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Default Puppy Farms - 05-09-2014, 11:18 AM

Click the links for more info and videos. Warning: Videos may be upsetting.

Puppy Farming: Campaigning to End this Cruel Practice


Puppy farms are large-scale breeding premises. The aim of puppy farms is to make money, no matter the cost to the dogs, who are kept in cramped and cruel conditions. The puppies are sold through pet shops, internet and newspaper ads.

Puppy farms in the UK have been found to have as many as 200 breeding dogs, most kept locked inside 24 hours a day, often in complete darkness. They are usually located on farms in barns, disused chicken houses garages or any disused outbuilding. The dogs are forced to eat, sleep and give birth in the same area they urinate and defecate; something they would never do given the choice. In some cases they are treated worse than animals bred for the food chain. The general public keep up the demand for pups and so the cruelty continues, day after miserable day.

Dogs on puppy farms are often neglected; matted coats, infected eyes and ears and rotten teeth are just a few of the painful conditions the dog suffer. When breeding dogs become too old and exhausted to continue producing puppies they are killed or a lucky few are given to rescues. The puppies also often have behavioral and psychological problems, such as aggression and fearfulness, because they are not exposed to the outside world.

Tips for buying puppies safely.

1. Don't buy a puppy from a dealer, pet store or from an internet ad promising several different breeds of dogs for sale. These will likely be from puppy farms. If you want a breed dog, then your best bet is to go to the Kennel Club website for a list of reputable breeders, or consult your vet for local breeders. Another good option is to adopt a puppy from a rescue centre.

2. Always insist on seeing the puppies with their mother. Look for interaction, good health, and check that the puppies are lively. Ask about the father, and if possible, see him too. Beware of dealers who will show you puppies with a strange female dog. If there is no interaction, then this is likely to be the case.

3. Always check out that all pups have been vaccinated. Beware of a vaccination card showing an address outside of the country that you are buying your puppy. If you get refusals or evasive answers, do not buy!

4. Don't buy a puppy cuz you feel sorry for it, for example, if it's lethargic and looks miserable. It co