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MsShino 01-05-2013 08:29 PM

MsShino's Hand Drawn Dolls
OMG I can still hand draw dolls.

This is my doll for TDP Collab that Ness is hosting. I am posting it here to get comments. It's not where my skill was when I had stopped dolling, but it's not bad. And I think it's pretty good considering that it was done on Pixlr. I used to use PSP then I used Photoshop (until I got into digital painting)

So here is me in my Superman inspred fashion. I really like how this turned out. And I am glad I got rid of my first dress. It was way to flouncy/flowy. I think my favorite part is the hair. I Lurve the color!! Oh and I really, REALLY had to stop my self from tool shading the base. I figured since this is a collab the bases should look similar and my tool shadind would have made it look completely different.

Well I would love to know what everyone thinks.

belladoggy 01-05-2013 10:53 PM

Her hair is GORGEOUS! Maybe a add loose strand or two?

I love her accessories,especially that earring.

I really like how you fit the "S" into this dress, but it feels like it's missing and outline. It's tool shaded really well, far better than I can manage atm :)

The shoes are the only part I really don't like; their shading just doesn't seem to match up with how you've shaded the rest of the doll. I think the palette is a tad too strong with the shadows. Overall I like how unique the cut and style of this dress is; kudos!

Side note, but do you have any of your other, earlier HD dolls? I'd love to see some of them if you do!

MsShino 01-05-2013 11:14 PM

Thanks. I chose not to do any loose strands because I have actually done my hair like that and I don't let there be any lose strands.

On the outline do you mean the red and yellow pieces of the "S" cause I kind of intentionaly blended them.

I see what you mean about the shoes. They were actually giving me trouble when I was shading the, but I was going blind with the yellow so I decided to stop. I could have gone with an easier color, but NO I had to tourture myself with yellow.

Thanks again.

Umm I might have some of my old HD dolls. I'll have to do some checking. Unfortunately the jump drive everything was saved on is MIA, and since Geocities got rid of their free sites it might be a few days before I can find any though.

Aussiemum777 01-06-2013 04:40 AM

I was really surprised when I saw your doll, I didnt expect something that good since you havent dolled in a while:)
I especially love the dress design it is very simple but with the patterns that you have drawn on them it really makes the dress pop, the "S" on the front was a very clever addition also, I would love to see you attempt more challenging designs in the future.
The tool shading is ok and looks great from a distance but when I opened it up in PSE, I noticed some flaws, I used to tool shade and you really have to be careful when using the smudge tool, you have gone a little heavy handed with it on the edges where your highlights are on the red jacket and down the side of the dress, you will see its gone a little transparent, try using a softer brush, also be careful when using the dodge and burn tool, they are really useful when used properly, the hair is a really cute style, all in all a great doll, Welcome back!

belladoggy 01-06-2013 05:45 AM

Ah, no, that was bad grammar on my part; I mean the dress itself seems to be lacking an outline. The S actually looks the most solid. Well, except for the part over her right side; I can't tell where the yellow ends and her skin begins.

MsShino 01-11-2013 09:22 PM

So Bridie requested seeing some of my earlier dolls. Well this is the very last doll that I made before I stopped dolling, and it's actually using more digital painting techniques than not. I had actually drawn in the shoulder and part of the arm, but I didn't like them so I did some creative trimming. Oh and this is a sorta self-portrait.
Base is from Konfusion with a K on Dev. I am not including the link cause I don't want to get in trouble cause some of her art is not....user friendly I guess you could say.

Anyways I'll probably put up more later, they are no where near this awesome though.

Aussiemum777 01-12-2013 05:25 AM

That quite an interesting portrait Alsie, I love the green colour of the top and I also love the jewellery, not sure about the hair though, it would be nice if it wasnt tool shaded I think, good job!

LancasterPrincess 01-12-2013 09:01 AM

Woops, I get so far behind on commenting, here goes:

Collab Doll: Do you know, I think I'm the ONLY PERSON who DIDN'T catch on to the S?! Seriously I just read the comments and was like "Whaaaaa...OHHHHHH!!!!" I thought it was just a design you chose, lol. I love little details, so I can't believe that one went right over my head. I liked the doll a lot. The hair is nice, but the buns could be smoother, the jewelery is nice, too. The dress's colors are spot on, though there are absolutely no folds or creases anywhere, which makes it look like a paper doll. I think you've really got a lot of potential, can't wait to see your dolls down the road.

Portrait: I absolutely loved the hair technique. It looks like watercolor! A few more stray aways and it would have been perfect in my book. I think everything looks great except for the choker necklace, that looks pasted on, but everything else is fabulous.

MsShino 01-15-2013 02:00 PM

So I'm gonna include replies to earlier comments too:

Bridie: Collab doll: Ah yes the yellow part on the top. Yeah that was my bad. That was actually the last part of the outfit that I shaded and I actually thought a lot about going in and lowering the 'S' design but I decided that would detract from the actual idea that I was going for, so I left it. About the outline; that's actually how my style evolved over the years. When I first stared I would only shade inside the outline. As my skills grew I started not liking how that looked so I begain shading the outline with the rest of the doll. I know it's not everyone's favorite, but that's just my style. Also since it's been awhile I'm not quite where I used to be.

Ness: Collab doll: I knew that close-up the shading wasn't the best, but my main goal was to make sure that it looked decent from the normal view. Unfortunately I was limited to the capabilities of Pixlr. I figure if I want to get heavily back into HD dolls than I can get jump drive and take things home and bring them back to work to post. Of course I may just keep working at Pixlr til I get the settings to work the way I want. Portrait: Thanks. I really like the top too. I actually hand did the lace/mesh on the top. It was a total pain. I actually pulled out some lace I had for reference cause none of the images I could find online showed and edge that was pointed like that. And the hair looked WAY better before I reduced it to a .gif. I know I have the original somewhere, probably on one of my jump drives that is MIA.

Lovie: Collab doll: LOL. Tha's kinda funny that you didn't catch that. That part on the top of the head is actually supposed to look like a braid, which is why I didn't blend it more. Also the no folds thing was actually on purpose. The dress would be made of a stiff fabric and it would be made to fit without creases and folds. Well that's how the screeching fashion designer in my head is telling me to do it. Portrait: Thanks about the hair. Unfortunately I have never been really successful in incorporating stray hairs with my techniques so I don't do them. Usually they just look like pixels that got missed during clean-up. Also the choker is another thing that was much better before the conversion to .gif. It was actually the last thing I included because even though I had the big beads, all that neck seemed scandalous, not to mention empty.

Thanks again for commenting

MsShino 01-19-2013 09:11 PM

Here's some more old stuff. These are some shop orders (please don't adopt them) I made at another dolling forum called Dollie Diner.. or something like that.

These were both a lot of fun, and the turned in foot was a challenge that I think I did really well on. ^^ If I do say so myself.

This first one was a challenge. But it was fun. And the ringlets were a lot of fun. For Isabella the person gave me the time period of her character and also requested the pinafore. I think I had the most fun with this. And I didn' cop out and just do sleeves and the bottom for the dress underneath, I actually did the full thing with the details.

Well I have some other dolls for my other thread to put up before going home. I would love to know what everyone thinks so I can know what I should continue to do and what to avoid.

Oh and these were made about 4 years ago and I have absolutely no idea where the bases came from. Sorry. If anyone knows I would be happy to provide a link.

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