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LancasterPrincess 01-27-2013 11:32 PM

HD2: Theme Poll
Hello all! It's time for our 2nd Hand Drawn Collab! I thought of 2 unique ideas, though I don't think anything will top Ness's original Collab!

1st option is Aren't We Sweet? The gist is that you pick a dessert that represents your personality and dress up like it. Your hair and hair color must still look like yours, it's your clothes that will be reflectant on your given personality-sweety. Think whipped cream skirts, cherry hats atop your head, or drizzled in gooey chocolate jewls.

2nd option is a bit more traditional, Heritage Pride. Basically, we're all from different parts of the world, both in region and in heritage. You can choose past or present, whatever you'd like, and dress up in the traditional attire. For example, I'm American, I could dress up in pilgram clothes, BUT, my heritage is also a LARGE assortment of things, mainly French, Spanish, German, and Czechoslovakian. I could choose ANY of those regions, so don't feel the need to stick to where you feet are rooted. Feel free to dive into your past, ask your parents, your grandparents, where your family came from. I encourage you do so anyway, even if this theme is beaten by Sweets theme, I bet you'll hear some interesting stories! I know I did, I asked my mother and while I knew my Dad's family came from Spain and France, and that my Mother's family came from Germany, I had NO idea that my other great grandfather came from Czechoslovakia, as a stow-away!

I was going to pick a theme and just do a base-poll, but I figured I'd let ya'll choose which you like better. Personally, I love both ideas, they both show a little more about ourselves, so that's that! Vote for which theme you'd like to join next!

EDIT: I should also add, I will probably use the idea NOT voted for as my next HD contest, so never fret if you're like me and love both, lol.

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