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Default 02-18-2009, 10:12 AM

My Grandad died November 2007 when he was on holiday with my Grandma and Great Aunt, (sisters). I cried so much about five days ago one night i gave myself a really bad cold. But i guess i might of got a cold anyway, i don't know. =/
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Default 06-29-2009, 02:29 PM

My cat died two weeks ago behind the sofa. We had a really bad house fire and she hid behind the couch. When we got to the house before the fire department showed up, I asked everyone in sight to go get my cat. But little did I know that she had dies like 10 min. before we had gotten there. When the fire department got to our house I asked evry firefighter I saw if they had found my cat, but they all said they hadn't, but they were 45% sure she had gotten out. Then 20 min or so later, my mom came up to me and said they had found her, and that she had passed away. A fire fighter saw me crying and asked if it was my house and i said yes. Then he told me that my cat only had 4 min to get out of the house once it was filled with smoke. Since she hid behind the couch, she fell asleep before she passed away. It was quick and painless. I miss her a lot though.

"I feel you breathing... Everywhere...The rain, the hay... please. Please Wendela."
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Default 09-19-2009, 01:03 PM

My great grandma died about a month ago. She didn't have alzheimers I don't even know what she had. She was in various homes and hospitals and didn't understand what was happening to her so she got angry at the doctors and shouted at them.

Oh god I just had this massive piece of writing typed out and then I deleted it all. I will edit the rest in later.
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Default 09-24-2009, 04:31 PM

Today I just found out that a family friend died last night of cancer. May he rest in peace. It was a blessing to have been able to know him even for such a short time.

This is not the first death I've encountered... There's been a few...
My great grandma passed away when I was younger, but I still remember everything.
About 2 years ago, my neighbor whom was practically a grandmother to me, passed away from liver cancer.
Another family friend passed away a few months after her. He was only 26 years old. It was a motorcycle accident, but there are nights when I lie awake wondering if it was actually suicide. It tears me apart when I think of it, but he just seemed so unhappy.
I've also lost one dog, a hamster, sever fish, two cats, and a bird.

May all of them rest peacefully. ♥

"Come with us now on a journey through time and space,
To the world of imagination..."
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Default 10-03-2009, 02:59 PM

my hamster died recently =( He'd lived for three and half years or more and outlived his plump wife and spoiled children XD

We buried him out the back under a nice big rock, (Thanks for the suggestion, Miranda) for good measure. If anything or anyone dares to dig him up, they'll be next in line for a funeral. I'm not kidding.

“I mean a weapon you hold. You have a gun, Tanith has a sword... I want a stick.” ~ Valkyrie Cain
“I’ll buy you a stick for Christmas.” - Skulduggery Pleasant
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Default 10-16-2009, 10:06 PM

Originally Posted by TheHayleyDoll View Post
I know what it's like to lose an animal you've lived with basically your entire life.

Just over one year ago today, I lost my cat Tuffy. He was a 17 when he died. He lived a long time, yes. And he was older then I was. When I was just a baby, my parents put him in my crib to see what would happen (they watched, to make sure he didn't suffocate me because apparently cats do that to little babies if they aren't watched) and he jumped right out. He was always there for me when I was sick, and I swear he had a billion more lives then most cats.

He was an outdoor cat, and 17 is a long time for them to live. He was hit by a car not one, but twice, and survived that. He fought all the time (hence his name, Tuffy). He got so sick one time that he couldn't move and just laid in one place (yes, he pooped and peed in that spot so we had to clean it up everyonce and a while. So, we all said our goodbye since we were going to put him down the next morning. He was 12 at the time. However, the next day, he came up the stairs, tail waging up in the air, with a happy spring in his step It was a miracle to me. I was crying like CRAZY. He meant so much to me.

Then, 5 years after that, he started acting funny. He didn't use his litter box, he was deaf, his fur was turning a greyish colour even though he was usually orange, lost the majority of her teeth (he only had one fang left, so when he ate, he ate on the good side of his mouth) and he was blind in one eye (and slowly losing the other too). We decided it was time for us to rid him of the pain and we put him down.

Also, in 2001 (or was it 2000?), I lost my grandma (my dad's mom). She was the most kind lady. She died of a stroke (she wasn't the thinnest person around, she was Polish and that area of Europe loves to eat. And she had diabetes). My brother and I had been over at her house for March Break and on a cold Thursday morning, she was found dead. She didn't die in her sleep though. She woke up, didn't feel so well so she didn't get out of bed, and she had the stroke then. My grandfather still regrets not waking her up earlier (she had been sleeping in my brother's room at their place with him that night) because usually, she was up around 6am. He blames himself for not realizing that something could have been wrong.

Every day that week, she would check on Shadow, their cat. She was pregnant and I was promised the pick of the litter. The kittens were born that morning, and now I have my cat Sam to remind me of my darling grandmother.
I lost my cat Boots a few weeks ago. He was the most gentle and sensitive cat you would ever meet. There was a dog that wasn't hooked up to my neighbor's electric fence, and he killed him. The idiot mutt was attacking my adopted feral cat and leaped at her. Boots jumped in the way and the idiot killed him. This touched and broke my heart; I broke down crying. The great, gentle, kitty I've know all of my 13 year old life, was gone.

Last edited by Moon_Crescent : 10-16-2009 at 10:14 PM.
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