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TechnoMayhem 10-29-2008 01:32 PM

Pink eye and itis.o.o
(don't ask about the title and I broke it apart to make it easier to read)
I'm just the unhealthy girl down the block aren't I?

Lately my eyes have been itchy and I rub them constantly, then they water and get all red, my mom gave me drops but it don't help and I also have tonsillitis(How fun!)

So my mum took me to the doctors where they told me I have "conjuclivitis" "s...i...usitis"(I hates doctor handwriting..) and "tonsillitis"(you already knew that)

So this morning, I woke up and I couldn't see!>.>
My mom had to let me stay home.(Yes I'm super contagious and my school is forcing me again, but I can't go if I'm temporally blind~<3)

Has this ever happened to anyone? Any tips on getting better?

Silent_Wolf 10-29-2008 03:20 PM

Sinusitis - meaning inflammation of the sinus membranes/cavities in your head. Those REALLY suck, I know that; all I can say is that if you get a headache, take a nap as with my personal experience, sinus headaches are a real pain to get rid of with medicines. If your nose is plugged up, get a cup of hot anything (coffee, chocolate, etc.) and just sit with your nose over it so the steam loosens the mucous in your nose so you can clear it out easier when you blow it. ^^

For tonsilitis, you may want to drink neutral temperature drinks (like tea) and things that are not spicy; if salty things help you when you have a sore throat, have something salty once or twice a day.

For pinkeye, I can't help you there, just keep using the drops. It should clear up in a few days; if not, see your doctor again, alright?

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