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Telephone 05-22-2011 04:44 PM

Onion's attempts at jumping back on the doll train
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I used to be coloured_dreams about three years ago, when I was a little bit of a smiley-overusing noob who wanted to start dolling. This was a dream my thirteen year old self gave up on when thinking that she could never match the level of dollers on the internet. But I have returned, and I am going to attempt dolling again, and this time I refuse to give up. (:

So, this is the... gem I spent an hour or so on. Not so long because I want criticism, but not just criticism because I know what is exactly wrong with this doll; I would like solutions and perhaps links to tutorials I have not tried. I already know about Watermelon Bubblegum's, which has been a massive help, but before I try to find my own style, I want to sample as many as possible and perfect my technique a little. I also stumbled across Ninique's Minidollz tonight, which I will try out the next time I make a doll.

Preferably what I would need help on is shading and creating palettes. This is my final call!

Base credit: *DEAC loves you.

Summer prom theme. What I think is wrong: the top looks slightly pillowed, despite the fact I used a light source, the final highlights on the hair are too bright (although I know how to fix this), the colour of the green accents is very off, the skirt is a bit weird, the shoes- well I hate shoes. So please try and address this issues and point out any other hurdles I have fallen over?

I am serious about improving; sixteen year old Onion can take criticism much better than thirteen year old Onion could. Thank you.

noirmali 05-22-2011 05:10 PM

Awww. <3 I'm fourteen and my dolls aren't all that good x'D

This is so cuute! : >

Hmmn, if you really want critique...


When you make palette colours, try to use a variety of shades in one palette.

Most people just stick with the normal dark red -> red -> light red, but what I want to see people doing more is dark red -> orange -> light yellow.
People like to ask me how I "colour so well"; I find my colouring quite average
and the only reason why my art looks half-okay is because I use variety in my palettes. Here is an example of one of my arts (although it is tool shading rather than pixel shading, the concept is quite the same). [ x ] The darkest outline is dark purple-blue; the base colour is blue, and the lightest colour is a light-ish sea green. The hair stands out much more than a one-tone picture would. Instead of pink, try dark~ish purple -> pink -> light-ish yellow/orange.
Example of red hair I have done: [ x ]

As for hair shading, I made a portrait tutorial when I was 11 that may be of use.... ( Trust me, I can doll way better than this now xD, this was so long ago! )
Mina-chan Tutorial by ~LydiaEldafreya on deviantART

Also, look at people when you do pixel art. People have shadows beneath the hair and beneath the clothes, and the direction depends on the light source. ( There would probably be shadows underneath the strands.) Always remember to use a light source for exceptional results.

Hair also is more strandy and looks less..plastered? So try to add a few pieces of hair here and there to give it that "messy" look because no one has perfect hair unless you're wearing a wig. o.o;; Let the hair fall naturally, not in clumps : >

When you use palette colours, I see that you have 6 or 7. It's not really necessary to have 6 or 7; palettes can be done with just 4 or 5 if you dither o3o. ( But don't dither hair unless you have that ~cartoony~ style~! )

Also please remember to provide base credit. : D

But this is a very good doll >3<;; I gave up dolling and only do digital art now~! I'm glad to see some people still doll. : D

There is no one real "correct" way to doll so just keep experimenting : P

Miranda_ 05-22-2011 06:25 PM

I will say that I agree with Christy's critique; also, I will add that you forgot base credit. Please rectify this as soon as you can.

Telephone 05-23-2011 09:17 AM

Apologies for the double post, I'll go off and delete the other one.

base by KawaiiHannah: Illustration, Anime Art, CG Tutorials, Pixel Art

Sorry, I was too lazy to make the background transparent. That having been said, I was not lazy when working on this doll due to spending several hours on this mess.

quite proud of the clothes on this one, next time I will remember to make sure they go in the direction of the wind though.

Hair still needs working on, will probably use the aid of more tutorials although I quite like the palette, thanks to the advice of a previous user who's name I have forgotten and I found her tutorial useful as this hair is a slight improvement... just not that good. :o

CC welcome and encouraged with solutions to my many dolling problems. I am looking forward to the day I look back on these dolls and am ashamed of them.

noirmali 05-23-2011 10:22 AM

-cannot doll shoes to save life.-

I am glad that you are trying to follow tutorials :'D And that the hair is now more strandy, teehee, maybe next you could try some manual anti-aliasing? o3o~? Or too complex...

I do like the hair's shape compared to the last one, and improvements on the palette. : > It seems like you catch onto dolling quickly~!

Just keep dolling! ^_^ Never get discouraged, you are a lot better than many people! : D

Telephone 05-23-2011 10:41 AM

Thank you. The shape of the shoes isn't great, but it is quite a small base, so it was quite difficult to add much detail. And you're right; the best way to get better at dolling is definitely through trial and error. I've actually been doing it on and off for three years, sort of, but in actuality, I've probably not done it in about a year and a half.

Also, when you say anti aliasing, do you mean around the outside onto the background or onto the base? Or both? :P

noirmali 05-23-2011 01:34 PM

Hehe, just like, onto the background : D

-did it with the hair-

Fahh~ I haven't opened MS Paint for gosh knows how long, so idn. xP

Also also ~ When you make palette colours O: Try not to use the basic ones on the bottom! Add some gray into it if you need to make it look less bright ~.~ I'd love to help you but I have to go now hmmm maybe later Teehee. I'd love to do a collab with you at any point in time. xP

Base: KawaiiHannah: Illustration, Anime Art, CG Tutorials, Pixel Art

Telephone 05-23-2011 03:46 PM

Haha, I didn't actually use the basic one on the bottom, which is sort of a weird coincidence. And I used to entirely overdo anti-aliasing so now I'm a bit apprehensive of it but I might begin to try it again at another point... x_x
Anyway new doll

Base by zipple on deviantART
CC encouraged and very much welcomed with solutions. ;)

noirmali 05-23-2011 07:24 PM


I quite like the hair palette on this one <3 It's all shiney now <3

I also like how you dithered the clothing, and GAAAN those jeans look like JEANS I can't draw jeans.

The shoes might want a darker outline but really you improve VERY quickly. O___O. I can't wait to see more work from you.

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