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angel_deceiver 03-22-2007 12:37 PM

Mental Health
can unresolved issues hinder your mental health?

Silent_Wolf 03-23-2007 11:50 AM

Well, I suppose that it could to an extent. Past problems that were only buried can have an effect on how you view people.

IE: Ever since I fell off a playset when I was little, I've been deathly afraid of heights even though I have since gone on the Pittsburg Plunge at Kennywood.

Also, worrying about people can cause anxiety and lack of sleep.

angel_deceiver 03-23-2007 11:54 AM

very true, do you think solving the problems can help your mental state?

Silent_Wolf 03-23-2007 11:58 AM

Depending on the problem, yes. Coming to terms with it or getting help for it can help the mental state.


I sound like my aunt when she's on rambles about this stuff... o.o

angel_deceiver 03-23-2007 12:00 PM

oh umm... do you think that all problems need to be solved some way?

Silent_Wolf 03-23-2007 12:02 PM

*scratches head* Most do. Some problems - like irrational fears of water, heights, etc. - are not very solvable because of either constant paranoia or deep rooted fears.

angel_deceiver 03-23-2007 12:04 PM

yeh very true, do you thin that if a resolution remains unsolved... that things will only get worse.

Silent_Wolf 03-23-2007 12:15 PM

It depends on the severity of the problem.

AnnieAnonymous 03-23-2007 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by Siren_Slipknotchick (Post 431180)
can unresolved issues hinder your mental health?

yes, I think it can. when I say this I think back to when i read "Syble". her mum abused her and she ended up with split personalities.

But it really all depends on what the issue is.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-27-2007 03:42 PM

Anyways, I do feel unresolved issues can affect your mental health. In some cases, I think it can lead to the development of mental illnesses or the worsening of them. My brother's psychiatrist feels he might be bi-polar, but it was his issues with his father basically abandoning him that caused this problem to come out so strongly. He had always been rather tempermental, but until his father left he was controllable. Now, there's no reasoning him when he gets upset and he often becomes violent towards others as well as himself. This I feel is a perfect example of what unresolved issues can cause, but I suppose it depends upon the severity of them. In my brother's case he was very young when it occured and didn't understand why his father, who he was once very close to, up and abandoned him and still now he comes home upset and questioning why his father can't spare the time for him.

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