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Miranda_ 05-14-2005 11:30 AM

Spam, Netiquette And Basic Forum Information
There appear to be a few people who don't seem to understand the meaning of either. I've posted the meaning of each in simple terms so that everyone is clear. :)


1. Junk email that is sent to your inbox that you didn't sign up for, like advertising email or p*rn.

2. Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. These can either be the same thread/post repeated over and over again, or threads/posts that consist of just a smilie or a LOL that serve no meaning whatsoever. It can also pertain to a thread started asking a question already answered in another thread or in a stickied FAQ, or an off topic thread.

3. Abusive/obscene posts that serve no purpose whatsover. That includes flaming, which basically means a fight between two or more forum members. Any topics that start to go that way here will be locked and the flame posts removed before the thread is reopened. Don't spoil someone else's thread by attacking another board member; if you have a problem with someone, PM either me or Kitty.

4. Random posts. We have a thread that was made specifically for randomness; it can be found here: Randomness Thread. Post all your random thoughts and comments there; any that are posted as a new thread will be locked. Only make a thread if you have something important to say.

5. Comments posted in RPGs. If you wish to ask a question of a poster about their RPG, PM them; don't post a comment in their RPG. Also, any questions you have about RPGs will probably be answered in the Rules and FAQ topic.

I would like to add in something else regarding SPAM.

Do NOT respond to SPAM, should you come across it. I know you want to be the good person and tell the SPAMMER what they are doing is wrong, but what you are doing is creating TWICE as much work for the moderators, who now not only have to delete the spam, but ALL responses to it.
Do your part, report the spam. PM the spammer if you must. But DO NOT RESPOND TO IT!

(Above paragraph contributed by dudettel)


Basically, board manners. A good site explaining netiquette far better than I could is here: The Core Rules of Netiquette -- Excerpted from Netiquette by Virginia Shea --

I'd like to draw attention to the following excerpt from the Netiquette site:

Rule 1: Remember the human.

The golden rule your parents and your kindergarten teacher taught you was pretty simple: Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you. Imagine how you'd feel if you were in the other person's shoes. Stand up for yourself, but try not to hurt people's feelings.

Bottom line is, on the other side of that computer screen is a human being with the same feelings and emotions you have. Before you send a spiteful private message or attack another user, just think; how would you feel if someone did the same to you? What would you think if someone attacked your best friend or sister like you're attacking this user? Posting nasty attacking messages, either in private message or on the board, is against forum rules and will earn you an infraction straight off. Continuous harrassment of any user could end with you being banned. Is it really worth it?

Miranda_ 05-19-2007 07:09 AM


(Taken from Wikipedia)

In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding. They may also plant images and data on networks that others may find disturbing (usually indirectly relating to the individual in person) in order to cause confrontation.

How to deal with trolls.

I think this picture sums it up perfectly:

If you spot a user that you think might be a troll, don't respond to them, don't attack them; just PM either Kitty or myself with the name of the user and a link to the threads where they are misbehaving. Then we can do something about them.

Miranda_ 05-19-2007 07:37 AM

This is information for anyone who's new to message boards, so that they know what to do.

Making a thread.

1. First, make sure that you're in the correct forum. On this board, we have different forums for different topics. For example, if you have a problem regarding your boyf, post your topic in Dating. If you want to tell everyone about a play you're acting in, or ask for advice on a friend problem, then post in General Discussion. Every forum has a description telling you what it's for.

The forum description is boxed in red. If you make a topic in the wrong forum, chances are it'll be moved to the correct one. A shadow topic with a redirect will be up for a day.

Second, make sure that the topic you want to post hasn't already been posted. If it's a popular topic, that might well be so. If the forum hasn't got many topics, then look thru the pages. Otherwise, use the Search option.

Finally, post your topic. The button you click is boxed in red below:

Make sure that you describe what the topic is about in the title box, so people can tell before clicking what your topic is about. If the topic is a help topic, then give as much detail about your problem as you can so that it's easier for peopleto help you. Please try to post as near to correct English as possible; the odd shortened word is fine, but an entire paragraph of chatspeak makes it near impossible for people to understand you, especially if there aren't any full stops or capital letters.

Try to spell correctly; we all make mistakes, but at least try. Don't use KrAzY, 1337, or any other kind of irritating text format, such as Typing Like This; these forms of typing are hard on the eyes and difficult to understand.

Finally, try not to abuse the colour and text size options. Flavouring your text is fine as long as it's not unreadable; ie, making text in a colour like yellow or white or making it too small or too large. Also, remember that typing in all capital letters is the Internet equivilent of shouting, so unless you have to shout, don't do it.

Making a post.

Much of the same rules apply to making a post in someone else's thread, there's just a couple of extras. Like, don't reply to someone's doll thread unless you're giving CC (constructive criticism) or commenting on their doll. Don't spam, and certainly don't post your own dolls in there. Make a new thread for your own dolls.

Secondly, there appears to be some confusion about the report offence button. Only click this in case of either a troll, or if someone is breaking forum rules, ie spamming. It can be found here:

In the picture, the report offence button is boxed in red. Please don't click it unecessarily. To reply to a thread, you can either use the Quick Reply box, or click the New Reply button.

Miranda_ 05-19-2007 07:39 AM

Ways to reply.

The Quick Reply box is pictured below:

The button you have to click to open Quick Reply is boxed in red in the picture below:

Finally, the New Reply button is boxed in red in the picture below:

If you have any questions on any of the topics covered here, then post them in this thread.

Miranda_ 05-30-2007 03:25 PM


If you don't know what this is, it's the name for replying to a long dead thread and bringing it back for no good reason. In the case of a serious discussion, as long as you have something to add it's fine and better than making yet another thread on the subject. If you're bringing back your doll thread after a long hiatus, that's fine too. What isn't is bringing up a dead thread just to post "lol" or a vacuous comment.

Before you reply to something, check the date it was posted and read thru the thread. If the problem was resolved or the thread tailed off, then DON'T REVIVE IT. Especially if the people who posted the thread haven't been here in ages.

Advice threads.

Specific advice threads, usually entitled something like "Emma's advice thread" or "Kelly's dating advice thread" are not allowed on this forum, save in the Teacher's Corner forum (read the stickies) and in Fashion and Beauty. The reason for this is cuz advice threads, in my experience, usually either degenerate into a free fight cuz other users don't agree with what the Original Poster is saying, or they tail off with the OP disappearing and the thread constantly being bumped without any replies to it. So, to keep forums free of clutter and fights, I've decided not to allow them. Any that are posted will be locked.

Posting Twice Or Multiple Threads.

There is no need whatsoever to post a thread more than once, in one forum. Any repeat threads will be deleted. Just be patient; as long as your thread passes the rules, it will be allowed to stay up and sooner or later, people will respond. As far as posting twice goes, there's no need for that, either. Instead of making two posts, one after the other, edit your previous post. To quote a person, just use the quote tags. That's the icon that looks like a speech bubble right at the end. If you post twice, your posts will be merged; repeated offenders will be corrected.

User Titles.

When you post, you will notice that you and the other board users have a title under your name; Bonita, Silent, Shuni, Candybar or Handdrawn. This title will change as you get more posts. Don't, under any circumstances, spam more to increase your postcount and change your title. The posts will be removed and you will receive a warning for spamming. If you continue to spam, you will be dealt with severely.


Please don't have several different names on forums. Pick one name and stick with it. If you want to change your name, and are premi, you can request support to change it. Otherwise, put your old name in your signature so we know who you are. If you wish to use a new account on forums, then your new and old accounts will be merged so that you keep your postcount. Don't post with multiple names on forums; anyone doing this will be first warned, then their other names will be banned.

Warnings From Mods.

Sometimes, depending on the severity of the rule broken, you might get a mod posting a comment on your profile to warn you about rulebreaking or sending you a PM doing the same. Don't ever edit or delete the profile comment or send a rude PM back; that is rudeness and rudeness to a mod can get you banned same as it can as regards other users. Just accept that you did wrong and try to abide by the rules better in future.

Comment warnings may only be deleted by a moderator after two weeks of it being on your profile. You must politely ask the moderator who left it to delete it and they will use their discretion in deciding whether or not you deserve it. Sometimes, a mod may decide not to if your general forum behavior hasn't improved or if you have been harassing them about it. Don't ever take things into your own hands and delete it, it results in an automatic infraction.

Sometimes severe rule breaking and harassment may result in permanent comment warning. This means the comment will never be removed and deleting or editing it will result in a temp ban. You may never ask to have the comment removed.

Personal Information.

Please don't ever post any personal information on forums, whether it's yours or someone elses. Doing so will earn you first a warning and the info deleted; repeated offenses will earn you a ban. Personal information is basically real names, addresses and phone numbers. We want everyone here to feel safe and not have their privacy breached. Anyone with personal info in their profiles will simply have their profile wiped to protect their safety or that of others.

Fake Siblings.

Please don't claim that other members are sisters/brothers when they are clearly not. We do have ways to verify whether two people are posting from the same area, and we are getting fed up with people telling lies and claiming that another person is their sister, usually in a bid to escape the punishment they richly deserve. In future if a person claims to have a sibling on the board and is banned for rulebreaking, their fake sibling will also be banned as we are getting fed up with this.

Miranda_ 08-11-2007 11:15 AM

Glossary Of Forum Terms.

Some of you people who are new to forums might not know what all the jargon means, so here is a list of most of the words you're likely to see, both on the board and in moderator/admin messages. If you wish to know the meaning of a word that isn't on the list, then post it here and I'll add it in. Don't spam; read the list carefully before you post as most of the time the word or term you want to know the meaning of will be already there. Some terms are explained above; these will not be included.

Administrator - Has complete control over the forums. Our main Administrator, or Admin, is Support. Please contact her if you have any problems with the main site, for example, chat. I'm also an Administrator, and my area is the Forum. Contact me if there are any issues with the Forums, or the Super Moderator, Silver_Wolf_Kitty.

Avatar - This refers to the little picture you can have under your name. To get an Avatar, click the "My Account" link and go to Edit Avatar. There are Avatar size restrictions so if your picture is too large, it will either be rejected or it will be resized to fit the restrictions. If your picture is too large, you may need to resize it. The same rules for Signatures apply to Avatars.

Board - Refers to the message board as a whole.

Forum - Refers generally to each different part, for example, the Dating Forum, but sometimes can be used to describe the message board as a whole; for example, The Doll Palace Forum.

Forum Rules - These are the rules by which everyone agrees to obey when they first register here. The rules can be found stuck to the top of the Newbies/Friends Forum.

Greeter - A Greeter is a User who has been chosen to welcome Newbies to the Forum, tell them the rules, and offer help and support. Our Greeters on TDP are AaronShadows, ColorPencil and delly1.

Harrassment - Refers to a User who repeatedly either PMs a person or comments on their profile, even after told to stop. Any User who does this will be warned, then banned. In real life, Harrassment could earn you a prison sentence.

Infraction - An Infraction is like a warning to abide by the rules. These are given out to people who spam the board with advertisements, attack other members, delete Moderator or Administrator comment warnings, break the rules regarding Signatures and Avatars or who constantly break the general Forum Rules.

Moderator - A Moderator looks after a certain Forum or Forums. Her/His job is to keep the forum going if it's slowing down by posting new topics, deleting spam, closing Threads that are either dead or degenerating into fights, and generally helping people and answering any questions. At the moment, our Moderators, or Mods, are as follows: Silent_Wolf; spirit_queen; Cheshire1996; and Elanorea.

Newbie - This is a term that refers to a new person to the board. Not to be confused with a Noob, a Newbie may be ignorant of the rules at first, but is happy to learn and won't mind being gently corrected, eventually becoming a useful member of the board.

Noob - This refers to an ignorant new person who, unlike a Newbie, refuses to abide by the rules; that is, if they read them in the first place. Noobs will remain Noobs, no matter how many posts they have.

OP - This refers to the Original Poster, in other words, the person who started the Thread.

Private Messages - Private Messages enable Users to send messages to each other that can only be read by the person sending, and the person receiving the message. Private Messages, or PMs, can be accessed by clicking on the "My Account" link, or by clicking on the name of the person you wish to send the message to. A box will pop up with a little menu, simply scroll down and click on Send Private Message.

Profile - Your Profile is your page, where you can tell people things about yourself, post photos if you wish and read comments that people leave on them. You can make your Profile either Public, or Friends Only; just remember that the Administrator and Super Moderator will be able to read your Profile, so don't put anything there that breaks the Terms Of Use or Forum Rules. Also, don't set your comments so that only friends can post; if you break the rules and end up being warned, it'll be in the form of a PM warning which stays on your profile FOREVER, whereas a comment warning can be deleted by the mod who left it after two weeks.

Shop - Refers to a Thread in either The Marketplace or Requests forums where a User makes either graphics or dolls for other Users. All shops must pertain to the rules of both Forums. Anyone who repeatedly breaks these rules will not be allowed to have a Shop any more.

Signature - This is where you can express yourself thru pictures or text. To get a Signature, click the "My Account" link and go to Edit Signature. You may put whatever you wish within reason; make sure that pictures are not overly large, and that any text or picture you put in abides by Forum Rules and the Terms Of Use. If you have a Signature that is too large, or breaks Forum Rules, you will be politely asked to remove it. If you do not, then it will be removed for you. If you replace it with the same image/text, or post something rude and offensive towards the forum staff, it will be removed and you will receive an Infraction.

Stickies - A Sticky is the term for a thread that remains stuck to the top of the forum, regardless of who posts on it. Stickies are usually information or rules threads. Newbies would do well to read every Sticky before they start posting.

Super Moderator - A Super Moderator keeps an eye on the Forums alongside the Forums Administrator. The Super Moderator, or Super Mod, is Silver_Wolf_Kitty. She and I work together to keep the forums safe and fun for everyone.

Terms Of Use - These are, like the Forum Rules, a set of rules that you agree to abide by when you register, cept the Terms Of Use apply to the entire site, not just the Forums. To read the Doll Palace Terms Of Use, click here:

Thread - Refers to the original post made by a User. The original poster is also known as the OP.

Titles - These are the words that appear under your user name. You can reach another level by posting more, but please don't spam to do this as spamming is against Forum Rules.

User - This is the name of the regular people who post on the board. Everyone who isn't an Administrator, Super Moderator or Moderator falls under this category.

Miranda_ 10-17-2007 06:10 AM

Respect The Mods And Admin.

I've found that a lot of users seem to be assuming two things; firstly, that the mods and Jessica have to be nice and polite at all times, and second that we're not allowed to defend ourselves against attacks. Neither of these are correct.

The role of the moderators and super moderator is to help users; however, we are not required to just sit back and take every bit of abuse that's thrown at us. You wouldn't expect to be made to take abuse, so why think we should? Attacking any mod or Jessica will earn you an infraction same as attacking a board user will. We will be nice and polite only to those users who are doing likewise, however we will not be drawn into fights with users who attack us; instead, the topic will be locked and the user reported. Please do not assume that just cuz you're being told something you don't want to hear, that a mod is being rude to you. The same goes for mods responding to threats; either thinly veiled, or blatent, where a user says they are going to take action cuz of a real or imagined slight. We are not being rude. We are telling you how it is. Please don't respond with attacks or rudeness.

In the situation of a board or site problem, put your case accross in a civil manner. This way, we will be able to help you. If it's a problem with the site, rest assured that Jessica will get to it as soon as she can. However, just like me and the mods, Jessica has a life outside the site and can't come on here every single day. Making attacks or posting multiple threads won't help your case; send just one PM to Jessica (support) on forums, and be patient.

Important Forum Information Threads.

Linking to them to make it easier to find them.

Private Messages


Registering New Accounts

Comment Warnings

Images In Profile Comments

Blocking Comments From Non-Friends


Changing Passwords

User Ranks

Miranda_ 11-20-2007 08:02 AM


If for any reason, you find spelling hard, then use the "check spelling" facility in the reply box rather than make posts full of errors. You can find it in the main reply and quick reply; it's the button that looks like an ABC with a tick. It's visible only in Internet Explorer, but if you're using Firefox there are addons you can use instead. Please make the effort to spell properly; it makes your posts clearer and also ensures that people will take you seriously. The pictures below show the spelling button on both quick reply and main reply.

Also, there appears to be some unwarranted confusion about where the edit button is. This picture shows where it is; it's right above the New Reply button.

Leaving Threads.

There are four kinds of leaving threads. (Examples are made up, not quoted from actual users)

1. N00b Leaving Thread.


im leaving cuz u guys are mean and nasti and alwaz yelllin at me
Basically, they're complaining because they weren't following the rules and are assuming the moderators are being nasty to them and only them. This is not true: there are many n00bs on this board, many I won't name, but to assume that you're entirely innocent is n00bish in itself. If you refuse to read the rules, you can and WILL be banned.

2. Superiority Complex Thread.


I'm leaving because I'm too good for this board. I never asked to be a moderator, and yet I see unworthy morons getting it instead. This board has gone to hell. I want my account deleted NOW.
Basically, they're complaining about how they're so much better for the board, even though they themselves have been terrible users and generally n00bish themselves, as well as constantly attacking other members of the board for minor things that aren't even in the rules, like accidental typos and music tastes. This type of person is basically acting like a child taking their ball and refusing to play.

3. Understandable Leaving Thread.


Guys, some things have come up in real life and I'm not going to be on as often. I'll try to keep up, but I may leave for awhile to get things in order. I'm gonna miss you guys.
This user is not complaining, they're simply stating a fact. They're letting people know they're not going to be on the board for awhile. This user may also give friends more details in PM. If this is you, an estimate of how long you may be gone and a general idea of what may be going on - family trouble, issues with friends and family, school work overload, etc. - should be posted. ^^

4. The Whiny Princess Leaving Thread


I am leaving because the site does not please me anymore in any fashion. I'm cancelling my premium and I am not returning.
Now, on the surface this seems to be a nice, plain leaving thread, but let's consider the bolded bit: What does the forums have anything to do with the mainsite or premium membership?
Users like this tend to also come back and leave the following threads:


Holy crud, you guys are rude! All I said was that I was leaving. Now I really am; I expected much more politeness out of all of you and this just disgusts me. It's been nice, girls.
Do I need to point out that these users ALSO tend to be completely random and never do anything on these boards?

(contributed by Silent_Wolf)

Miranda_ 10-24-2008 08:32 AM

Important; Everyone Read
This is just a reminder to everyone on what to do in the case of dealing with rulebreakers.

Doll Or Image Theft

If you find out that another user on here has stolen your doll/image that you made and is using it in their profile/signature/avatar without giving you credit or claiming it as one they made, don't go to their profile and shout at them, instead inform Kitty or I. Please include the following information:

1. Proof that it's your doll. If it has your name on, that will be easy enough; otherwise, if for example it was stolen from a shop, then provide the thread url.
2. Name of the user and a link to their profile.

Signatures And Avatars

If you see a user with a signature or avatar that breaks the rules laid out here: or is obscene, attacking another user or stretching the screen, again don't PM the person or post in their comments. Don't tell the user that their signature/avatar breaks the rules; tell Kitty or I so I can put it right by informing the user. If you are unsure as to what constitutes a rule breaking signature/avatar, then feel free to PM either myself or Kitty and we will tell you.


On no account should you tell the spammer they are breaking the rules. If you come accross a spam post or thread, make a note of the url and report it to the forum's moderators. That is what they are for; to look after the forums and clean spam. If the forum mods are not online, then report it to either Kitty or myself. Also, do not go to the spammer's account and post a comment on their profile telling them not to spam.


It's inevitable that a few people may need reminding of the rules from time to time; however, as forum users, this is not your job. Do not tell a person off, either in the thread or on their profile. Don't PM support unless it is a site issue; for example, someone posting with an obscene avatar in Chat. Support has given me the job of general forum maintenence, so please PM me about forum rulebreakers rather than going over my head and PMing support. Support has enough to deal with as far as keeping the site going; plus she has other issues in real life that require her attention. You can also message Kitty about forum issues; as Super Moderator, she is able to deal with forum issues just like I can.

If you are sending a PM to either Kitty or myself about someone breaking the rules, please include the following information:

1. The username of the rulebreaker.
2. The url of the thread where it took place, or a link to the profile in the case of a comment flame war.
3. A brief description of what happened.

Do not PM me to tattle, or to try and get someone into trouble. I have no use for petty squabbles between users; if you don't like someone on here, then avoid them. If they are expressing an opinion that differs from yours on a thread, don't automatically assume that they are being rude or attacking you unless they actually single you out for abuse. Merely saying, "I don't agree with you" is not abuse. Saying something like, "You're an idiot and I hate you" is.


Forum user Red_Dress spams General Discussion with one chat thread and two random posts. As it happens, neither the moderators, the super moderator or the admin are online. Before any forum staff can get on, two more users come on. Forum user Blue_Eyes sees the spam and takes it upon herself to post in all three threads telling the user off, as well as going to her profile and posting "Don't spam! It's breaking rules!" Conversely, forum user Night_Sky, on seeing the spam, PMs the forum mods of General Discussion; ie, dudettel, Sarah_K_O_M and Miranda_ with a post detailing Red_Dress's spam along with links to the spam threads.

Please do what Night_Sky did, rather than Blue_Eyes. Blue_Eyes means well, but is just creating more work for the forum mods, who now have to delete her spam as well as Red_Dress's, and for the super mod and admin, who now have to referee the flame war as Red_Dress's friends attack Blue_Eyes and her friends. It is not a short cut to modship doing what Blue_Eyes did; mods are chosen by admin as and when they are needed.

By the way, none of the users listed in the example exist to my knowledge; they were just made up to use in the example. No-one is being singled out by this thread, so please don't PM me to either ask me or complain about being singled out. This is a general thread, to all TDP forum users, so that the forums can run as smoothly as possible. ^^

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