or going to be is a load of pants. I went on the pill at age eleven to sort out my painful, irregular periods and my demonic PMS... and I certainly wasn't sexually active or planning to be, then.

The pill really did help me; it regulated my cycle and sorted out my period pain and PMS. Why suffer when you don't need to? You should just go right ahead and sort it out yourself. Your mother should understand that you don't want to live in constant pain. My mother did; but then, she's a nurse.

Silent_Wolf 06-09-2010 11:32 AM

I think the reason your mother may be against it now is because it wasn't her idea to have you go on it for a medical problem. For example, when I started my period, mine was all 'Oh, you're going to be put on it now, I'm going to call the gynecologist and get you an appointment.' Then, four or five years later I still wasn't on it and needed to be, and it took me awhile to convince her to let me go - because it wasn't her idea.

I definitely recommend going on it; it really does help with cramps, and may help your cysts. I think I may have had a burst one at one point; if I hadn't been on the pill I probably would've been worse off because of the pain. O_o

To be honest, your regular doctor didn't see the kind of pain you were in and doesn't have a first-hand experience of what you went through. I mean, he's a guy. >_> In all seriousness though, you may want to consider seeing a gynecologist and having them look at the files as well and get their opinion, especially if your regular doctor doesn't have the specified training.

sentimental7 06-09-2010 12:45 PM

Thank you for the advice, I will have to run it by my mother again and see what she says.. hopefully she does not be terrible.. -__-"

@Miranda: I think the same thing.. when she started reacting like that, I exclaimed "Just because I would be on birth control, I wouldn't be going around having sex with anything that moves. All I want it for is the pain, not the other reasons right now.." and she just sort of blew it off. XD She tends to ignore things if she thinks she's right and will not listen to reason sometimes.. Hopefully I will be able to work something out, though. ^^

@Wolfie: I see.. and thank you for your input. It is really helpful to have someone give advice that has had a similar situation. ^^

Actually, both of the doctors were male.. -__-" Perhaps that is why the doctor at the emergency room could barely explain what was wrong; I went home feeling so utterly confused.. =/ Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. I will have to see if I can do that. Thanks! =) And yeah, the second doctor I went to is just my family doctor.. not much experience in these sort of things.. and he can be strange at times..

Well, considering the advice all of you have given + what the birth control could do for me, I am definitely going to try and see if I can be put on it. If my mother does not take me, my sister and her fiance could. My sis goes to Planned Parenthood anyway, so I could probably just go when she does.

Miranda_ 06-09-2010 02:38 PM

Can you ask to see a female doctor or practice nurse instead? When I have my pap tests, I always ask for a female doctor.

sentimental7 06-09-2010 03:30 PM

Well, if I go to the Planned Parenthood closest to me, the one that my sister visits, all of the doctors and nurses there are women. So that would make me feel much better. Honestly, it makes more sense for women to do that job: they know our bodies better and etc.

I just asked my mother, and at first, she gave me an attitude and said "People die all the time from being on birth control!" ... -__-" Then she began making excuses about why we cannot go: grandmother's car is not working right now, my sister's appointment is not until late July, and similar things... Then she suggested that I go do "research" since she thinks I know nothing about birth control in the first place. I have done enough research, and both of my sisters take birth control and I know a lot about it from them as well.. I wish she could just let me talk before shooting everything down immediately.. ^^;

After all of her nonsense though, she told me that she'll try and call soon to set up an appointment and see if we can go or I will just have to wait and go with my sister. Who is to say that she will really do any of that though.. That is kind of how she works.. =/

I am already starting to have that pain in the same spot again, and I told her I cannot deal with this + my terrible periods every month, so maybe she will try..?

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