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sentimental7 03-12-2009 05:03 PM

~Sentimental's Dolls~
(Eee, I hope I'm doing this correctly! >__<)

*is so utterly nervous due to being extremely shy*

Well anyways, I've been dolling for about.. two years now on and off. I think. <.< I'm still not very good at all yet though. ^^; Hopefully all of you more talented dollers can give me some constructive critisism and tips. ^_^

As a small note, I still haven't really developed a certain style yet, I just know that I'll doll anything that comes to mind, and I also adore strange haircolors. XD

So here is some of my latest work, which really isn't in any particular order.

She's a character of mine named Xia, and she's a kitsune that is currently in her human form. In her animal form, she's an arctic fox. ^^;
Base by: TheHWord on deviantART

No comment. XD
Base by: Chama

My character Latvien. Believe it or not, he's actually a vampire. O__o And no, he is not girly even though his hair might suggest otherwise. XD
Base by: Chama again. XD

And this last one was based off of me, shortly after I had chopped off all of my hair and dyed it black. :3 I do not own that shirt sadly, but I have a few Death Note ones. XD
Base by: wish04 on deviantART

Please feel free to say anything you'd like to, or suggest tips. I really need to improve! XD

AaronShadows 03-12-2009 06:14 PM

Top is... WOW. O_O

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 03-12-2009 06:26 PM

I love how you shade <3 In searching for something to critique, the only thing I could point out is the shaping of the hair. At times it seems rigid, for a lack of better words, and awkwardly shaped, though its only if you stare at it enough. Oh yes, also that odd looking tail. It looks like you just drew weird rigidi ice-flames coming out of her bottom, which is amusing, but I doubt it was your original purpose.

sentimental7 04-01-2009 12:35 PM

Thanks Aaron. :3 I still believe I need improvement though.

Thank you Kitty. ^_^ Ah, I see what you mean about the hair; I sort of just like spiky bits a lot too.. seeing as I spike my hair quite often. I've tried just doing normal looking hair, and then I just think it doesn't look messy enough.. D:

And oh.. my.. gosh.. the comment you gave about the tail just made my day because of how hilarious it is. XDDD Thank you for describing it in such an odd way, I actually thought something similar when I had finished it. XD But eh, I tried it several different ways, but I just couldn't get it right. It's actually my first real attempt at animal parts anyway, so I guess it was meant to fail.

Would you happen to have any suggestions on how I could solve these problems of stiff hair and ridged ice-flame butt? :3 XD I am open to any suggestions you might have. ^_^

Thanks again to both of you for your responses! <3

Also, I've been working on a new doll for a while now, but due to lack of time I still only have the hair and face edits complete. Still not even sure about the outfit as of yet.. >.<; So I apologize, but I've no idea when it will be finished. I shall post it when it's done, though. ^^

TheHayleyDoll 04-04-2009 12:19 PM

You sure love your folds. xD Other then the CC given by Kitty, I can't really think of anything. They're good. ^_^ I love the L shirt, it's really well done.

I can't wait to see your new doll. =)

sentimental7 04-12-2009 08:46 PM

Yeah, I suppose I do. ^^;; I guess if I do only a few folds, it looks like it's not enough. I honestly don't know what my logic behind it is, though. XDD

But thanks so much Hayley. ^_^

Here's my newest! It's just a random doll I made, dressed in the style I like. ^^ Not sure what it would be, though. XD I tried some new things, so I'm sure they aren't that great... The skirt is especially bad, it was my first attempt at doing a more poofy skirt. <.< The boots could be much better too. But anyway, CC away guys!

As a note before you go asking me what a few things are:

The red thing on her arm is supposed to be a tattoo of cherries. And the "dots" between her eyes are a bridge piercing. <3

Two versions below; the second has an eye bandage. :3

Base is by: Wish04
(It is one of the unfinished bases; just an outline. I shaded it and edited the face myself. ^_^)

And lastly some random pixels I made about a month ago when I was extremely bored.

By the way, hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Too bad I wasn't here for the event.. x___x;

XxHollyxX 05-03-2009 03:52 PM

Your work is really really good! I love your shadings. And I like the vampire doll. Keep it up ^-^

Heva_Banana_Mad 05-04-2009 11:11 AM

I love how you shade the hair! It's so cool! I love the vampire doll it's my favourite!

sentimental7 08-04-2009 11:39 PM

Long time no update, yes? But thanks guys~

Wellp, here's something I actually made right before school got out. D: I haven't really made anything since then, because I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything for longer than five minutes as of lately. XDD

Plus I just got a semi-new computer that has Vista, and I despise paint on it. Only other thing I've been working on is a coloring of an anime page on PS CS3, which I don't know how to use that well either.

Anyways, new pixels!~

Jellyfish! Representing Plastic Tree's fanclub, Jellyfish Breed. :3 The fans go by Kurage. ^_^

So anyway, these are completely baseless, and most of the palettes were created specifically for the use of this project. They aren't very good, but at least I hope you find them somewhat cute. ^^;

Some things represent stuff, like the pink, blue, and yellow/orange jellies are Ryutaro, Akira, and Tadashi's colors. (They are the remaining members of Plastic Tree) And the crown on the black one is inspired by a photoshoot Ryutaro once did.

Anyway, enough of my fangirl talk of the band and inspirations; what do all of you think? Comments and suggestions are more than welcome. ^^

TheHayleyDoll 08-04-2009 11:43 PM

Aw, I love them! I especially like the pink and blue ones. ^_^ The palettes are all good (the pink and blue ones are great!), but I think the orange and green palettes could use a bit more contrast with the highlights. They blend in a little too much with the mid-tones.

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