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celune 04-23-2008 08:42 AM

..:♫Handdrawn Contest # 4!

We expect you will abide by these following rules if you decide to enter a hand-drawn contest. Failure to do so may result in an automatic disqualification and the entry[s] found violating along with any others you have entered will not be eligible for voting and you will not have any chance to place until the next contest.

..1: No frankendolling! That means taking part[s] of a doll or more, and putting them on your own "doll", much like the movie and book Frankenstein. Please don't do this even with your own work.

..2: No recoloring anything that was not made by you and entering it. This basically categorizes as "theft art." even if you have the original creator's okay, just don't do it.

..3: No doll-makers are allowed to be used in your entry. Not in part or whole, this means you cannot "make" a doll in a doll-maker and place it up here for voting. It is not considered a "hand-drawn" by you and should not be found anywhere in the "Hand-drawn Dolls" area, much less this contest thread.

..4: Unless you get an okay by a current contest running, we ask you make a new doll for each theme. Contests are to give ideas to dollers and allow them to compete with others to see who's idea was stronger and who brought it across in the best way. So please don't use old dolls, even if they have a similar theme used as the one currently running in the contest.

..5: Please do NOT steal any bit of work, whether from a doll here or somewhere else. This goes along with no frankendolling. That means, if a contest holds a certain theme and you see a doll somewhere else that looks similar to what you would expect from the theme, please don't take that idea even if you tweak it a little. If you are inspired by it, that's agreeable. But please note that you were and don't base your entry heavily off of it. Remember, we want to be original.

..6: Please include base credit and any other credit necessary for each entry.

..7: You are allowed to enter a maximum of two dolls per contest, unless otherwise stated by the current contest holder.

..8: Please make sure your entry has the current theme! If the theme is based off of flowers, please do not submit an underwater entry!

..9: Please follow other rules the current contest holder may provide.

..10: Be original and have fun!

..11: If you host a contest and someone wins it, you can enter their contest although you may not place first in it.

We expect you to abide by these rules. If you cannot do so, please don't enter in the first place. We want this to be a fun thing and don't need any contestants to disobey the rules. It matters not who you are, whether you are the friend or sibling of an important person around here, we all have to follow these simple rules.

In the contests, the contest holder will set the theme and deadline. Those who wish to enter must create a "doll" with such theme before the deadline and post it in this thread. The contest holder will make awards and judge each doll based on effort, how well it portrays the theme, and quality. This means no judge will choose place just because it is their friend. They must decide these with each entry. If it looks sloppy and rushed compared to another entry, then it may loose points. Although, that sloppy entry may show what the contest holder had in mind for the contest better than the others. And the one with the most effort may not always have the best quality. Keeping these in mind, the judge must place what he or she thinks deserves. It has nothing to do with relations, and you cannot ask where to be placed or suggest. That decision is entirely up to the contest judge. Whoever places first gets to run the next contest, and the others get an award with their name and place on it.

Awards we recommend♫:
Closest to Theme
Best [hair, shading, etc...]
Most original
Thanks for entering!

You must use first and second, and most likely third. You can pick and choose which other places you want, or not use any of them. But it is an extremely good idea to have a thanks for entering award. Please remember that a user can earn more than one award, although cannot double in the mains. For example, Jane Doe cannot place first and second or first and third. As John Doe cannot place second and third, and so on.

We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with! ♫

celune 04-23-2008 08:49 AM

Alright, here is how it goes. Mina never thought she would win, and as a result she never thought of a contest theme. So let's keep this simple, shall we?

The contest is to remake an old doll. It shouldn't be that difficult, and it will allow us to see how much you've improved. It would be a plus if you placed the old doll next to the new one, although not mandatory. Deadline is next Friday, so you have plenty enough time. I hope you guys have fun with this and can't wait to see what you come up with! ^^


Coloured_Dreams 04-23-2008 10:56 AM

eeks! There's one I've wanted to remake for quite some time now, so I might have a go at it. :3 This is a good idea! ^w^

dudettel 04-23-2008 01:44 PM

Question...Does the new doll need to be made on the same base the old one was, or can it be a completely new version?

Elanorea 04-23-2008 02:22 PM

Hmm... If I can get on a computer with MS Paint and a mouse before the deadline, I'll definitely enter. Maybe I'll redo the first doll I posted on TDP this time :)

celune 04-23-2008 02:43 PM

Uhm... it's up to you. If you want to use the same base then please do! :3 But if you don't want to, then that's okay too.

Silent_Wolf 04-23-2008 03:54 PM

Oooh, this gives me an excuse to redo that Miss Murder doll I did allll that time ago. *squeeee*

EDIT: Still doing the contest, but disregard that title of the doll. It gives me shame to think of redoing it.

TheHayleyDoll 04-23-2008 04:03 PM

I'm so new at this, I don't have many real old dolls. XD
Can I just remake a fairly new doll? Like one from about a month or two ago on a different base?

celune 04-23-2008 05:02 PM

I lol'd.

Uhm, it's okay if your new at it. Just look at one of the first few you did and choose. If you absolutely don't have any copies of the new ones, then I suppose it's fine. Just no fairly new ones, 'cause we wanna see how much you improved here, hm?

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 04-23-2008 05:31 PM

Shocking as this is since I haven't gotten any sort of real pixel work done lately, I will be entering this. I've been planning a few doll remakes so I might as well be competitive :D Only bad thing is I already redid my first doll, so I have to look through photobucket to find my next creation.

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