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celune 02-02-2008 06:59 PM

Mina-chan's Pixel Art Thread
Here is my almighty random pixel art thread! Garrr! To say this now, my monitor recently broke and I had to take my sister's older one. It has really dark contrast so a lot of colors appear darker than they are and a lot of them are pure black to me. Bare with it because I'm getting a new monitor for my birthday as well as a total computer-do over including a faster hard drive and more space. :D
On a similar note, my birthday is February 17. Which is in 15 days from this post. I'll be turning the big 13! :D

EDIT: If anyone wants to contact me, my deviantART is xMina-chan on deviantART and my website is *Nijiiro*Ai* [rainbowCOLOREDlove<3]
EDIT [Again]: Okayso as it turns out, no new monitor. D: The mean people took the money to pay for mom's student loan. >3< So I need to wait a bit to get it or just get it for Christmas~ >[
So, live with my crud dolls until then, okay?

celune 02-02-2008 07:08 PM

Please follow my rules:
  • Do not redistribute without permission. [Meaning if it says no adopt, then no adopt. :] ]
  • Do not edit. [Unless I say so! Believe me, I sometimes do!]
  • If you are given permission to recolor, do not say you made it! I still need a link!!
  • Do not take and say that it is yours!
  • Please respect me and my art. Don't go insulting it behind my back because you don't like my shading style.
  • Do NOT! I repeat DO NOT direct link!!!! When you adopt, you put it on your website. Save my dolls and THEN upload to YOUR server! Direct linking is ILLEGAL.
  • DO NOT FRANKENDOLL! Meaning Do NOT take bits of my dolls and make your own doll with them. It is ILLEGAL.
  • Just because I forgot a copyright sign on my dolls, does NOT mean you can take them without permission. EVERYTHING on my site is Copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated, as discribed at the bottom of the page. [Not this one. The main one that this one is inside, the one with the doll >>>]

celune 02-02-2008 07:10 PM

[. Base . ] - Adoptable
This is Cindy Lennox from Resident Evil : Outbreak the video game. I love how the shirt came out and the shoes and parts of the hair and her little bow tie. I think it sort of looks like her... the skirt is horror. x_x Search "Cindy Resident Evil" on Google and go to images to see her if you don't know who she is. [Who doesn't??] Didn't take too long... an entry for a contest. Originally, I was going to do a little pixie next to her with a glowing orb and the background being Raccoon City being blown up... but the lighting on her didn't work out so I didn't bother dolling the pixie or adding a background. x_______x

[. Base . ] - Adoptable
Cindy Lennox without her vest. It was originally going to be the other one, but I'm too proud of the shirt to leave it hidden. I know, I'm aweful! The sleeves I did first, so that's why they're outlined. I wanted the stripes to stand out but when I patterned the actual shirt, it looked better without outlines but I was too late to fix the sleeves. >_< I made the pattern flow with the shirt! Yay!!!! Zoom in and see. :3 Me is so proud of it. All I did was shift random stripes near the creases around and made them point out on the breast and in on the folds and yay! Looks all flowy and awesome. :3 I like this better than with the vest. <3 The shoes are love.<333

celune 02-18-2008 08:10 AM

Haven't updated in a while. I got on the second page! D: No good... >_<
Well, here's my newest doll. :D

The swirly thing says "Mina" "Chan" if you tilt your head. XD
I'm such a dork, because this is a birthday gift to myself. I finished it yesterday, too!
She was going to have her head wrapped in ribbons and bows too, but it looked awful. D:
I *LOVE* the shirt, I don't care if no one else does because I do. This doll is like...the most like me ever. With my giant freckle under my eye [Yes, it is a freckle.] and all the freckles around my nose and stuff. And my cheeks are usually pinkish red, especially when I'm happy. It's creepy, actually. This took me a day and a half, but I've been busy the past two days so I couldn't do it all at once.
Ignore random white dot on my [our left; her right] cheek, I wanted to try those cute cheeks with white dots on them that people have been drawing/ pixeling lately but I couldn't do it on the other cheek and must've forgotten to take it off. Live with it.
Please don't CC this; I'm too proud. >_<

spirit_queen 02-18-2008 08:19 AM

So cute! The hair looks so shiny! Is your hair really that shiny?

Lizzyluna 02-18-2008 04:35 PM

I love the one in your avatar!
(P.S.: can I borrow the Ed in your signature? I know some girls who would appreciate it).

celune 02-19-2008 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by spirit_queen (Post 656629)
So cute! The hair looks so shiny! Is your hair really that shiny?

Yeah, it is really shiny. XD
Sometimes, it's more shiny than others.. but it's naturally shiny and soft. But it's flat and dull. >_<
I spiff it up a bit in my dolls. XD


Originally Posted by Lizzyluna (Post 656828)
I love the one in your avatar!
(P.S.: can I borrow the Ed in your signature? I know some girls who would appreciate it).

Aww, must you? ;_; I like.. worship Ed. *Roleplays as his girlfriend all the time and sometimes roleplays as his fiance because she's so pathetic*
He's mine! *chomp*
*glomps Ed* D:
*Fangirl attack*

spirit_queen 02-19-2008 05:33 PM

Then we should combine our hair; I need your shine, you need my thickness and natural volume. XD

But, honestly, my volume annoys me. I'd prefer having thin, easy-to-manage hair. I hate taking so long on just my hair! I'm impatient even when I jusy comb it!

xPapercut 02-20-2008 08:09 AM

I love the creases in the shirt, so smooth and natural! And the ribbon!

celune 02-20-2008 06:17 PM

Me like the folds too~


Mina saw very disturbing yaoi. Very disturbing. Ed doesn't like it neither and is beating up the artist and Colonel Retard. [Mustang] because we believe that he is behind all the evil EdxRoy yaoi. Ed wouldn't break our commitment like that!
Google is bad, even with the safe search on! >[ *pouts*
I miss Ed~ ToT
*YesI'maveryinsaneandpatheticfangirlsolivewithitka y?good*

And Mina wants to open a doll shop on Gaia but doesn't know how or if her dolls are worthy of it~ D:
Help? > 3 <
*Runs off to listen to the song Edward sings~ Yay~*

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