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AaronShadows 07-12-2010 02:09 PM

I have constructed a tactical foothold as part of my re-invasion of the Handdrawn forum. This tactical foothold is my base camp that you see here. XD

And this is my first thingy for my new thread. It's Ranger-captain Alleria Windrunner, sister of the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner. Alleria is missing, presumed dead, as she hasn't been seen since she accompanied the Alliance expedition through the Dark Portal.

I'm positive PB didn't raep it. I made the background transparent before uploading it.

Okay, as I forgot and this d*mn thing refuses to allow any editing whatsoever, the base is from here.

Mariiii's Dolls House

Two other things I forgot to say; that's blue warpaint on her face, and if anyone mocks her hair I'll be firing bits of them from my catapults. XD

Silent_Wolf 07-12-2010 07:52 PM




The top is amazing! And her headwrap and hair are just.. oh wow.

AaronShadows 07-13-2010 01:22 AM

That's not a headwrap, that's a hood... XD

I swear to the Banshee Queen I knew it XD I knew no one would recognize it for a hood. How did I knew it? I dunno how I knowed it. XD

Okay, we'll make a deal; I'll exchange a little of my Dolling skill in return for a little of your longass skeleton profile writing skill. =P

AaronShadows 12-17-2010 04:22 AM


Mainly flintlocks. I have developed an attachment to flintlock pistols, and saw fit to pixel several. This is mainly an example of what I can accomplish to help the dollmaker effort. AND I'M SO FOND OF FLINTLOCKS AMG. Daggers, too. I'm not sure how well the daggers ended up, but I like the way the jewels came out.

The wood on these was difficult to pixel, but I found a good tutorial. (Same one I posted in the tutorials section.) The last one is meant to be made of silver and ivory, if it's not clear enough. :X

YAY KNIVES. The middle one is supposed to be Obsidian. Incidentally, Obsidian blades have a much sharper cutting edge than steel blades. The last one is Runite, a metal from Runescape. Shoot me.

Elanorea 12-17-2010 07:25 AM

Ooh, me likey. I'm loving the details on the pistols, and you did a good job shading the wooden parts. Though the last one is a bit too bright yellow for ivory, IMO. Ivory is more of an off-white colour.

As for the knives... LOLOLOL runescape :D. Obligatory P&L aside, I think you did a good job here as well. The gems are especially nicely done. The shading of the blades could use some work though.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-17-2010 07:05 PM

Aaron, your pixel art just keeps getting better! I might make you do the final pixels for the forums instead of pushing through them myself xD

Aussiemum777 12-17-2010 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by Silent_Wolf (Post 916057)



The top is amazing! And her headwrap and hair are just.. oh wow.

I knew that it was a hooded cloak as soon as I saw it, I love the top, hair & the gold trims, Good job!

AaronShadows 12-18-2010 07:46 AM


Drawn IRL, scanned in, removed routine scanner raep, scaled image down for greater quality, afbhfhbgehbtbh.

It's my character Malanna, the Bandit Queen. She used to be a Stormwind Intelligence agent, but has since gone rogue. And found herself a band of scoundrels. Who quickly evolved into an army. Most of the criminals in the Kingdom of Therodan (non-canon, RP Kingdom guild.) now answer to her, resulting in her earning the title of "The Bandit Queen." Three others who also possessed the title challenged her to decide who would keep it. None of the three remain alive. She also possesses the title of "crazy, gun-toting b*tch" among her various enemies. XD

I turned her into a Bandit Queen because the criminal faction in Therodan needed a leader, and Malanna was in a perfect position to grab control.

So, who likeh?

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 12-22-2010 04:50 PM

That looks amazing. I secretly hate you now for that skill.

Little critique, there the folds on the boots/shin guards look very weird. Even if too large, I can't fathom the folds being that deep. The rest of the folds look amazing though.

Aussiemum777 12-22-2010 07:12 PM

WOW, What an amazing sketch!
I agree with the critique on the folds, a little too deep other then that the details are fantastic, I love the hooded cloak, The weapons and the corset style belt thingy around the waist area(i have a thing for corsets and love to pixel them)
Great job!

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